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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Module-Build

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   he
Date:           Mon Nov 17 03:22:03 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-Module-Build: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update from version 0.2808 to 0.3000 (upstream 0.30).

This even though some tests fail, but that's due to FAKEHOME.

Pkgsrc changes:
 o add USE_TOOLS+=perl to make some more tests succeed

Upstream changes:

0.30 - Thu Sep 25 20:57:36 2008

 - First non-beta release since April 2007.  In the meantime, Sarkozy
   became president of France, the 35W bridge fell in Minneapolis,
   Phelps won a lot of gold, a new tribe of indigenous people was
   discovered in the Amazon, and Bob Barker stopped doing The Price Is
   Right.  As of this moment though, the U.S. economy still hasn't
   collapsed completely.

0.2808_05 - Thu Sep 18 23:30:39 PDT 2008

 - Skip test in t/ext.t which tickles shellwords() in Text::ParseWords
   below 3.23 [David Wheeler, Ken]

 - Fixed some shell-quoting issues in do_system() on Windows [Ken,
   Schwern, reported by Curtis Jewell]

 - Fixed t/xs.t failure for missing 'const char *' typemap in 5.6

 - Added build_requires for Test::More 0.49 and Test::Harness 2.03.
   Removed bundled Test::More (was not working for 5.005x anyway).

 - Minimum required perl version is now 5.6.1. [Schwern]

0.2808_04 - Thu Sep 11 22:51:27 PDT 2008

 - Backed-out incompatible Module::Build::ModuleInfo change (first in

0.2808_03 - Mon Sep  1 14:43:27 PDT 2008

 - Made adjustments for the format changes of recent Test::Harness
   output. [Nicholas Clark]

 - Fixed the documentation for script_files to indicate that we search
   bin/ for scripts by default.  It has been this way for several
   years. [Spotted by Ron Savage]

0.2808_02 - Wed Jul  9 16:45:08 PDT 2008

 - Experimental support for TAP::Harness with --use-tap-harness option
   and the tap_harness_args property. [David Wheeler & Eric Wilhelm]

 - Added test_file_exts property for main-run tests other than '*.t'.
   [David Wheeler]

 - Fixed getcwd()/rmtree() failure case on 5.10+mac where something is
   unhappy about all of the tests deleting their distgen directory
   before leaving it. [Eric Wilhelm & David Wheeler]

 - Improved support for parsing qv() in modules' $VERSION
   declarations, and made $VERSION-parsing errors more verbose. [Jos

 - Integrated an omnibus patch for various VMS fixes. [Craig Berry &
   John E. Malmberg]

 - Some versions of Test::Harness (or something) seem to not be
   stripping the ".t" suffix when outputting test reports, which was
   causing one of our tests in t/compat.t to fail.  Fixed. [Spotted by
   a smoke tester]

 - Most Unix platforms seem to allow hyphens in usernames, so we honor
   this in our de-tilde-fying methods now. [Spotted by s-murata]

 - If there are multiple assignments to the $VERSION variable in
   someone's module and this generates warnings, tell the user what
   line number the problem is at.

 - Added 'gnu' and 'gnukfreebsd' as Unix variants. [Niko Tyni]

 - Fixed a couple bugs in how we quote arguments to external processes
   when they have to pass through the shell.  Also much more
   thoroughly tested our quoting now.

 - Edited the Module::Build::API docs prose about the 'license' field
   in response to some comments on the module-authors mailing list.

 - Fixed a typo in some example code in the Cookbook. [Jeremy Leader]

 - Custom typemaps were being looked for in places that don't quite
   exist; fixed. [Michael G Schwern]

 - QNX/Neutrino is now considered to be Unix. [ 32214]

 - Added 'gpl2' and 'gpl3' to the list of valid licenses. [Allen

 - Fixed our Data::Dumper wrapper's sensitivity to users who might set
   $Data::Dumper::Terse. [Spotted by Dominique Dumont]

 - Documented the fix_shebang_line() method. [Elliot Shank]

 - Applied the 'const' modifier to version() and xs_version() XS
   functions we use during testing. [Robin Barker]

 - Fixed processing of INC=, POLLUTE=, INSTALLDIRS=, and LIB= for
   passthrough/small Makefile.PLs.

 - perl Build.PL --sign=1 now signs. [Michael G Schwern]

 - Fixed processing of INSTALLDIRS=whatever for compatibility
   Makefiles. [Spotted by John Peacock]

 - Zillions of special-cases have been added in for dealing
   with the special Makefile system on VMS. [John E. Malmberg]

 - Fixed some stuff in how VMS command-args get quoted. [John E. Malmberg]

 - VMS now overrides localize_file_path() and localize_dir_path() so
   we don't need to do special stuff in the general case. [John
   E. Malmberg]

 - Added a few more VMS-specific entries to the default MANIFEST.SKIP
   file that (sometimes) gets created during the 'manifest'
   action. [John E. Malmberg]

 - Fixed a catdir() that should have been a catfile() when creating a
   ppmdist. [John E. Malmberg]

 - Removed some assumptions about what makefiles are called (not
   necessarily "Makefile") and how they take their arguments, to get
   VMS tests working better. [John E. Malmberg]

 - Fixed our check for Archive::Tar in the t/runthrough.t test, which
   fixes a common failure on Win32. [Spotted by Chris Williams]

 - Fixed a File::Spec mal-ism in t/destinations.t [Craig A. Berry]

 - Exposed the internal ExtUtils::CBuilder object as part of our API,
   via the cbuilder() method. [Zefram]

 - Upgraded to 0.74 (fixes bug #30004.)

 - Overwrite core (post-5.9.4) Module::Build installs (bug #20528.)

 - Pass quiet() option to ExtUtils::CBuilder object.

0.2808_01 - Wed Oct 24 11:51:25 2007

 - All .pm files in the Module-Build distribution (except for, which is kind of tied to now have the
   same $VERSION number explicitly specified.

 - When checking prerequisites, the required version of perl is now
   checked before we start finding the $VERSION declaration of the
   distribution, which results in much more intuitive error messages
   e.g. if the author is using 5.6-isms in their declaration but the
   user doesn't have 5.6. [Slaven Rezic]

 - Added 'artistic_2' license, corrected 'lgpl' license url (bug #29783)
   [David Thomas]

 - VMS find_perl_interpreter() is just $^X (bug #29810) [Craig A. Berry]

 - Some large VMS fixes, mostly having to do with the non-case-
   preserving nature of most VMS filesystems, but also correcting for
   illegal characters in VMS file specs. [John E. Malmberg and Craig
   A. Berry]

 - Fixed the _detildefy() method on VMS. [John E. Malmberg and Craig
   A. Berry]

 - We now use a much more reliable method when Data::Dumper-ing saved
   state data. [Yves]

 - When a module had 0.000 as its version, a few places in the code
   thought the module had no version at all.  This is now
   fixed. [Andrew "Zefram" Main]

 - When finding the default set of script_files, we now compute them
   as relative paths, not absolute. [Spotted by Curtis "Ovid" Poe]

 - Got rid of a call to eliminate_macros, which isn't needed in
   Module::Build since there is no external make utility involved.
   Override expand_test_dir to make up for the fact that the
   home-grown glob() returns absolute, not relative, paths. [Craig
   A. Berry]

 - Fixed a catdir() that needed to be catfile() in the .packlist
   creation code. [John E. Malmberg]

 - If a *.PL file ended abnormally during the build, processing should
   have stopped, but it didn't.  Fixed. [Matthew Cast and David

 - Module::Build::Compat adds "require 5.XXXXX" to Makefile.PL when
   'perl' is specified as a 'requires' prerequisite [David Golden]

 - Refactored t/compat.t for modularity and transparency; added
   labels for all tests; supressed subprocess output to
   STDOUT and STDERR [David Golden]

 - Fixed bug in perl_version_to_float when version is already a float
   [David Golden]

 - Removed a mention of $build->{config} from the documentation, the
   official interface to settings is now via the
   $build->config() and has been for some time. [Suggested by Michael

 - Tweaked some text in the Cookbook to bring it into the modern age,
   and added a recipe for accessing settings. [Ibid]

 - Lots of POD link/readability improvements to the Module::Build::API
   documentation [Salve J. Nilsen]

 - Added configure_requires as a new type of prereq.  [Suggested by Adam

 - Patch 31156 from bleadperl: some filename dot and extension help
   for Module::Build on VMS. [Craig Berry]

 - Reworked the _detildefy() method so it doesn't depend on glob()
   anymore.  This gets rid of a problem with spaces or other special
   shell characters in things like 'prefix' or 'install_path'
   entries. [Prodding by Eric Wilhelm]

 - Added midnightbsd to the list of Unix-like OSes we know about
   [Rafael Garcia-Suarez]

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