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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ruby-mocha

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   taca
Date:           Mon Sep 15 08:49:50 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/ruby-mocha: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update ruby-mocha package to 0.9.1.

= 0.9.1 (r349)

* Fixed bug #21465 - expects & stubs should support method names as strings (as 
well as symbols) or fail fast. Convert all expectation method names to a symbol 
in case they were supplied as a string.
* By removing Mock#unexpected_method_called we reduce the number of methods 
vulnerable to the problem that surfaced in bug #21563.
* Fix bug #21563 - stubbing 'verified?' method is unsafe. Instance method names 
on the Mock class should be more obscure.
* Performance improvement. StubbaExampleTest goes twice as fast on my local 
* Added primitive performance test to default rake task.
* Fix format of case statements which don't work in Ruby 1.9 and make others 
* There is no point in running (potentially expensive) checks if configuration 
is set to allow such checks to fail. This is a relatively quick fix in response 
to Chris McGrath's performance problems.
* Fix for bug #21161 - 'uninitialized constant Deprecation in stubba.rb'.
* It's more readable to talk about 'once' and 'twice' rather than '1 time' and 
'2 times'.
* Fix bug #20883 - never should raise when called to prevent follow up errors. 
Fail fast when there are no matching invokable expectations and handle the 
stub_everything case sensibly. This might not be entirely backwards compatible, 
but I think the benefits outweigh the risks. The most likely change is that a 
test that was already failing will now fail faster, which doesn't seem so awful.

= 0.9.0 (r316)

* Configurable warnings or errors
  * when a method on a non-public method is stubbed
  * when a method on a non-existent method is stubbed
  * when a method on a non-mock object is stubbed
  * when a method is stubbed unnecessarily (i.e. the stubbed method is not 
called during the test)

* Improved error messages
  * User-friendly list of unsatisfied expectations, satisfied expectations and 
state machines.
  * Improved readability of cardinality description.
  * Display sensible failure message for any_instance expectations e.g. 
"#<AnyInstance:Foo>.bar - expected calls: 1, actual calls: 0"

* Parameter matchers
  * New to this release
    * optionally (allows matching of optional parameters if available)
    * yaml_equivalent (allows matching of YAML that represents the specified 
    * responds_with (tests the quack not the duck)
  * Nesting of parameter matchers is now supported.

* Optional block passed into mock initializer is evaluated in the context of 
the new mock instance and can be used as a shortcut to set up expectations.

* Added JMock-style sequences for constraining the order of expected 
invocations. See Standalone#sequence and Expectation#in_sequence.

* Added JMock-style states for constraining the order of expected invocations. 
See Standalone#states, Expectation#then, Expectation#when and StateMachine.

* Compatibility with versions of Ruby
  * Compatibility with Ruby v1.9. All test errors and warnings fixed.
  * Nasty fix so that TestCaseAdaptor works consistently with earlier versions 
of Test::Unit as well as more recent versions.
  * Added platform to gem specification to avoid bug in rubygems 0.9.5 - see and
  * Make ExpectationRaiser deal with subclasses of Interrupt which seem to need 
a message supplied in the raise statement in Ruby 1.8.6 (but not 1.8.4 or 1.9). 
Not sure this is really Mocha's responsibility.

* Added deprecation warning in stubba.rb which is no longer needed and will be 

* Supply positioning information to evals to improve any error messages. See

* Bug fixes
  * 18914 in revision 296 -
  * 18917 in revision 295 -
  * 18336 in revision 287 -
  * 17835 in revision 255 -
  * 17412 in revision 242 -
  * 15977 in revision 198 -
  * 11885 in revision 156 -

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