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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-libwww

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Tue Oct 14 14:51:22 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/p5-libwww: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 5.817:


     Release 5.817

     Gisle Aas (16):
           Should store "wire" headers field names with _ without translation.
           Test HTTP::Request->parse().
           Restore pre-5.815 behaviour of returning "400 Bad Request" [RT#39694]
           Rename the HTTP::Status constants to have HTTP_ prefix
           Detection of unsupported schemes was broken [RT#37637]
           Allow tainted methods to be forwarded to HTTP::Headers [RT#38736]
           Add strict mode to HTML::Form
           Fix test now that less warnings are generated.
           Add content_is_xml method
           Make split_header_words() lower case returned tokens/keys
           Avoid invoking AUTOLOAD on object destruction [RT#39852]
           Add decode() method to HTTP::Message
           Add encode() method to HTTP::Message
           Allow multiple fields to be set with push_header().
           Make content_type and content_is_xhtml methods faster
           Faster push_header()


     Release 5.816

     Gisle Aas (2):
           Add missing binmode() [RT#39668]
           Doc tweaks


     Release 5.815

     Gisle Aas (23):
           We don't need to build the docs to run the tests.
           Style tweaks.
           The jigsaw service isn't up to much good these days.
           HTTP::Cookies produces warnings for undefined cookie param names 
           Typo fix; HTTP::Message will never include x-bzip2 in 
Accept-Encoding [RT#38617]
           Added HTTP::Config module
           Add methods to configure processing handlers.
           100 Continue response not complete.
           Use 3-arg open when response content to files.
           Make the show_progress attribute official (by documenting it).
           Start using handlers for driving the inner logic of LWP::UserAgent.
           Expose the content_is_html and content_is_xhtml methods from 
           Make credentials method able to get/set values.
           An auth handler per realm.
           Match proxy setting for request.
           Set up separate handler for adding proxy authentication.
           Add request_preprepare to be able to initialize proxy early enough.
           Smarter get_my_handler() that can also create handlers.
           Refactor; introduce run_handlers method
           Pass in handler hash to the handler callback.
           Don't let version=1 override behaviour if specified with a plan 
Set-Cookie header.
           Remove handler when we don't have a username/password for the realm.
           Make tests use

     Bron Gondwana (2):
           Double-check that username or password has changed after a failed 
           Update Digest Authen to subclass Basic.

     Ondrej Hanak (1):
           Avoid running out of filehandles with DYNAMIC_FILE_UPLOAD.

     Todd Lipcon (1):
           Fixed parsing of header values starting with ':' [RT#39367]

     amire80 (1):
           Documentation typo fixes [RT#38203]

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