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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/squid27

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   taca
Date:           Fri Sep 12 15:02:48 UTC 2008

Update of /cvsroot/pkgsrc/www/squid27
In directory

Log Message:
Importing squid-2.7.4 (2.7.STABLE4) package as www/squid27.
This is current stable release of Squid.

pkgsrc change:

* Drop support for pkgsrc original log_mime_hdrs_list.  If someone
  want to use it, please feedback it to upstream.

Changes from squid 2.6.

* Experimental support for HTTP/1.1, mainly targeted at reverse proxy
  installations. Not yet HTTP/1.1 compliant hoewever.
* A number of performance improvements; including request/reply parser,
  eliminating various redundant data copies and some completely rewritten
* Support for WAIS has been removed.
* "act-as-origin" option for http_port - Squid can now emulate an origin
  server when acting as an accelerator.
* "min-size" option for cache_dir - the minimum object size to store in a
  cache directory. Previously objects of any size up to a "max-size" maximum
  size would be considered as candidated for storing in a store_dir; this
  option allows the administrator to tune various stores for small and large
  objects rather than trying to tune it for both.
* Support for Solaris /dev/poll for network IO - more efficient than poll()
  or select() and backwards compatible to Solaris 7. This must be manually
  enabled during configure by specifying "--enable-devpoll".
* Support for FreeBSD accept filters. Use "accept_filter httpready" in
  squid.conf to enable this.
* A semi-modular logging framework has been introduced, which both allows
  for more efficient non-blocking logging with the supplied logging daemon,
  but also allows for third-party modules to intercept the squid logs and
  process them. An example "UDP" logging helper, thanks to the Wikimedia
  Foundation, is included.
* Support for rewriting URLs into canonical forms when storing and
  retrieving objects. A common practice seen in Content Delivery Networks is
  to serve the same content from a variety of different URLs or hosts; this
  makes efficient caching difficult. The store URL rewriting framework
  allows the administrator to rewrite a variety of URLs into one canonical
  form, so matching content from a variety of sources can be stored and
  retrieved as if they came from the same source, whilst still fetching the
  content from the original destination. See the "storeurl_rewrite_program"
  option for more information, and for some examples.
* Object revalidation can now occur in the background. Cache validation can
  now occur in the background without requiring an active client to drive
  it. Stale content being revalidated can be served in situ whilst the
  object is being refreshed. See the "max_stale" and "refresh_pattern"
  options for more information.
* introduce a new option, "zero_buffers", which controls whether Squid will
  zero the memory used for buffers and other data structures before
  use. This may or may not improve performance on specific workloads.
* Cache authentication based on source IP address. This reduces the pressure
  on external authenticators which may not be able to keep up under high
  load - NTLM/winbind is a good example of this. See the
  "authenticate_ip_shortcircuit_access" and
  "authenticate_ip_shortcircuit_ttl" options for more information.
* Support for configuration file includes has been added. "include" can now
  be used to include a configuration file or a glob of configuration files
  in a directory.
* The default rules to not cache dynamic content from cgi-bin and query URLs
  have been altered. Previously, the "cache" ACL was used to mark requests
  as non-cachable - this is enforced even on dynamic content which returns
  cachability information. This has changed in Squid-2.7 to use the default
  refresh pattern. Dynamic content is now cached if it is marked as
  cachable. You should remove the default configuration lines with QUERY
  (acl, and cache) and replace them with the correct refresh_pattern
* Accelerator mode support cleaned up to behave more consistent when
  combining multiple accelerator mode options
* Zero Penalty Hit support, allowing cache misses to be marked by custom
  TOS/priority values, useful when using packet shaping/prioritization
  outside Squid and needing to separate cache hits from misses.


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