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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/p5-SNMP-Info

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   he
Date:           Sat Sep 13 15:45:11 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/p5-SNMP-Info: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update from version 1.04 to 2.00, discussed with maintainer.

Pkgsrc changes:
 o Change HOMEPAGE to use, retain old commented out

Upstream changes:

version 2.00 (08/01/08)
    + Support for Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch via L3::AlcatelLucent
    + Support for Alcatel-Lucent Service Router via L3::Timetra
    + Support for Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess via L2::Aruba

    * Silence warnings in MAU due to uninitialized variables

version 1.09 (07/22/08) - Beta/developer release
    + Added support for HP ProCurve Foundry OEM switches, such as the 9300
      series, in new class L3::HP9300 (contributions from Douglas McKeown and
      Ivan Auger)
    + Added support for CISCO-PAE-MIB in CiscoPortSecurity (Kesy)
    + Support for D-Link devices through L3::Dell
    + Support for Linksys SRW2048 through L3::Dell
    + Support for IBM BladeCenter 4-Port GB Ethernet Switch Module through
      L3::Dell (Alex Kramarov)
    + Support for newer Nortel Alteon switches and Nortel BladeCenter Switch
      Modules in L3::AlteonAD
    + Support for Cisco 1250 series through L2::Aironet
    + Updates to fan, power supply, and serial number methods in
      L2::HP (Jeroen van Ingen)
    + Use Cisco Client Association MIBs for Aironet client reporting
      via fw_mac
    + Support VLANs on Aironet
    + Get the proper radio MAC address from aironet in MBSS mode
    + Additional wireless statistics from Aironet
    + Add support to specify MIB to resolve leaf names conflicts in
      %GLOBALS and %FUNCS.
    + Added munge_port_list() and modify_port_list() methods to assist in
      working with PortList objects.
    + Added set_multi() method to enable a SNMP set command on several new
      values in one request.  Required for complex set operations
      on some agents.
    + Infrastructure for SNMPv3 support:
        + Save the SecName passed into the constructor
        + Create an update() function, which replaces the underlying
          SNMP session using different parameters.
        + Return the SecName instead of community from snmp_comm() when using

    * L2::HP now isa Layer3 instead of Layer2 to support arpnip
      (Dudley Freeman)
    * Silence warnings from Cisco devices which don't return values for
      extended VLAN range (1024-4096)
    * Documentation coverage, spelling, and syntax updates
    * set_i_pvid(), set_i_vlan(), set_add_i_vlan_tagged(),
      set_remove_i_vlan_tagged() removed from Bridge and HP classes due to
      incompatibility across devices.

version 1.07 (11/26/07) - Beta/developer release

version 1.05 (11/25/07) - CVS only. No official release
    + Added support for LLDP in new class LLDP (contributions from Bernhard
    + Added device specific support for LLDP in L2::HP, L2::Baystack,
      L3::Enterasys and L3::Foundry
    + Added support for Enterasys devices as new class L3::Enterasys
    + Added support for Dell PowerConnect switches as new class L3::Dell
    + Added basic support for generic routers running Microsoft Windows OS
      as new class L3::Microsoft (begemot)
    + Added basic support for Sun routers as new class L3::Sun (begemot)
    + Added basic support for Juniper NetScreen devices as new class
      L3::Netscreen (Kent Hamilton)
    + Added support for Cyclades terminal servers as new class L1::Cyclades
    + Added support for Cisco (Airespace) wireless controllers as new class
    + Added support for Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 2500 series and
      Business Ethernet Switches (David Siebörger)
    + Update of L3::Foundry to support all Foundry devices including newer
      switches.  Depreciate L2::Foundry.
    + Added generic device type detection using IANA assigned enterpise
      number extracted from sysObjectID
    + Added ifDiscards and other missing entries from IF-MIB::ifEntry (Greg 
    + Added CGESM devices to L2::C2900 class (Alexander Hartmaier)
    + Added support for dual speed 10/100 hubs and i_speed() in L1::Bayhub
    + Added i_ssidlist(), i_ssidbcast(), and i_80211channel() methods to
      L2::Aruba, Airespace, and L2::NAP222x classes
    + New class IEEE802dot11 class for generic standards based wireless AP
      support to include i_ssidlist()and i_80211channel() methods.
    + L2::Orinoco inherits from new IEEE802dot11 for i_ssidlist()and
      i_80211channel() support.
    + Added new VLAN methods i_pvid(), i_vlan_membership(), set_i_pvid(),
      set_i_vlan(), set_add_i_vlan_tagged(), set_remove_i_vlan_tagged() to
      Bridge, CiscoVTP, Extreme, HP, and RapidCity classes.
    + Added set_i_speed_admin() method to RapidCity class,
    + Added set_i_duplex_admin() method to RapidCity class,
    + Added OSPF Neighbor Tables, SF Patch 1577918 to Layer 3 (Andrew Herrick)
    + Added CiscoConfig class, SF Patch 1555001 (Justin Hunter)
    + Enable load_ methods for %GLOBALS and MIB Leaf node names.
    + Enable dynamic methods in AUTOLOAD with MIB Leaf node names for loaded
      MIBs without definition in %FUNCS or %GLOBALS.  Single instance mib leafs
      will be treated as a GLOBAL and returna scalar while mib leafs which
      reside in a table will be treated as a FUNC and return a reference to a
    + Enable load_ methods for %GLOBALS and MIB Leaf node names.
    + Add loop detect option and code for getnext table column walks.
    + Add Layer3::NetSNMP for Net-SNMP-based hosts, part of
      SF patch 1557529 (Bradley Baetz).
    + Add EIGRP Neighbor Tables to L3::Cisco SF Patch 1577927 (Andrew Herrick)
    + Additions to CiscoQOS and CiscoStats (Alexander Hartmaier)
    + Emulate ENTITY-MIB Physical Table methods for devices which don't
      have ENTITY-MIB support in Airespace, Bayhub, Baystack, BayRS,
      NortelStack, and Passport classes.
    + Enable use of MIB Leaf node names in SNMP sets.

    * Fix for bug where an SNMP error in any operation would cause subsequent
      table get operations to fail while using the same session, originally
      identified by Nicolai Petri.
    * Enable single instance partial table fetches (Alexander Hartmaier)
    * Enable partial table fetches in overriden table methods (Justin Hunter)
    * Allow partial table fetches with load_ methods.
    * Fixed vlan trunk port handling bug in L2:HP (Michael Robbert)
    * Correct bp_port() definition in Bridge class (Reported by Nicolai Petri)
    * Remove port security definitions from CiscoStack and move into new class
      CiscoPortSecurity.  Needed to support devices such a L3::C4000 which
      (Reported by Prakash RudraRaju)
    * Correct port numbering for Nortel 8110, 1100, 1150 in L3:Passport
      (Reported by David Pinkoski)
    * Documentation updates
    * Translate OIDs returned by Entity MIB e_type
    * Modify inheritance to use Cisco classes before generic classes
    * Create e_index method in ENTITY-MIB to facilitate emulation methods in
      other classes as entPhysicalIndex is not-accessible.
    * Only return MAC from munge_mac() if it actually is a MAC. Fix for
      netdisco where device would not be inserted in DB due to malformed MAC.
    * Enable SUPER class calls to find autoloaded methods (Bernhard Augenstein)
    * Clear attribute cache on sucessful SNMP set.
    * Improve accuracy of operational and administrative duplex reporting on
      devices using CiscoStack.
    * All i_type() methods now use standard IANAifType values.
    * Report bridge groups (VLANs) in L2::C1900.
    * Turn on bulkwalk for C6500.  Users with buggy OS versions can turn
      it off when creating the object.
    * c_ip() now attempts to return only IPV4 addresses, use c_addr() for all
      address types.

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