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CVS commit: [pkgsrc-2008Q2] pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ghen
Date:           Thu Sep 11 12:22:36 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2 [pkgsrc-2008Q2]: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2/patches [pkgsrc-2008Q2]: patch-aa

Log Message:
Pullup ticket 2527 - requested by wiz
security update for libxml2

- pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2/Makefile                      1.94
- pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2/distinfo                      1.66
- pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2/patches/patch-aa              1.23

   Module Name:         pkgsrc
   Committed By:        wiz
   Date:                Sat Sep  6 14:58:34 UTC 2008

   Modified Files:
           pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2: Makefile distinfo
           pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2/patches: patch-aa

   Log Message:
   Update to 2.7.1:

   2.7.1: Sep 1 2008

       * Portability fix: Borland C fix (Moritz Both)
       * Bug fixes: python serialization wrappers, XPath QName corner
         case handking and leaks (Martin)
       * Improvement: extend the xmlSave to handle HTML documents and trees
       * Cleanup: python serialization wrappers

   2.7.0: Aug 30 2008

       * Documentation: switch ChangeLog to UTF-8, improve mutithreads
       and xmlParserCleanup docs
       * Portability fixes: Older Win32 platforms (Rob Richards), MSVC
       porting fix (Rob Richards), Mac OS X regression tests (Sven
       Herzberg), non GNUCC builds (Rob Richards), compilation on
       Haiku (Andreas F�rber)
       * Bug fixes: various realloc problems (Ashwin), potential
       double-free (Ashwin), regexp crash, icrash with invalid whitespace
       facets (Rob Richards), pattern fix when streaming (William
       Brack), various XML parsing and validation fixes based on the
       W3C regression tests, reader tree skipping function fix (Ashwin),
       Schemas regexps escaping fix (Volker Grabsch), handling of
       entity push errors (Ashwin), fix a slowdown when encoder cant
       serialize characters on output
       * Code cleanup: compilation fix without the reader, without
       the output (Robert Schwebel), python whitespace (Martin), many
       space/tabs cleanups, serious cleanup of the entity handling
       * Improvement: switch parser to XML-1.0 5th edition, add parsing
       flags for old versions, switch URI parsing to RFC 3986, add
       xmlSchemaValidCtxtGetParserCtxt (Holger Kaelberer), new hashing
       functions for dictionnaries (based on Stefan Behnel work),
       improve handling of misplaced html/head/body in HTML parser,
       better regression test tools and code coverage display, better
       algorithms to detect various versions of the billion laughts
       attacks, make arbitrary parser limits avoidable as a parser

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -r1.93 -r1.93.4.1 pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2/Makefile
cvs rdiff -r1.65 -r1.65.4.1 pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2/distinfo
cvs rdiff -r1.22 -r1.22.26.1 pkgsrc/textproc/libxml2/patches/patch-aa

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