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CVS commit: pkgsrc/parallel/sge

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ahoka
Date:           Mon Sep 15 16:30:57 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/parallel/sge: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/parallel/sge/patches: patch-ah patch-ai patch-ak patch-am
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/parallel/sge/patches: patch-bd patch-bm

Log Message:
Bugs fixed in SGE 6.1u3 since release 6.1u2

Issue    Sun BugId Description
-------- --------- 
376      4743006   problem with floating point job resource limits
1909     6353628   information provided by qstat -j and qstat -j -xml are not 
2076     6440408   qstat -j messages disagree between plain, XML output
2077     6440412   qstat -j -xml messages incomplete
2138     6506667   forbid deletion of global config values
2194     6527836   authuser binary returns unusable error message!
2249     6568575   SGE does not work if primary group entry is too big in 
groups map
2270     6575720   ENABLE_ADDGRP_KILL is missing from sge_conf(5)
2272     6575727   sge_shadowd(8) man page is missing some env vars
2274     6564461   Duplicate scheduling info messages for reservation jobs
2276     6575731   share_tree(5) doesn't explain type field
2283     6565821   Oracle, Postgres DWB should prompt for tablespace where 
indexes and tables should be created
2293     6569088   Resource reservation broken for sequential jobs depending on 
RQS specified for subset of queues only
2303     6571749   parallel resource reservation broken when non-queue instance 
based quotas limits apply
2323     6576153   Creating a userset with NONE as a type results in a core dump
2327     6578213   qconf -(A,D,M,R)attr dumps core when the supplied file is 
2328     6579232   high scheduler dispatching time with many sequential 
resource reservation jobs and resource quotas
2336     6287501   rctemplates lack of requirement
2338     6585721   Parallel RR broken if jobs wait for queue slots and no RQS 
2342     6590010   Original primary group vanishes after newgrp command 
2344     6590079   Resource reservation broken with sequences of identical jobs 
differing only in their -R y|n
2346     6604155   qmon binary job submit is broken
2351     6597463   qsub -t 1-N:N creates a normal job with one task
2352     6594665   Installation fails on Linux with glibc 2.6
2353     6597423   commit method of UnixLoginModule does not report 
2356     6600619   Userset spooling in classic mode is broken
2367     6597547   qdel does not recognize wc_job_range_list as it is defined
2369     6577034   Several qconf options display only single message when a 
list of messages should be printed
2372     6469494   clients should issue a more explicit error message when 
qmaster is busy
2374     6589459   Expose the availability of keyword "none" in the manual page 
of calendar_conf
2382     6569862   Unset old_value out of the scope
2383     6553062   qconf -mc accepts erroneous resource entries without an 
urgency; qmon gives (poor) error message
2387     6614041   Multiple occurrence of a name in RQS limit definition break 
classic spooling
2392     6614108   Specifying more than one drmaa_v_env attribute causes 
spurious error msg
2394     6608259   scheduler prints empty line in messages file after every 
'sge_mirror' logging
2396     6608236   scheduling of parallel jobs does not respect consumables, if 
consumable is referenced in rqs
2400     6564543   sge_shepherd should exit if it cannot write to any of its 
essential files
2401     6617450   add option to reporting_params for switching off writing of 
2404     6618328   qmon displays wrong string for queue filtering
2406     6596931   Incorrect messages in qconf command
2407     6618619   the restore feature does not delete old configuration before 
2409     6619016   removing parameters from the reporting_params will not 
fallback to the default
2410     6619657   qmod -e|-d '*' times out in large clusters
2411     6619662   qhost becomes sluggish in large clusters
2414     6618599   Long running jobs cause incorrect usage summary for ARCo 
2415     6620930   ARCO view_accounting filters out parallel job usage 
2416     6621482   ju_exit_status should provide means to recognize the 
intermediate record
2417     6622842   the start_time field in intermediate accounting records is 
2418     6588743   qrsh fails with "connection refused" error message
2419     6391244   qstat -ext reports wrong usage as compared to other commands 
such as qstat -t or qstat -j
2424     6620253   During the installation the admin user should create web.xml 
2428     6630268   upgrade from 6.0u2 and higher to 6.1u2 and higher does not 
2435     6599335   inst_sge help output for -upd switch is incorrect

Bugs fixed in SGE 6.1u2 since release 6.1u1

Issue    Sun BugId Description
-------- --------- 
-        6590960   Man pages show the wrong version number
2345     6590574   resource quota can prevent dispatching of jobs that requests 
no resource in this quota
2343     6589807   newline missing from "illegal debug level format" message
2338     6585721   Parallel RR broken if jobs wait for queue slots and no RQS 
2334     6584632   user/system/operator hold state combinations cause strange 
qstat output

Bugs fixed in SGE 6.1u1 since release 6.1

Issue    Sun BugId Description
-------- --------- 
2323     6576153   Creating a userset with NONE as a type results in a core dump
2317     6574565   Oralce, Postgres FOREIGN KEY fields need to be indexed
-        6573980   'qconf -help' suggests usage of patterns in user_list which 
is not true
2316     6573508   qrsh with ssh causes job to go in error state when Ctrl-C is 
2308     6572803   qhost -xml lacks '>' with initial qhost tag
2309     6572801   sge_queue_values definition does not contain PRIMARY KEY
2321     6571714   Inadequate error message when qconf -sstree is run when no 
share tree is configuredIf no share tree
2241     6568712   util/arch has problem recognizing libc version number with 
2292     6568578   6.1 upgrade procedure shall exit when there are jobs in the 
2249     6568575   SGE does not work if primary group entry is too big in 
groups map
2284     6565841   Oracle: rollback segments keep filling up, Postgres: delete 
query keeps running
2306     6564592   SGE 6.1 upgrade procedure is broken when using the classic 
qmaster spooling
2275     6564503   sge_schedd deadlock upon schedd_job_info job_list being 
2250     6558006   qmaster may crash with projects or usersets used in RQS
2243     6555744   qmon crashes when displaying about dialog
2248     6554313   add -u <user> to scheduler category only if there is a 
resource quota for the user
2238     6551568   need faster resource quota matchmaking and more concise job 
info messages
-        6550718   qstat -j lacks resource quota info messages in case of 
"incomplete" resource quotas
2296     6548455   csp mode installation, using /etc/services, qmaster is not 
2232     6546807   qhost -j -xml does not work
2325     6542987   drmaa_run_job(3) raises error if drmaa_native_specification 
has leading spaces
2239     6542137   use of hostgroups in resource quotas is less performant than 
the full list of hosts
-        6541085   NFS write error on N1GE trace file
2300     6539199   qquota(1) filtering broken for project and pe if -P/-pe 
switch is not used
2299     6536039   sgeremoterun not working
2201     6529974   Use of MORE fails on some architectures
-        6528949   inst_sge -ux uninstallation of exechost tries to delete 
local spooldir, even it isn't configured!
2191     6525883   qstat -s hX filtering is broken on darwin
2189     6525375   qacct ignores jobs in output
2320     6513115   in qmon, under calendar configuration, it is possible to 
modify even if no calendar exists
2326     6506661   sge_conf(5), description for rlogin_daemon and qlogin_daemon 
is wrong
2307     6433628   qconf -sq all.q@myhost produces no value at all for 
complex_values (not even NONE)
2289     6565951   Qmon panel does not check for valid data in Scheduler 
2314     6513116   Qmon x qconf inconsistent in allowed characters in attribute 
-        6195248   QMON Job Control Window: Incomprehensible Priority Button
2313     6410592   Double clicking in Consumables/Fixed Attributes list does 
not behave as a GUI should
2312     6482211   complex attributes whose deletion is denied donot reflect 
back after the denial message in qmon
2301     6551121   Memory leak in
916      6355875   qsub -terse to just output job id
-        6522273   Wrong exit code with qconf -sds
2266     6563346   Wrong usage of 'day' format model in trunc(date) Oracle 
2187     6562190   memory leak in sge_schedd
2265     6280747   qmon loses sharetree changes
747      6291044   "Modify"-Button is activated but should be grayed
2263     6553066   qmon's Complex Configuration Load and Save buttons did not 
2262     4742097   Qmon has a ticket number limitation
1729     4818801   qmon on secondary screen crashes when "Job Control" is 
2261     6538740   clear usage operation should implicitely trigger refresh in 
share-tree dialogue
2260     6327539   Ability to sort queue instances using each column of the 
queue instances table
2229     6544869   UNKNOWN group/owner in accouting(5)
2247     6556411   DBW queries "Average Job Turnaround Time", "Average Job Wait 
Time" might not work
-        6481737   Arco should support webconsole 3.0.x
-        6559385   Calling JGDI getQueueInstanceSummary results in a memory leak
1813     6328064   Queue request -q from sge_request can't be overridden 
through command line
-        6355674   arcorun can not be used as sge_admin user if the toc file is 
not available
2164     6514085   Need a possibility to update existing example queries for 
the ARCo web application
-        6426331   remove util/sge_log_tee from distribution
-        6476263   function job_get_id_string() is not MT save and used in 
2219     6536426   inst_sge -m fails for non-root when USER variable is not set
1860     6345522   qdel on a job in deleted state does not output any 
2258     5081743   queue status in reporting file is missing.
2050     6422335   still used usersets/project/calendar/pe/checkpoint can be 
removed under certain conditions

Bugs fixed in SGE 6.1 since release 6.1_beta

Issue    Sun BugId Description
-------- --------- 
1941     5086007   qstat -qs doesn't work
2183     6499217   meaningless error in clients when reporting_param flush_time 
is incorrectly set
-        6525497   JGDI crashes JVM when null is passed to JNI 
GetStringUTFChars function
2220     6440226   add installation of SGE_Helper_Service to auto installation
2221     6521802   the binary check in inst_sge is wrong!
-        6537633   Extraneous space in qsub's "Invalid month specification." 
2222     6538293   Hybrid user/project share-tree is broken for user sharing 
amongst array jobs
2180     6518684   Qconf usage x man page inconsistency
2181     6518689   Project man page contains different attribute names.
2171     6516288   Scheduler does not write pid file in daemonize phase
2178     6518607   invalid memory access in cl_com_get_handle
-        6520761   add background mode to N1 Grid Engine Helper Service
-        6233523   loadcheck reports on a hyperthreaded CPU only one processor
-        6276612   provide support for Itanium platform
752      6288953   scalability issue with qdel and very large array jobs
751      6291047   qconf -sstnode cannot find root
-        6303750   Install guide ambiguous on role of CSP
1930     6329378   incorrect qsub error message, if an invalid integer value is 
passed to the -l option
1858     6344960   qtcsh behaves differently in direct mode from qrshmode
1933     6349037   "qstat -explain E" displays explanation of the same error 
two times.
1940     6362523   qstat -q filter does compare hosts in queue instances
-        6363245   on some Windows execution hosts, execd hangs after the job 
has finished
1978     6383256   no newline at end of sge_shepherd's exit_status messages
-        6395078   wrong entry in sgepasswd file wrongly sets whole host in 
error state
2012     6402127   qconf -suserl reports incorrect status if no users are 
-        6403152   qconf -as returns error code 0 even in case of unresolvable 
2015     6403810   JavaDocs for DRMAA need improvement
-        6428621   add a reserved complex value to control displaying Windows 
-        6453426   Event clients will not get list updates, when they change 
their subscription after the registration
-        6461308   Wrong path to spooled parallel jobs with using classic 
2130     6501447   No online usage for MacOS X
2141     6506701   sge_shepherd dumps core on linux amd64 for qrsh jobs with 
very long cmdline (> 10k)
2233     6528950   modifying a RQS with invalid syntax results in its deletion
-        6533952   Admins guide does not mention that parallel environments 
must be linked with queues
-        6535768   Upgrade chapter 5 in 6.1 install guide must mention 
abolition of LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Solaris/Linux
-        6535775   Upgrade chapter in 6.1 Install Guide wrongly indicates 
upgrade from 5.3 were possible
-        6537476   6.1 install guide broken and incomplete wrts MySQL 
installation for ARCO
-        6537607   6.1 Admins guide needs improvement on the linking between 
queues and parallel environments
-        6539215   quota verification time may not grow with the number of 
2224     6539792   resource quotas broken after qmaster restart
-        6542483   Important changes with Resource Quota chapter in 6.1 admins 
-        6545277   sge_statistic tables are not documented
2230     6546370   Pivot for ARCo Accounting Queries does not show all the 
2231     6546802   qstat -F -xml does not show resources

Bugs fixed in SGE 6.1_beta since release 6.1_preview2

Issue    Sun BugId Description
-------- --------- 
-        6267190   Typo before "About the urgent priority" in Admin Guide
1445     6291021   64 bit solaris BDB rpc server broken
1703     6295319   Admin guide: refers to sge_host(5) instead of host_conf(5)
-        6344917   Error in Embedded Command Line Options example
-        6395075   on Windows, execd doesn't provide useful error messages when 
SSL keys broken
2188     6421113   CSP mode auto installation: certificates are not copied to 
submit hosts
-        6444526   Admin guide describes N1GE backup facility, but restore is 
not described
2196     6472614   Auto installation option failed to save the install log
2182     6513433   remote installation of execd's need enhancement, rework, 
2139     6506690   dbwriter should not use autocommit mode
-        6520257   need to define continuation character behaviour with qconf 
file formats
-        6521285   describe useful characters for every parameter
2185     6522385   qmon crash in cluster configuration dialog when modifying a 
2192     6525917   qacct -l h=<hostname> dumps core on darwin and linux itanium
2198     6528808   sge_ca script fails on nfs no root access file systems
2202     6530335   qmaster aborts when a resource quota set is modified while 
jobs are running
2204     6531317   qstat -xml does not show pending/zombie jobs
2206     6531921   qstat -r -xml is not working
2207     6533754   resource quota are modified on qconf -mrqs, even if the 
editor is exited without saving

Bugs fixed in SGE 6.1_preview2 since release 6.1_preview1

Issue    Sun BugId Description
-------- --------- 
-        5093930   ARCo should work with MySQL
-        5101053   Regular expressions should also be mentioned in qsub in 
addition to complex
-        5101735   Needs more boolean operators support for resource requests
56       6205203   Logical OR operator works only with complex attributes of 
2135     6506115   Invalid qconf -mattr crashes qmaster
2150     6507572   qconf -Arqs added invalid RQS
2146     6510635   Default requests for complexes not honored by resource quotas
2161     6513944   qmaster core dump with usersets referenced in RQS
2162     6513967   unix groups are not considered by RQS
2166     6515122   add -wd working_dir in addition to -cwd option for submission

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cvs rdiff -r1.8 -r1.9 pkgsrc/parallel/sge/distinfo
cvs rdiff -r1.3 -r1.4 pkgsrc/parallel/sge/patches/patch-ah \
    pkgsrc/parallel/sge/patches/patch-ai pkgsrc/parallel/sge/patches/patch-am
cvs rdiff -r1.4 -r1.5 pkgsrc/parallel/sge/patches/patch-ak
cvs rdiff -r0 -r1.3 pkgsrc/parallel/sge/patches/patch-bd
cvs rdiff -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/parallel/sge/patches/patch-bl
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