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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/multimedia/adobe-flash-plugin

On Fri, 19 Dec 2008, Geert Hendrickx wrote:
PS: on NetBSD 5.0 amd64, sound still doesn't work for me with the flash
   plugin, but that's a separate issue.

If you are running any other software that uses /dev/sound (such as esd) it will not work (and I think it only checks the first time the plugin is initialized).

The current libflashsupport package supports esd but requires esound libraries in /emul/linux32/usr/lib. There are two problems here.. For one, the SuSE 10.0 esound package depends on ALSA, and if libasound is found Flash won't fallback to OSS. The second is that due to sound server latencies the audio is severely out of synch when using esd.

I have built a modified libflashsupport which includes a PulseAudio driver. I have successfully tested this on amd64, and audio is in perfect synch!. Pretty amazing that on NetBSD a 32-bit Linux libpulse can talk to a 64-bit NetBSD pulseaudio server. I will be importing my modified libflashsupport-pulse package shortly if you want to give it a whirl.


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