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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/consolekit

On Mar 11,  7:31am, "Jared D. McNeill" wrote:
} Module Name:  pkgsrc
} Committed By: jmcneill
} Date:         Sun Nov 23 19:24:21 UTC 2008
} Modified Files:
}       pkgsrc/sysutils/consolekit: Makefile distinfo
}       pkgsrc/sysutils/consolekit/files: ck-sysdeps-netbsd.c
}       pkgsrc/sysutils/consolekit/patches: patch-ae
} Log Message:
} Improve active console detection.
} XXX ps doesn't associate X with its tty on NetBSD, add nasty hack of

     Presumably X detaches itself from its controlling terminal.  Or,
if started by gdm which in turn was started by init, it never had a
controlling terminal.

} falling back to ttyE4 and revisit later.

     Look for vt0X on the X command line.  That will tell you what tty
it was told to use.

}-- End of excerpt from "Jared D. McNeill"

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