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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/shells/tcsh

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 09:45:43AM +0000, Adam Ciarcinski wrote:
> Module Name:  pkgsrc
> Committed By: adam
> Date:         Mon Nov 10 09:45:43 UTC 2008
> Modified Files:
>       pkgsrc/shells/tcsh: Makefile distinfo
> Removed Files:
>       pkgsrc/shells/tcsh/patches: patch-ac
> Log Message:
> Changes 6.16.0:
> * Bug fixes

'Bug fixes' is not very informative as what changed.
IMHO, it wouldn't have hurt to quote this:

 33. V6.16.00 - 20080930
 32. longjmp clobbered variable fixes.
 31. __GNX__ addition
 30. Windows fork fixes
 28. V6.15.02 - 20080830
 27. Fix an eval free'ing botch (Per Hedeland)
 26. /bin/echo "`" coredumped because stderror() calls longjmp corrupting
     the stack (Mark Davies). We should vet the code for all stderror()
     calls that cleanup local stack variables.
 25. foo > ${undef} caused coredumps because of vfork() child corrupting
     the state of the parent stack. 
 24. $x[A-B] did not complain for A out of range. (Cai Xianchao)
 23. rename setp -> tcsh_setp to avoid conflict with mach (Javier Vasquez)
 22. Fix degree handling by defining __XPG4_CHAR_CLASS__ for solaris
     (Mike Sullivan)
 21. Change 'od' to 'od -c' in tests so that they work on big endian machines.
     (Martin Kraemer)
 20. Add environment variable COMMAND_LINE to be available in completions
     (Marcin Konarski)
 19. V6.15.01 - 20070928
 18. Evaluate expressions in the proper order (Li Zefan), controlled by
 17. Don't need to flush() if we are silent. Prevents recursive error issue.
     (joshua stein)
 16. Don't execute the jobcmd if the output is not a tty (Charles Ross)
 15. Quote the history in the examples (Johann 'Myrkraverk' Oskarsson)
 14. Mismatch clarification patch (Per Hedeland)
 13. Fix 'repeat n cmd &' abort() (Mike Sullivan)
 12. Fix octal parsing (Li Zefan)
 11. Fix pty detection for autologout setting (Kris Kennaway, Giorgos Keramidas)
 10. kill `foo` got stuck because sigchld was disabled too soon (Mark Peek)
  9. Avoid null pointer dereference in proc cwd (Kurt Miller)
  8. eval "foreach a b c" exits (Anthony Menasse)
  7. Quoting was broken in substitutions (Joe Wells)
  6. QNX patches via pkgsrc
  5. cd - twice from a directory that contained a glob pattern,
     expands the glob twice (Mark Santcroos)
  4. MidnightBsd support (Lucas Holt)
  3. Fix history substitution core-dump with no history entries
  2. Merge two character tables that are the same (Martin Kraemer)
  1. On ancient 7 bit locales, punctuation characters are used to
     denote special characters such as umlaut, adiaresis, etc.
     These characters return true for isalpha/isalnum. Ignore them
     because they break parsing (Martin Kraemer)

Which would also explain why patch-ac was no longer needed (see #26)


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