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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Wed Nov  5 16:12:38 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/ncurses: Makefile Makefile.common PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/devel/ncurses/patches: patch-ac
        pkgsrc/devel/ncursesw: Makefile

Log Message:
Update to 5.7:

New features and improvements:

    * library
          o new flavor of the ncurses library provides rudimentary
          support for POSIX threads. Several functions are reentrant,
          but most require either a window-level or screen-level
            (This is API-compatible, but not ABI-compatible with
            the normal library).
          o add NCURSES_OPAQUE symbol to curses.h, will use to make
          structs opaque in selected configurations.
          o add NCURSES_EXT_FUNCS and NCURSES_EXT_COLORS symbols
          to curses.h to make it simpler to tell if the extended
          functions and/or colors are declared.
          o add wresize to C++ binding
          o eliminate fixed-buffer vsprintf calls in C++ binding.
          o add several functions to C++ binding which wrap C
          functions that pass a WINDOW* parameter.
          o adapt mouse-handling code from menu library in form-library
          o improve tracing for form library, showing created forms, fields, 
          o make $NCURSES_NO_PADDING feature work for termcap interface .
          o add check to trace-file open, if the given name is a
          directory, add ".log" to the name and try again.
          o several new manpages: curs_legacy.3x, curs_memleaks.3x,
          curs_opaque.3x and curs_threads.3x
    * programs:
          o modified three test-programs to demonstrate the threading
          support in this version: ditto, rain, worm.
          o several new test-programs: demo_panels, dots_mvcur,
          inch_wide, inchs, key_name, key_names, savescreen,
 test_arrays, test_get_wstr, test_getstr,
          test_instr, test_inwstr and test_opaque.
          o add adacurses-config to the Ada95 install.
          o modify tic -f option to format spaces as \s to prevent
          them from being lost when that is read back in unformatted
          o The tack program is now distributed separately from
    * terminal database
          o added entries:
                + Eterm-256color, Eterm-88color and rxvt-88color
                + aterm
                + konsole-256color
                + mrxvt
                + screen.mlterm
                + screen.rxvt
                + teraterm4.59 is now the primary primary teraterm
                entry, renamed original to teraterm2.3
                + 9term terminal
                + Newbury Data entries
          o updated/improved entries:
                + gnome to version 2.22.3
                + h19, z100
                + konsole to version 1.6.6
                + mlterm, mlterm+pcfkeys
                + xterm, and building-blocks for function-keys to
                xterm patch #230.

Major bug fixes:

    * add logic to tic for cancelling strings in user-defined
    capabilities (this is needed for current konsole terminfo
    * modify mk-1st.awk so the generated makefile rules for linking
    or installing shared libraries do not first remove the library,
    in case it is in use, e.g., by /bin/sh.
    * correct check for notimeout in wgetch.
    * fix a sign-extension bug in infocmp's repair_acsc function.
    * change winnstr to stop at the end of the line.
    * make Ada95 demo_panels example work.
    * fix for adding a non-spacing character at the beginning of a line.
    * fill in extended-color pair to make colors work for
    wide-characters using extended-colors.
    * improve refresh of window on top of multi-column characters,
    taking into account split characters on left/right window
    * modify win_wchnstr to ensure that only a base cell is returned
    for each multi-column character.
    * improve waddch and winsch handling of EILSEQ from mbrtowc by
    using unctrl to display illegal bytes rather than trying to
    append further bytes to make up a valid sequence.
    * restore curs_set state after endwin/refresh
    * modify keyname to use "^X" form only if meta has been called,
    or if keyname is called without initializing curses, e.g., via
    initscr or newterm.
    * modify unctrl to check codes in 128-255 range versus isprint.
    If they are not printable, and locale was set, use a "M-" or
    "~" sequence.
    * improve resizeterm by moving ripped-off lines, and repainting
    the soft-keys.
    * modify form library to accept control characters such as
    newline in set_field_buffer, which is compatible with Solaris.
    * use NCURSES_MOUSE_MASK in definition of BUTTON_RELEASE, etc.,
    to make those work properly with the --enable-ext-mouse
    * correct some functions in Ada95 binding which were using
    return value from C where none was returned.
    * reviewed/fixed issues reported by Coverity and Klocwork tools.


    * configure script:
          o new options:

                control whether static string tables are generated
                as single large strings (to improve startup
                performance), or as array of individual strings.
                control whether shared libraries are relinked
                (during install) when rpath is enabled.
                make explicit whether tic library depends on
                ncurses/ncursesw library.
                override the configure script's check if the
                filesystem supports mixed-case filenames. This
                allows one to control how the terminal database
                maps to the filesystem. For filesystems that do
                not support mixed-case, the library uses generate
                2-character (hexadecimal) codes for the lower-level
                of the filesystem terminfo database
                builds a different flavor of the ncurses library
                (ncursest) which improves reentrant use of the
                library by reducing global and static variables
                (see the "--with-pthread" option for the threaded
                use weak-symbols for linking to the POSIX thread
                library, and use the same soname for the ncurses
                shared library as the normal library (caveat: the
                ABI is for the threaded library, which makes global
                data accessed via functions).
                build with the POSIX thread library (tested with
                AIX, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, HPUX, IRIX64,
                Solaris, Tru64).
                build/install the tic-support functions in a separate

          o improved options:

                requires the wide-character configuration.
                ignore option value "unsigned" is always added to
                the type in curses.h; do the same for --with-mmask-t.
                build-fix for redefinition of strndup.
                    + accepts a parameter which is the install-prefix
                    of a given Berkeley Database.
                    + the $LIBS environment variable overrides the
                    search for the db library.
                assumed when "--disable-database" is used.

    * other configure/build issues:
          o build-fixes for LynxOS
          o modify shared-library rules to allow FreeBSD 3.x to use rpath.
          o build-fix for FreeBSD "contemporary" TTY interface.
          o build-fixes for AIX with libtool.
          o build-fixes for Darwin and libtool.
          o modify BeOS-specific ifdef's to build on Haiku.
          o corrected gcc options for building shared libraries on
          Solaris and IRIX64.
          o change shared-library configuration for OpenBSD, make rpath work.
          o build-fixes for using libutf8, e.g., on OpenBSD 3.7
          o add "-e" option in ncurses/ when generating
          source-files to force earlier exit if the build environment
          fails unexpectedly.
          o add support for shared libraries for QNX.
          o change delimiter in from '%' to '@', to
          avoid substitution by IBM xlc to '#' as part of its
          extensions to digraphs.
    * library:
          o rewrite wrapper for wcrtomb, making it work on Solaris.
          This is used in the form library to determine the length
          of the buffer needed by field_buffer.
          o add/use configure script macro CF_SIG_ATOMIC_T, use
          the corresponding type for data manipulated by signal
          o set locale in misc/ since it uses a
          o disable GPM mouse support when $TERM does not happen
          to contain "linux", since Gpm_Open no longer limits its
          assertion to terminals that it might handle, e.g., within
          "screen" in xterm.
          o reset mouse file-descriptor when unloading GPM library.
    * test programs:
          o update test programs to build/work with various UNIX
          curses for comparisons.

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cvs rdiff -r1.15 -r1.16 pkgsrc/devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ac
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