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CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/gnome-games

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sat Oct 25 01:52:25 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/games/gnome-games: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.24.1:

gnome-games 2.24.1

This maintenance release brings huge improvements to the stability of GLChess
in 3D mode and fixes for a few crashers and a few translation fix-ups.

 - Fix up compatiblity with Gtk/Glib 2.14 (Spin buttons) (Thomas)
 - Reclassify Gnibbles as Arcade game not logic game (Bug #553484) (Robert)
 - Read saved window configuration from correct GConf group (affects
   gnometris, gnibbles, gnobots) (Bug #544389) (Robert)

 - Remove vestigal flowRoot elements from solitaire svg icons.  They caused a
   black box when rendering.  (Bug #553458) (mterry)
 - Don't crash when the session manager terminates aisleriot (Christian)

 - Fix crash in error handler when GGZ connection closed (Bug #553982) (Robert)
 - Fix crash in empty scene when no AI engines available (Bug #551844) (Robert)
 - Fix crash when have OpenGL libraries but cannot get valid display
   (Bug #551427) (Robert)
 - Implement GGZ config parser instead of using Python config parser which does
   not handle '%' characters as GGZ does (Bug #554108) (Robert)
 - Ignore GGZ server remove player/table for unknown players/tables
   (Bug #545155) (Robert)
 - Handle exceptions loading OpenGL textures (Bug #548916) (Robert)
 - Reset pause menu when starting new game (gnomine, gnotravex) (Bug #552391)
 - Only allow one new/load game dialog to be visible at once. (Bug #546702)
 - Fix incorrect function call for single buffered 3D display (Bug #555567)
 - Handle fork() errors in AI processes (Bug #530425) (Robert)
 - Fixes to compile in Solaris (Bug #554746) (Robert)
 - Print failure to start message to stdout if cannot import GTK+ (Robert)
 - Handle invalid response from glRenderMode(GL_RENDER) and print debugging
   information (Bug #535256) (Robert)
 - More logging messages about selection rendering bugs (Robert)
 - After looking at failure case in PyOpenGL code we don't need to change
   render modes after failed to change to GL_SELECT (Bug #538252) (Robert)
 - Fix potential bugs found by PyChecker (Robert)
 - Fix crash when validly claiming a draw (Robert)
 - Don't display failed to claim draw dialog when successfully claimed draw

 - Undoing 5 of a kind reduces the score by 50 as there might be multiple
   scores (Geoff Buchan, Bug #537673) (Robert)

 - Add not overwrite time and also remember to actually save the time in the
   file. Fixes (Bug #556155)
 - Correct typo in error message that led to an exception. Patch by Zhang Sen
   (Bug #530380) (Thomas)

 - Stop paused tiles becoming visible after changing colour settings
   (Bug #550023) (Robert)

 - Fix compiler warnings (Robert)

jorgegonz, Priit Laes, Ivar Smolin, mateju, Mario Blättermann, Vladimir Melo,
dnylande, gforcada, Joan Duran, djihed, Anas Afif Emad, snavin

gnome-games 2.24.0

This is the Gnome 2.24 stable release. This update brings translation
updates over the previous release candidates.

Nickolay V. Shmyrev, Yuri Myasoedov, rsedak, claudep, mateju, jorgegonz, 
sandeeps, Mario Blättermann, Gintautas Miliauskas, bcicek, Milo Casagrande, 
lferrett, Khaled Hosny, djihed, Gabor Kelemen, ifelix, Alexander Shopov, Anas 
Afif Emad, gforcada, kennethn, amitakhya, dnylande, Inaki Larrañaga Murgoitio, 
pgeyleg, bobmauchin, simos, pkst, grakic, MiloÅ¡ PopoviÄ?, Philipp Kerling, 
Mugurel Tudor, MiÅ?u Moldovan, Lucas Lommer, Petr Kovar

gnome-games 2.23.92

This release brings even better translations and some bug fixes for aisleriot
and blackjack. If you meet one of the guys who contributed to this release 
be sure to thank the for being awesome :)

  - Fix bug where double click no longer sends card to free cell (Christian 

  - Fix language in help (Claude Paroz)

 - ca: Gil Forcada
 - en_GB: Philip Withnall
 - hr: Robert Sedak
 - ko: Changwoo Ryu
 - mai: Rajesh Ranjan
 - nl: Wouter Bolsterlee
 - sv: Daniel Nylander

gnome-games 2.23.91

Beta 2 brings Gnome Games some additional stability.

 - Fix promotion_type GConf key default from 'human' to 'queen' (Robert Ancell)

 - Stop the dancer when undoing after win. Bug #532357. (Zhang Sen,
   Thomas H.P. Andersen)

Translations: Takeshi Aihana, Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle, Djavan Fagundes,
Shankar Prasad, Runa Bhattacharjee, Goran Rakic, Priit Laes, Robert-André
Mauchin, Mario Blättermann

gnome-games 2.23.90

Another development release of gnome-games leading up to the 2.24 release. Lots
of bug and stabilization fixes for aisleriot, chess, and sudoku.

  - Add "changed" signal to GamesCardTheme. (Christian Persch)
  - Get the cairo font options from the screen instead of creating them from
    the gtk settings. (Christian Persch)
  - Take the antialias setting from the font options instead of storing it
    separately. (Christian Persch)

  - Fix save related crasher. (Robert Ancell)
  - Chess now works if gconf is read-only. (Robert Ancell)
  - Keep checkboxes for "3D view" in synch (Robert Ancell)

  - Don't create temp files when drawing thumbnails. (Josselin Mouette)
  - Show All Hints now works on at start of new game. (Zhang Sen)
  - Undo/redo is now unsensitive at start of new game. (Zhang Sen)
  - Start timer when puzzle is selected, not at game start. (Thomas H.P. 
  - Active time should never be more that total time (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

 - es: Esteban Sanchez
 - et: Ivar Smolin
 - fr: Claude Paroz
 - pt_BR: Vladimir Melo
 - th: Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

gnome-games 2.23.6

Mostly just translation updates this time. Many thanks to all our translators!

 - Revert bogus patch from bug #444806 (Christian Persch)

 - ar: Djihed Afifi
 - de: Nicolas Kaiser, Mario Blättermann
 - it: Alessio Treglia
 - nb: Kjartan Maraas
 - pt_BR: Vladimir Melo
 - ru: Dmitry Dzhus
 - sv: Daniel Nylander

gnome-games 2.23.5

This is the first release of Gnome Games that generates its ChangeLog from SVN
commit messages.

In this release cycle we have implemented a handful of new features and made
some fundamental fixes to our utilization of Python for GLChess and Sudoku.

 - Give users a helpful error message when python-support has missing modules.
   (Jason D. Clinton, Justin Dugger, Dani Nordli, Bug #524665)
 - Add fix for blank playing field from Ubuntu Launchpad (rhussey, Ubuntu
   Bug #239905)
 - Fix improper use of openGLErrors list (Jason D. Clinton, Gubianas, Bug
 - Disable network controls when disconnected (Robert Ancell, Bug #523818)
 - Handle empty combo boxes in the preferences dialog (Robert Ancell, Bug
 - Don't disable load button on load dialog as we cannot tell if the user has
   selected a valid file (Robert Ancell, Bug #540527)
 - Catch GLU exception making numbering texture and fall back to non-mipmapped
   version (Robert Ancell, Bug #542253)

 - Patch to support CAPSLOCK key in Gnibbles (Emil Andersson, Thomas H.P.
   Andersen, Bug #472355)

 - Allow CAPSLOCK with directional buttons (Emil Andersson, Bug #540755)

 - Allow CAPSLOCK with directional buttons (Emil Andersson, Bug #540740)

 - Allow user to flag a mine by holding the control key. (Emil Andersson.
   Bug #539725)
   * Handle double right-click correctly as a result of this fix (Thomas H.P.
 - Handle right click dragging. (Thomas H.P. Andersen, Bug #515497)

 - Add statusbar toggle to View menu. Makes the game more playable on small
   screens (e.g. eeepc) by allowing to enlarge the vertical space available.
   (Christian Persch)

Mario Blättermann, Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle, Vladimir Melo, Kjartan Maraas,
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Philipp Kerling, Jorge Gonzalez, Yannig Marchegay

gnome-games 2.23.4

 - Improved AI search algorithm. Solves AI problems with level 15 (ais523)
 - Fix problem where worms crash on the starting square of dead worms (ais523)

 - code clean up (Jason Clinton)
 - fix compiler warnings (Jason Clinton)

 - code clean up (Jason Clinton)

 - ar: Djihed Afifi
 - de: Mario Blättermann
 - ru: Aleksandr Burobin

gnome-games 2.23.3

This development release incorporates a few critical bugfixes. No new features
over the previous 2.23.1 have been added.

  - Set AM_MAINTAINER_MODE (Josselin Mouette, Andreas Røsdal, bug #53255)
  - Stop distributing generated (Robert Ancell)
  - Add the new parameter --with-ggz-server=force (Josselin Mouette, Andreas
    Røsdal, bug #532555)
  - Drop server configuration files to ggzdconfdir (Josselin Mouette, Andreas
    Røsdal, bug #532553)

Sudoku and GLChess:
  - Fix our Python sys.path usage to make it easier to package for distros
    and possible to run directly out of the build directory for developers
    (Jason Clinton, Josselin Mouette, Robert Ancell, bug #528953, bug #524665)
  - Open files in binary mode so they work in Windows. (Robert Ancell)
  - Massive GGZ multiplayer fixups (Robert Ancell)

  - Remove Minoru Climb.

  - Don't crash on double click (Christian Persch, Vincent Povirk, bug #443307)

Jonh Wendell, Vladimir Melo, Clytie Siddall, Vincent van Adrighem, Djihed Afifi,
Tino Meinen, Kjartan Maraas, Petr Kovar, Lucas Lommer, Priit Laes, Ivar Smolin

gnome-games 2.23.1

This is the first development release of the 2.23 series.

  - Merge changes in ggz.m4 from ggz trunk. (Roger Light, Andreas Røsdal, bug
    #520599, bug #510917)
  - define GAMES_STOCK_FULLSCREEN on hildon (Christian Persch)
  - Reorder the -I/path/to in to import GGZ libraries in correct
    order (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Maemo4 fixes (Christian Persch)
  - Merge changes in ggz.m4 from ggz trunk (Robert Light)

  - Add back the statistics fallback (Christian Persch, bug #406267, bug
  - Don't allow moving non-uniformly suited card stacks to foundation (Philippe
    Gauthier, Christian Persch, bug #443307)
  - Make shuffle-deck-helper tail recursive. Fixes stack overflow exception
    with guile 1.8.4. (Vincent Povirk, Christian Persch, bug #519554)
  - Set gtk-enable-accels to TRUE (Christian Persch)
  - Fix the build without ENABLE_KEYNAV (Christian Persch)
  - Use gtk_widget_error_bell on hildon/maemo4. (Christian Persch)
  - Include tablet-browser-interface.h on hildon (Christian Persch)
  - Remove an unnecessary string, and simplify code. (Ed Sirett)
  - Add "Forty Thieves" game. (Ed Sirett / Vincent Povirk)
  - Handle default theme better. (Christian Persch)

  - Abort 3D render if widget_get_gl_context() returns None (Robert Ancell,
    bug #512068)
  - Add Gambit Fruit to AI list (Robert Ancell, bug #521623)
  - Handle AI players dying before the game starts (Robert Ancell, bug #522341)
  - Handle GLError->GLerror, GLUError -> GLUerror objects being renamed in
    PyOpenGL 3.0 (Robert Ancell, bug #503238)
  - Fix board rotation animation bug when viewing black side (Robert Ancell)
  - Check PID returned on SIGCHLD (Robert Ancell)
  - Add missing gettext call for the Application Log viewer. (Jordi Mallach)
  - Handle missing throbber icons (Robert Ancell)
  - Disable room 'new' and 'join' buttons when network protocol is busy
    (Robert Ancell)
  - Import the main module on initialisation not runtime (Robert Ancell)
  - Abort history saving if cannot create history directory (Robert Ancell)

  - Remove Minoru Climb. (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - Change title string to be easier to translate (Robert Ancell)

  - Fixed collision detection of worms (Simon McNeilly)
  - Only allow human players to get a high score (Simon McNeilly)
  - Correct respawn direction of worms after death. (Simon McNeilly)
  - Prevent restart of worms after all lives lost (Simon McNeilly)

  - Don't crash when clearing a tracker (Thomas M. Hinkle)
  - Handle when no more puzzles of a certain difficulty exists (Thomas M. 
  - Don't always show the same puzzle until it has been completed or saved
    (Thomas M. Hinkle)
  - Fix crash on cancel in new game dialog (Thomas H.P. Andersen)
  - Fix crash caused by race when creating a directory (Thomas H.P. Andersen)
  - Don't hardcode time formats. (Claude Paroz)

  - bg: Yavor Doganov
  - ca: Jordi Mallach
  - el: Christos Mpountalis, Simos Xenitellis, Stavros Daliakopoulos,
        Kostas Papadimas
  - en_GB: Philip Withnall
  - es: Jorge Gonzalez
  - et: Ivar Smolin
  - lt:  Gintautas Miliauskas
  - nn: Eskild Hustvedt

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