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CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Mon Nov 10 11:24:27 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update GraphicsMagick to 1.3.

1.3 (November 9, 2008)

Security fixes:

  * AVI reader: Re-worked to be more robust against crash or DOS.

  * AVS reader: Re-worked to be more robust against crash or DOS.

  * DCM reader: Re-worked to be more robust against crash or DOS.

  * EPT reader: Re-worked to be more robust against crash or DOS.

  * FITS reader: Re-worked to be more robust against crash or DOS.

  * MTV reader: Re-worked to be more robust against crash or DOS.

  * PALM reader: Re-worked to be more robust against crash or DOS.

  * RLA reader: Re-worked to be more robust against crash or DOS.

  * TGA reader: Re-worked to be more robust against crash or DOS.

  * Avoid possible crash in GetImageCharacteristics() when substituting
    text in comment read from file.

  * Cineon reader: Fixed crash with broken file from Sami Liedes.

  * Palm reader: Fixed crash with broken files from Sami Liedes.

  * PICT reader: Fixed crash with broken files from Sami Liedes.

  * DPX reader: Validate file data better to avoid improper operation with
    intentionally (or accidentally) defective files.

  * XCF reader: Fixed crash with broken files from Sami Liedes.

Bug fixes:

  * Libbz2 is now detected for MinGW.

  * Install documentation under /usr/local/share/doc/GraphicsMagick by
    default, according to GNU conventions.

  * In PerlMagick, Dissolve composition was not working right.

  * FITS: Ensure that written format conforms to specification.

  * TIFF:

    - Don't accidentially convert CMYK images to RGB.

    - Eliminated a memory leak in the codec support detection code.

  * JPEG: Removed over-write of image->client_data.

  * PDF: Try to properly deal with reading rotated PDFs.

  * PNG: Fixed crash when writing PNG images with transparency and either
    optimize is requested, or the image is colormapped.

  * Configure: Fixed the --enable-magick-compat configure option, which
    had stopped working.

  * Configure: Fixed --without-magick-plus-plus so that it works again.  This
    stopped working in the 1.2 release cycle.

  * Configure: Fixed MagickLibVersion text string generation so that it
    is now correct when a component of the release number exceeds '9'.
    Now components can safely count up to '99' before there is a problem.

Performance Improvements:

  * OpenMP (parallel processing) improvements for these functions:

    - Affine transform (-affine -transform)
    - Average images (-average)
    - Add noise (+noise)
    - Black threshold (-black-threshold)
    - Blur (-blur)
    - Border (-border)
    - Channel import, export, and depth-setting (-channel, -depth)
    - Clip path
    - Coalesce (-coalesce)
    - Colorize (-colorize)
    - Colorspace transformation (-colorspace)
    - Compare images ('compare' command)
    - Composition ('composite' command)
    - Convolution (-convolve, -edge, -emboss, -gaussian, -sharpen)
    - Contrast adjust (-contrast)
    - Crop (-crop)
    - CycleColormap (-cycle)
    - Depth setting (-depth, -operator depth)
    - Despeckle (-despeckle)
    - Enhance (-enhance)
    - Equalize (-equalize)
    - Flatten (-flatten)
    - Flip (-flip)
    - Flop (-flop)
    - Frame (-frame)
    - Gamma adjust (-gamma, -operator gamma)
    - Gradient
    - Implode (-implode)
    - Levels adjust image (-level)
    - Local adaptive threshold (-lat)
    - Median filter (-median)
    - Minify image (-minify)
    - Modulate image (-modulate)
    - Morph image (-morph)
    - Mosiac (-mosaic)
    - Motion blur (-motion-blur)
    - Negate image (-negate)
    - Noise filter (-noise)
    - Normalize image (-normalize)
    - Oil Paint (-paint)
    - Opaque (-opaque)
    - Ordered dither (-ordered-dither)
    - Operators (-operator)
    - Profile adjust (ICC) (-profile)
    - Random threshold (-random-threshold)
    - Resize image (-resize)
    - Raise image (-raise)
    - Roll image (-roll)
    - Rotate image (-rotate)
    - Shade image (-shade)
    - Shear image (-shear)
    - Shave (-shave)
    - Solarize image (-solarize)
    - Spread image (-spread)
    - Statistics computation (identify -verbose)
    - Swirl (-swirl)
    - Threshold channel (-threshold, -operator threshold)
    - Threshold image (-threshold)
    - Transparent (-transparent)
    - Trim image (-trim)
    - UnsharpMaskImage (-unsharp)
    - Wave (-wave)
    - White threshold (-white-threshold)

  * Improved coder management performance.

  * XCF (GIMP) reader is much faster.

New Features:

  * Use MAGICK_CODER_STABILITY environment variable to enable a subset
    of the coders based on their stability classification.

  * Use MAGICK_IO_FSYNC environment variable to cause written file to
    be synchronized to disk to avoid possible data loss on power fail.

  * Added 'compare' command to statistically or visually compare two
    image files.

  * Added new channel operators (-operator):

    - Assign
    - Gamma
    - Depth
    - Negate
    - Noise-Gaussian
    - Noise-Impulse
    - Noise-Laplacian
    - Noise-Multiplicative
    - Noise-Poisson
    - Noise-Uniform
    - Threshold
    - ThresholdBlack
    - ThresholdWhite

  * New composition operators (-compose):

    - CopyBlack
    - CopyCyan
    - CopyMagenta
    - CopyYellow
    - Divide

  * Added -motion-blur to motion blur the image.

  * Mogrify and convert now support -black-threshold and -white-threshold.

  * MAT: Now supports reading compressed files.

  * FITS: Now supports 8, 16, 32 bit integer, float, and double images
    and writes correct FITS format.

  * DCRAW: Coder proxy module allows reading digital camera files as if
    they were natively supported.

  * New C API functions:

    - AddNoiseImageChannel(), add noise to an image channel.
    - BlurImageChannel(), blur an image channel.
    - GaussianBlurImageChannel(), gaussian blur an image channel.
    - ImportImageChannelsMasked(), import selected image channels.
    - SharpenImageChannel(), sharpen an image channel.
    - UnsharpMaskImageChannel(), unsharpmask an image channel.
    - New cache view interfaces to correct shortcommings of original
      ones.  New interfaces are AcquireCacheViewPixels(),
      AcquireOneCacheViewPixel(), AcquireCacheViewIndexes(),
      GetCacheViewPixels(), SetCacheViewPixels(), and
      SyncCacheViewPixels(). The deprecated functions are
      AcquireCacheView(), GetCacheView(), SetCacheView(), and
    - GetCacheViewRegion() reports region bounded by a cache view.
    - GetCacheViewArea() reports area bounded by a cache view.
    - ExportViewPixelArea() exports a cache view as formatted pixels.
    - ImportViewPixelArea imports formatted pixels into a cache view.

  * Removed C API functions:

    - ReadStream()
    - WriteStream()

  * Magick++ C++ API improvements

    - Color class no longer considers transparent black to be an invalid
    - New Image methods addNoiseChannel(), blurChannel(),
      gaussianBlurChannel(), motionBlur(), randomThresholdChannel(),
      randomThresholdChannel(), sharpenChannel(), unsharpmaskChannel().

Feature improvements:

  * -ordered-dither and -random-threshold may now be used to individually
    dither any named channel.
  * Mogrify and convert now support -minify to halve the image size.
  * Mogrify and convert now support -magnify to double the image size.

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