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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/gail

Alan Barrett <> writes:

> Oh, so it's not only me.  I have been struggling ever since the
> perl-5.10 upgrade to get get pkg_rolling-replace to upgrade everything
> that depends on perl.  (All recent pkgsrc commits from me are motivated
> by this struggle.)

<aol>me too</>

But, I haven't had perl trouble - it's the new gnome.  Really the
amazing thing is how often one can rebuild 100 packages without

> I did manage to get past the gtk2/gail issue by using "pkg_admin set
> rebuild=yes" on gtk2 and on everything that depends on gail, then
> "pkg_delete -f gail".  That allowed pkg_rolling replace to rebuild gtk2+
> and some things that depend on it, but I still have problems (e.g. right
> now pkg_rolling-replace can't build gtkhtml314).

I just fixed a desktop-file-utils bug in gnome-settings-daemon.  Besides
gtkhtml314 I also have to -X libzvt.

For gail, I just did 'pkg_delete -f'.  That ought to set unsafe_depends
on the packages from which it was yanked out from under, but probably
doesn't.  But those depend on gtk2 usually, and that was rebuilt anyway,
so I think it worked out.

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