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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/cmake

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sat Nov  8 13:20:17 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/cmake: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.6.2:

Changes in CMake 2.6.2 RC 6
- Fix bug#7669 cpack did not work when sym-linked after install

Changes in CMake 2.6.2 RC 5
- Add beta BundleUtilities.cmake file
- CPackRPM 7435 fixes to add optional post-install
- Fix Bug #7456, FindBoost versioned find not working
- Fix FindCurses to be able to work without ncurses.h
- FindQt4 fix bug #7433, add a bit more documentation and add ability
   to specify extra flags to lupdate.

Changes in CMake 2.6.2 RC 4
- Fix bug #7359 make llvm-gcc work, by explicitely excluding
- Fix bug 7046: OS X Framework support: extensionless headers were
   being ignored when specified as public headers
- Fix documentation in CheckCCompilerFlag.cmake
- Add better version support to find_package command
- Fix Xcode debug not working
- Add VERSION compare to if command
- Make FindThreads sete THREADS_FOUND
- Deb cpack generator sets Installed-Size for the package
- Do not add an empty /D"" at the end of VS 6 .dsp compile lines
- Recognize /MAP in VS 7 and greater
- Add new policy CMP0009 - GLOB_RECURSE should not follow symlinks by

Changes in CMake 2.6.2 RC 3
- Fix bug, and remove extra closing > in visual fortran projects.
- Fix bug in ctest -C where it was sometimes ignored.
- Fix crash with exec_process when cmake is being debugged on windows
- Fix unsetting of global properties

Changes in CMake 2.6.2 RC 2
- allow tool chains to limit object path length
- add info.plist to frameworks
- better preservation of user link lines
- add a get command for cmake policies
- support for imported libraries of unknown type
- support link interface in target_link_libraries
- Do not hang when select lies
- .m compiled with gcc and g++ on mac
- Fix issue when application bundle dir is removed cmake
   needs to re-run automatically
- Report an error when configure has one error
- Fix bug where -E commands stole command line options
- Fix infinite recursion bug with try-compile and change of compilers
- Fix delete and backspace in ccmake
- Fix coverage not to follow symlinks
- Add more possible languages for NSIS in cpack
- FindQt4.cmake fix bug #7433, add documentation that
   directories also can be specified to update the translation files.
- Add standard arg handling to FindPHP4.cmake
- Add X11R6 to search path for FindOpenGL
- update cmake-syntax.vim to have more keywords
- BUG: fix #7477, set VERBOSE=1 in the kdevelop setting for
   the environment, not together with the make executable
- UsePkgConfig.cmake - clean up, add a status message in case
   pkgconfig didn't find the package, sync with kde
- FindX11 look in more places
- FindTIFF look for more names
- FindQt3, make sure qt4 is not found and some style stuff
- FindPNG add more names of linpng (sync with the KDE version)
- FindKDE3/KDE4 sanity checks on qt versions found
- FindLibXMl2 also search for xmllint, which comes with libxml2
   (sync with FindLibXml2.cmake from KDE)
- Fix sizeof, and other compiler INFO string checks with
   GNU linker's --gc-sections
- Fix bogus dependency on executable targets when a linked library
   happended to match the name of an executable target
- Improve readability of circular depends error
- Fix crash on circular target dependencies
- find_package now knows about lib64 paths
- Fix gentoo elf security issue with RPATH and RUNPATH

Changes in CMake 2.6.2 RC 1
- Fix abort in eclipse generator with empty EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH
- Fix FindKDE3.cmake syntax error
- Fix custom command output by relative path not always working
- Fix bug, Do not convert RPATH entries to full path.
- Allow for "$ORIGIN" into the RPATH>
- Allow for static libraries with lots of objects using archive append
- Fix documentation for FindImageMagick.cmake
- Fix link error with MS compiler and comdef
- Fix crash when attempting to load the RPATH out of a non-ELF file
- Add --trace option to cmake allowing for the tracing of a cmake run
- Fix for issue #4971 where the case of the drive letter component of
   the filenames might be different when analyzing gcov output.
- Add warning level W0 to visual studio
- Add support for OSX library version flags

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cvs rdiff -r1.16 -r1.17 pkgsrc/devel/cmake/distinfo

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