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CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/konversation

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   tonnerre
Date:           Sun Oct 12 04:14:58 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/chat/konversation: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/chat/konversation/patches: patch-ab patch-ac

Log Message:
Update Konversation to recently released version 1.1. Changes since 1.0.1:

Text views
* Added an option to hide the scrollbar in chat windows.
* Don't scroll to bottom if the view was scrolled up before resizing.
* Fixed chat views occassionally not being scrolled to the bottom at their
  inception with long backlog appends.
* Fixed an off-by-one error in scrollback culling.
* Fixed a bug that lead to single leading whitespace characters in lines being
  omitted from display in chat windows.
* Now preserving trailing whitespace in raw log tabs.
* Fixed display of '<' and '>' in backlog lines.
* Fixed copy/paste with shortcuts other than the default Ctrl+C/V ones.
* Fixed onotice display.
* Fixed middle-click-to-open-in-new-tab on chat window URLs when Konqueror
  wasn't running.
* Fixed superfluous closing parenthesis being inserted after links in lines
  which contain multiple links followed by closing parenthesis.
* Fixed URLs with encoded hash mark %23 being incorrectly passed off to handler.
* Fixed variable expansion causing certain URLs to be corrupted when pasted.
* Added a "Save Link As" item to the context menu of links in the chat window.
* Have the "Save as..." dialog suggest a file name.
* Implemented Shift+Click to "Save as..." URLs..
* Made the channel links context menu work in server status views.
* Fixed nickname links in chat view messages created as a result of '/msg <nick>
  <message>' commands erroneously prepending '->' to nicknames.
* Fixed operations on nicknames containing "\" characters from the nickname
  context menu.
* Fixed query view context menus operating on the wrong nickname under certain
* Fixed a bug that caused the "Send File..." action in the generic query context
  menu to pick the wrong recipient after hovering the user's own nick in the
  chat display.
* Fixed date display not using the locale's date format.
* Fixed IRC color parsing so that the colors gets reset to default if no color
  numbers were given.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the text selection in a chat window to be messed
  up when new text was appended.

Marker/Remember Lines
* Konversation now distinguishes between manually and automatically inserted
  marker lines, making the "show line in all chat windows" preference less
* The automatically inserted remember lines when chat windows are hidden are now
  "sliding", i.e. there is only one per chat window, and it moves.
* Automatically inserted remember lines will now optionally only be inserted
  when there's actually new text being appended to the chat window (enabled by
* The automatic remember line will now also be inserted when the window has lost
* Added an action to clear all marker lines in a chat window.
* Improved marker lines-related preferences and terminology.
* Improved the appearance of marker lines in the chat window.
* Made the (marker line-related and other) identity default settings consistent
  between the initial identity and additional newly created identities.
* Fixed hidden join/part/quit events marking tabs as dirty, allowing multiple
  consecutive remember lines to appear.
* Fixed crash when minimizing or closing the application window prior to any tab
  switch when the auto-insertion of remember lines is enabled.

Input line
* Fixed input line contents rather than actual sent text being appended to the
  input history upon a multi-line paste edit.
* Special characters and IRC color codes will now be inserted at the cursor
  position rather than the end of the input line contents.

Nickname list
* Implemented an additional "Sort by activity" nicklist sorting mode.
* Added Oxygen nicklist icon theme by Nuno Pinheiro.
* The list of nickname list themes is now sorted alphabetically.
* Fixed race condition when removing a nicklist theme (listview would be
  repopulated before deletion was complete).
* Fixed using the wrong palette for the disabled text color in the nickname
* Fixed moving back from the custom alternate background color to system colors
  in the channel nickname listviews when disabling the "Use custom colors for
  lists, [...]" preference.
* Cleanups in the nicklist item code.

Tab bar / Tree list
* Added option to add and remove a channel from its network's auto-join list
  from the tab context menu.
* Added option to close tabs using middle-mouse.
* Slightly sped up tab switching by eliminating some redundant UI action state
* Channel tabs will no longer close when kicked, but rather grey out on the tab
  bar and offer context menu actions to rejoin.
* Channel and query tabs will now grey out on the tab bar when disconnected and
  no higher priority notification is present. Channel tabs will only ungrey if
  and when the channel is successfully rejoined after reconnect; query tabs
  ungrey immediately once reconnected.
* Display tooltips for truncated treelist items.
* Fixed forwarding keyboard events received by the treelist to Konsole widgets
  and focus adjustment thereafter as well as generally after switching to
  Konsole tabs by other means.
* Fixed treelist scrollbar not picking up on new palette when the KDE color
  scheme changes.
* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when the view treelist would receive
  keypress events during application shutdown.
* [New since RC1] Fixed a corner case where a server status item could become a
  child item of another server status item when dragging it below an special
  application pane item such as DCC Status or Watched Nicks Online.
* [New since RC1] Fixed a crash when using the mouse wheel on the list within
  ~150ms of a drag and drop operation.

System Tray icon
* Remember and recreate minimized-to-tray state across sessions.
* Added option for hidden-to-tray startup.
* Reload tray icons when the icon theme changes at runtime.
* Added option to not blink the systray icon, but just light it up.

Channel Settings Dialog
* Added a search line to the ban list.
* Fixed sorting the ban list by time set.
* Made the ban list's "Time Set" column use KDE locale settings for the date
* Fixed OK'ing/Cancel'ing/closing the Channel Settings Dialog not dealing with
  open ban list in-line edits correctly.
* Reset topic editbox when the channel options dialog has been dismissed with
* Fixed incorrect time display in the topic history list in the Channel Settings

Server List Dialogs
* Moved the "Show at application startup" option for the Server List dialog to
  the dialog itself.
* Auto-correct hostnames and passwords entered with preceding or trailing spaces
  in the Server List dialog.
* Don't allow impossible ports to be set for servers.
* Sensible default focus in the server list dialog.
* Fixed unresponsive, defective Server List dialog window appearing at
  application startup using the Beryl or Compiz compositing window managers.

Interface Misc
* Added a "Next Active Tab" keyboard shortcut to jump to the next active tab 
  the highest priority notification.
* Added a Find Previous standard action.
* Have the "Insert Character" dialog pick up on text view font changes.
* Show correct number of colors in the color chooser dialog.
* Made "Alternate Background" colorchooser disable when unneeded.
* Fixed crash when changing the KDE color scheme while a non-chat tab is open.
* The encoding selection now allows returning to the used identity's default
  encoding setting.
* Update actions on charset changes.
* Added Notifications Toggle and Encoding sub-menu to the window menu.
* Moved "Hide Nicklist" menu action from Edit to Settings.
* Fixed the "Automatically join channel on invite" setting not to show an
  inquiring dialog anyway.
* Fixed saving the state of the invitation dialog option in the Warning Dialogs
* Added a warning dialog for quitting with active DCC file transfers.
* Return focus to the text display widget after closing the search bar in a log
  reader view.
* Made pressing Return or Enter in the Log File Viewer's size spinbox apply the
  setting, just as pressing the Return button.
* Fixed a bug where the SSL padlock icon would be shown on a non-SSL connection
  (and clicking would cause a crash).
* Empty topic labels will no longer show empty tooltips, but rather none at all.
* Added a sample 12-hour clock format string to the timestamp format combobox.
* Timestamp format list is no longer localized.
* Robustness improvements and less UI quirks around channel password handling.
* Improved general layout and consistency of tab, chat view, query and topic
  context menus. Added some missing icons.
* Fixed some bugs of UI actions not being appropriately as their context
* Fixed enabled state of "Close All Open Queries" action not being updated
  correctly when queries are closed by way of closing a status view tab.
* The window caption is now properly being reset when the last tab is closed.
* Made units in spinboxen in the identity and app preferences UI more
* Minor fixes to accelerators and tabbing order in various dialogs.

* Support command aliases in network connect commands.
* Turned parameter-less '/away' into a toggle: Sets away state with default
  message initially, and unsets away state if already away.
* Added an '/aunaway' command to complement '/aaway' (previously, there was only
* Added support for '/kill'.
* A '/join' command for an already-joined channel will now focus it.
* Added an '/encoding' command as an alias to '/charset'.
* '/charset' and '/encoding' now accept 'latin-1' as an alias for 'iso-8859-1'.
* Improved messages for the '/charset' and '/encoding' commands.
* Rewrote /me parsing to be less hackish and display usage info with an empty
* '/msg <nick>' is no longer treated as equivalent to '/query <nick>'.
* '/msg <nick>' will now error out when lacking a message parameter.
* '/query <recipient> [message]' will now error out when recipient is a channel.
* Added a '/queuetuner' command to bring up the outbound traffic scheduler's
  tuning/debug pane.

* Seperated query messages and messages containing the user's nickname into two
  distinct KNotify events.
* Made the tab notification color of private messages configurable independently
  from normal messages.
* Don't highlight own nick on topic created by messages.
* Fixed disabling notifications for a tab not cancelling highlight sounds.
* Fixed a race condition where a highlight's autotext reply would outrun the
  original line's tab notification.
* Fixed actions in queries and DCC chats producing message notification events
  (rather than the correct private message ones).
* Changed the OSD screensaver check logic to work in KDE 4.
* [New since RC1] Fixed on screen display occassionally reverting to the default
  position when using the settings dialog to change unrelated settings.

Connection handling
* Improved behavior with regard to reusing existing connections in connection
  attempts that provide an initial channel to join, such as command line
  arguments, the DCOP interface, the bookmark system or irc:// links).
  Previously, the application would have inconsistently either reused an
  existing or created a new connection.
* Better dialog messages in the interactive variant of the decision to either
  reuse or create a new connection (from the Server List dialog and the Quick
  Connect dialog).
* Improved and more consistent display of connection names (i.e. network or
  server host name) throughout the application.
* Much improved irc:// URL support for connection intanciation, with support
  added for IPv6 host names and many of the features proposed by the Mirashi
* Eliminated redundant irc:// URL parsing codepaths in favor of a single one.
* Added support for irc:// URLs to the chat views.
* Removed "konversationircprotocolhandler" shell script. The Konversation
  executable now understands irc:// URLs directly.
* Initiating connections from command line arguments and options now works also
  when the application is already running.
* Fixed a bug that would cause a connection initiated from command line options
  not to get past the identity validation stage when the configuration file was
  unitialized and empty.
* The server list dialog will now always be closed when starting Konversation
  with command line arguments to initiate a connection, consistent with the
  configuration-based auto-connect behavior.
* Providing a channel in the creation of a new connection (i.e. via command line
  arguments, the DCOP interface, the Quick Connect dialog, the bookmark system
  or irc:// links) now consistently pre-empts the stored auto-join channel list
  if the target of the connection is a network or the hostname is found to be
  part of a configured network. Previously, this would only work for Quick
  Connect and the bookmark system (which caused the infamous Sabayon user flood
  in #kde due to their "Get Support" desktop link connecting to Freenode, which
  in an unconfigured Konversation has #kde in its auto-join list).
* Connections now have globally unique IDs.
* The DCOP interface now understands connection IDs in addition to host names.
* The scripting systems now uses globally unique connection IDs rather than
  server host names to refer to connections, fixing a bug where scripted
  responses were being handed to all connections sharing a hostname (which was
  actually intentional in the absence of connection IDs, but undesirable for
* Improved iteration behavior over a network's server list on connection losses.
* The "Reconnect" action now works also when Konversation doesn't consider the
  connection to be in a disconnected state.
* Improved the server status view messages related to reconnection attempts.
* Consistently apply the "Reconnect delay" setting (previously confusingly named
  "Reconnect timeout"), which wasn't done before.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the connection process to claim that a DNS lookup
  was successful when it actually wasn't.
* Fixed opening bookmarks with spaces in the target address name (which may be a
  network name, and networks may have spaces in their name).
* Properly update the state of the "Add/Remove to Watched Nicknames" nickname
  context menu actions when the connection isn't to a config-backed network, in
  which case there's no way to store and make use of those list entries.
* Fixed a crash when quitting the application with a resident connection that
  disconnected due to an SSL error.
* Fixed crashes in the DCOP interface if no connection was present.
* Make the "Reconnect" action available even while ostensibly in the process of
* Fix possible crash when closing all views and subsequently creating a new
* Fixed crash upon auto-connect at application startup.
* Improved the naming of preferences related to automatic reconnection attempts
  to be less confusing.
* Made it possible to set the number of automatic reconnection attempts to
* Provided better default values to the preferences related to automatic
  reconnection attempts.
* Fixed crash when opening a Konsole tab and Konsole was not installed.
* Fixed allowing the user to create an infinite loop of showing the SSL
  connection details dialog upon being presented with the invalid certificate
  multiple choice dialog at connection time by checking "Do not ask again" and
  then clicking "Details".

* Made it possible to set a Quit message independently from the Part message.
* Saving a newly-created identity is no longer allowed without entering a real
* Apply switching the identity in the identity dialog as opened from the network
  dialog to the network's settings.
* Have the Edit/Delete/Up/Down buttons for the nickname list of an Identity
  correctly change state according to the selection

Away system
* Added per-identity support for automatic away on a configurable amount of user
  desktop inactivity and/or screensaver activation, along with support for
  automatic return on activity.
* Fixed the "Global Away" toggle to make sense and update its state properly.
* Turned parameter-less '/away' into a toggle: Sets away state with default
  message initially, and unsets away state if already away.
* Added an '/aunaway' command to complement '/aaway' (previously, there was only
* Broadly rewrote away management related code for improved robustness and less
  duplication and hacks (e.g. no more abuse of multiServerCommand for global

* Massive DCC refactoring and improved reliability.
* Passive DCC support (Reverse DCC RECV, SEND).
* Replaced the DCC Transfer Details dialog with a retractable transfer details
  pane directly in the DCC Status tab.
* Added DCC transfer average speed reading to the DCC transfer details panel.
* The DCC Status tab now remembers its column widths across sessions.
* Fixed duplicated quotation marks around file names in DCC transfer status
* Fixed "Open File" DCC dialog remembering the last viewed location incorrectly.
* Added an "Open Folder" button to the DCC transfer details panel.
* Added check for whether the URL is well-formed before initiating a DCC send.
  Fixes a bug of dragging a nickname link in the chat view onto the query chat
  view drop target starting a DCC transfer that cannot succeed.
* Ported the DCC code away from relying on server group IDs to refer to
  connections, made it use connection IDs instead. Fixes potential bugs with
  multiple concurrent connections to the same network.
* Fixed queued DCC transfer items not picking up on download destination
  directory changes.
* Fixed bug leading to crash upon initiating DCC Chat when "Focus new tabs" was
* [New since RC1] New transfer items added to the DCC panel's transfer list are 
  longer automatically selected, meaning work on other items in the list 
  at the same time no longer gets interrupted.
* [New since RC1] The "Filename:" line in the DCC panel's detailed info pane is
  now using text squeezing to avoid an increase in minimum window width with 
  file names.
* [New since RC1] Failed receives now longer show 833TB/s as their transfer

Blowfish support
* Fixed FiSH-style +p prefix to send clear text to channel despite an encryption
  key being set.
* Text encoding is now being applied to the cleartext, rather than the
  ciphertext. This fixes using characters outside the ASCII range with blowfish
* Fixed CTCP (and thus DCC) requests to nicknames for whom an encryption key is
* Added support for encrypted topics.
* If an encryption key is set, a lock icon will now be shown next to the input
* Added a '/showkey <channel|query>' command to show the encryption key for the
  target in a popup dialog.

* Improved auto-replace behavior with multiple matches in one line (fixes
  multiple Wikipedia links).
* Fixed bug that could cause auto-replace to replace the wrong group of the
  matching string.
* Auto-replace is now case-sensitive in regular expression mode.
* Added regular expression editor button to auto-replace preferences.
* Fixed conditional enabling of the RegExpEditor button in the auto-replace
  preferences page.

* Fixed being asked twice whether to close a query upon ignoring the opponent.
* Fixed crash when opting to close a query upon chosing to ignore the opponent
  from the context menu of his nickname.

Watched Nicknames
* Improved robustness of the Watched Nicknames Online system.
* The "Offline" branches in the "Watched Nicks Online" list will now be omitted
  when there are no offline nicks for the respective network.
* Fixed display of WHOIS spam prompted by the Watch List's WHOIS activity.
* Connections to non-config-backed targets no longer show in Watched Nicks
* [New since RC1] Actually honor the preference to enable/disable the Watched
  Nicknames Online system, and apply it at runtime.
* [New since RC1] Make sure the periodic Watched Nicknames Online check actually
  starts running within the same session after adding the first nickname to the
* [New since RC1] Fixed a crash on quit with the Watched Nicks Online tab open 
  there being an open connection to a network that nicks are being watched for.

Channel List
* IRC markup is now removed from content in the Channel List view.
* Speed improvements in Channel List views.
* Fixed keyboard accelerator collisions in Channel List views.
* Allow higher values than 99 in the min/max users filter spin boxes in Channel
  List views.

Under the Hood / Protocol
* Rewrote the outbound queue scheduling system to be smart enough to reorder
  outbound traffic to reduce interactive latency while aggressively throttling
  the rate to prevent flooding. Use '/queuetuner' to tweak.
* Rearranged when and how auto-who is triggered upon channel join a bit, to
  avoid excessive flooding on multiple concurrent joins in some cases.
* Auto-Who reliability improvements.
* Fixed auto-join with very many channels (the auto-join command would exceed
  the maximum buffer length; it is now split into multiple commands as needed).
* Fixed bugs around rejoining channels after reconnects related to the cause of
  the disconnect, channel passwords and picking the actual list of joined
  channels over the network's auto-join list.
* Improved behavioral consistency in situations where the auto-join list is
  preempted by a transitory auto-join channel (bookmarks, etc.).
* Fixed bug that caused the topic state not to be cleared properly prior to
  rejoining channels during reconnects.
* Fixed onotice payload being cut off after the first word.
* Changed RPL_WHOISOPERATOR handling to internationalize the common case ("is an
  IRC Operator") and otherwise passthrough the string sent by the server.
* Fixed parsing of alternate invite format on Asuka ircds (QuakeNet).
* Added support for PRIVMSG from the server.
* Support RPL_UMODEIS.
* Announce 'k' channel mode (i.e. channel key) changes in non-raw mode as well.
* The command part of CTCP requests is now always converted to uppercase before
  sending, as some clients don't like lower- or mixed-case commands as the user
  may have entered them.
* Display mode for your nick and channels you're not in.
* Fixed per-channel encoding settings for the channels of a network being lost
  when the network is renamed.
* Fixed crash when receiving actions for channels the client is not attending.
* Made newline handling in the DCOP interface more robust, fixing a potential
  security problem (CVE-2007-4400).
* A few speed optimizations and memory leak fixes.
* [New since RC1] Fixed a crash on quit during KDE logout or when quitting by

Included scripts
* Support for KMPlayer in the 'media' script (based on the window caption, as
  KMPlayer has no proper appropriate DCOP interface).
* Added KPlayer support to the 'media' script (also caption-based).
* Added support for Audacious to the 'media' script.
* Fixed problems in disk space calculation in the 'sysinfo' script caused by
  wrapped df(1) output.
* Added KDE 4 support to the 'sysinfo' script.
* Removed some bashisms from the 'sysinfo' script.
* Rewrote 'weather' script for increased reliability in error handling and
  better readability.
* Removed broken 'qurl' script in favor of new 'tinyurl' one.
* Fixed the 'fortune' script not working properly when variable expansion is
  turned off in the preferences.
* [New since RC1] Fixed a bug in the 'media' script that caused it to break when
  querying Audacious with audtool not being available.

* [New since RC1] Standards compliancy fixes in the application .desktop file 
  the nicklist icon theme .desktop files.

* Fixed build with --enable-final.

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