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CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/p5-MIME-Lite

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   he
Date:           Mon Nov 17 23:26:14 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/p5-MIME-Lite: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update from version 3.01nb1 to 3.023.

Pkgsrc changes:
 o Changed MAINTAINER to pkgsrc-users@ from a non-developer
   (sorry if this offends...)
 o Added DEPENDS on packages which this now depends on
 o Added a patch to get rid of pesky interactivity during build:
   "There ought to be a law!"

Upstream changes:

Version 3.023

    Correct erroneous changelog entry

    Fix typo in perldoc: utf-8, not utf8

Version 3.022

    Behave on Cygwin as on Win32 with regard to defaulting to SMTP sending.

    Respect crazy people who put multiple Cc or Bcc headers in
    message (#30574, thanks Pavel V. Rochnyack!)

    We no longer rewrite array and hash refs in the send_by_sendmail
    args so aggressively.

    Cope with missing local sendmail (thanks to Debian for patching
    for this, and for putting up with me (rjbs) being an insufferable

    Fix weird unicode-in-$1 bug (thanks SREZIC!)

    Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.021

    Replace Email::Date with Email::Date::Format to limit prereqs
    (Email::Date::Format produced just for this!)

    Begin the process of removing use of ExtUtils::TBone for testing

Version 3.020

    Optimized code for speedup of creation of two-part messages.
    The internal structure of the object has changes, but that
    won't matter if you were using the published interface. (Sam

    Removed the "advanced features", ie auto-fallback delivery,
    from send_by_smtp. They didn't belong there in the first place.

Version 3.01_06 (2007/07/29)

    First release from Perl Email Project. Updated packaging.

Version 3.01_04 (2004/05/05)

    Reworked the new send_by_smtp stuff. Documentation modifications.

Version 3.01_02 (2003/08/28)

    Well, it seems 3.01_01 failed tests on Win32 due to me accidentally
    changing the line ending format to DOSish. Also the way that
    email extraction for SMTP with or without Mail::Address was
    different (from 2.117 even). So ive fixed that.

    Anybody depending on the undocumented extract_addrs() is in
    for a suprise. I suggest you look at using Mail::Address.

Version 3.01_01 (2003/04/25 - 2003/08/21)

    (This version is a test release, if its ok then I'll re-release
    it as 3.02)

    Patched the pod to use correct entities Thanks to Ed Avis for
    the patch. Added better support for funky names in the from
    field when sending via SMTP, thanks to prodding by Darren
    Hemphill and Ollie Gallardo. (Actually I kind of messed this
    up orginally and no doubt Darren wasn't impressed. I ended up
    using something pretty close to his solution. My bad for not
    paying more attention. Sorry mate.)

    08/21: Apparently I never uploaded my changes for this version
    to CPAN. Sigh.

    *** Win32 CHANGES ***

    Up until this release the default send() method for all OS'es
    has been to invoke sendmail and pipe the mail to it. This
    behaviour has now changed on Win32 to default to using SMTP.
    This means that if your /site/lib/Net/libnet.cfg file is properly
    configured then you can use SMTP without specifying a send
    method explicitly. This seemed a rational decision as most
    Win32 users who send mails are using an SMTP server and not a
    tool like sendmail.

    *** SMTP CHANGES ***

    Jonathan Eunice <jeunice at illuminata dot com> pointed out an
    interesting bug in the interaction between MIME::Lite and
    Net::SMTP/Net::CMD. This was that sending a mail ending in
    "\n\n" without additional encoding would cause Net::CMD to send
    an incorrect end of mail signal to the SMTP server which would
    result in A) The mail failing to be sent due to a timeout, and
    B) MIME::Lite to report that all was well.

    This has been fixed by checking to make sure that if the last
    character sent was \n, but the last two chars were not \r\n
    then the \n is turned into an \r, which Net::CMD then adds an
    \n to and then sends the normal ".\r\n" to terminate the message.
    Weird error, that im not entirely sure has been resolved
    properly. Please inform me if this screws anything up that it

    As stated earlier send_by_smtp wasnt extracting the _real_
    email address from the overall fancy once specified in the
    From: field. This is resolved now, fancy display names are now
    possible while using SMTP.

    *** Content-Id ***

    It was pointed out by alex via CPAN RT that Content-Id needs
    to have angle brackets around it or HTML mails dont show up
    properly in many mail clients, furthermore the RFC mandates it
    (to be honest im taking his word on this, please feel free to
    yell at me if this causes trouble), so as he suggested I am
    automatically adding them in they arent provided.

    *** sendmail path ***

    Dom pointed out via CPAN RT that despite some effort going in
    to trying to discover the correct location of sendmail, that
    it was still using a bad default. Fixed.

    *** Date Stamping ***

    Kurt reported via RT that datestamps were not being correctly
    formatted. His patch has been incorporated with only one change,
    a comment where Perl was spelled PERL :-)

    *** Quoted printable fix ***

    Klaus Rusch noted a bug in how quoted-printable handled weird
    \r\n combinations. Fixed now.

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