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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Test-Harness

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   he
Date:           Wed Sep 10 20:30:11 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-Test-Harness: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update from version 2.62 to 3.13, discussed in general terms with maintainer.

Pkgsrc changes:
 o Canonicalize HOMEPAGE
 o Change module build type to Module::Build

Upstream changes (possibly incomplete; could not find 2.62 in list):

3.13    2008-07-27
        - fixed various closure related leaks
        - made prove honour HARNESS_TIMER
        - Applied patches supplied by Alex Vandiver
          - add 'rules' switch to prove: allows parallel execution rules
            to be specified on the command line.
          - allow '**' (any path) wildcard in parallel rules
          - fix bug report address
          - make tprove_gtk example work again.

3.12    2008-06-22
        - applied Steve Purkis' huge refactoring patch which adds
          configurable factories for most of the major internal classes.
        - applied David Wheeler's patch to allow exec to be a code
        - made tests more robust in the presence of -MFoo in PERL5OPT.

3.11    2008-06-09
        - applied Jim Keenan's patch that makes App::Prove::run return a
          rather than exit (#33609)
        - prove -r now recurses cwd rather than 't' by default (#33007)
        - restored --ext switch to prove (#33848)
        - added ignore_exit option to TAP::Parser and corresponding
          interfaces to TAP::Harness and Test::Harness. Requested for
        - Implemented rule based parallel scheduler.
        - Moved filename -> display name mapping out of formatter. This
          prevents the formatter's strip-extensions logic from stripping
          extensions from supplied descriptions.
        - Only strip extensions from test names if all tests have the
          same extension. Previously we stripped extensions if all names
          had /any/ extension making it impossible to distinguish tests
          whose name differed only in the extension.
        - Removed privacy test that made it impossible to subclass
        - Delayed initialisation of grammar making it easier to replace
          the TAP::Parser stream after instantiation.
        - Make it possible to supply import parameters to a replacement
          harness with prove.
        - Make it possible to replace either _grammar /or/ _stream
          before reading from a TAP::Parser.

3.10    2008-02-26
        - fix undefined value warnings with bleadperl.
        - added pragma support.
        - fault unknown TAP tokens under strict pragma.

3.09    2008-02-10
        - support for HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES containing things like
          '-e "system(shift)"'.
        - set HARNESS_IS_VERBOSE during verbose testing.
        - documentation fixes.

3.08    2008-02-08
        - added support for 'out' option to
          Test::Harness::execute_tests. See #32476. Thanks RENEEB.
        - Fixed YAMLish handling of non-alphanumeric hash keys.
        - Added --dry option to prove for 2.64 compatibility.

3.07    2008-01-13
        - prove now supports HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES.
        - restored TEST_VERBOSE to prove.

3.06    2008-01-01
        - Skip t/unicode.t if PERL_UNICODE set. Fixes #31731.
          Thanks Lukas.
        - App::Prove::State no longer complains about tests that
          are deleted.
        - --state=new and --state=old now consider the modification time
          of test scripts.
        - Made test suite core-compatible.

3.05    2007-12-09
        - Skip unicode.t if Encode unavailable
        - Support for .proverc files.
        - Clarified prove documentation.

3.04    2007-12-02
        - Fixed output leakage with really_quiet set.
        - Progress reports for tests without plans now show
          "143/?" instead of "143/0".
        - Made TAP::Harness::runtests support aliases for test names.
        - Made it possible to pass command line args to test programs
          from prove, TAP::Harness, TAP::Parser.
        - Added --state switch to prove.

3.03    2007-11-17
        - Fixed some little bugs-waiting-to-happen inside
        - Added parser_args callback to TAP::Harness.
        - Made @INC propagation even more compatible with 2.64 so that
          parrot still works *and* #30796 is fixed.

3.02    2007-11-15
        - Process I/O now unbuffered, uses sysread, plays better with
          select. Fixes #30740.
        - Made Test::Harness @INC propagation more compatible with 2.64.
          Was breaking Parrot's test suite.
        - Added HARNESS_OPTIONS (#30676)

3.01    2007-11-12
        - Fix for RHEL incpush.patch related failure.
        - Output real time of test completion with --timer
        - prove -b adds blib/auto to @INC
        - made SKIP plan parsing even more liberal for pre-v13 TAP

3.00    2007-11-06
        - Non-dev release. No changes since 2.99_09.

2.99_09 2007-11-05
        - Implemented TODO-in-PLAN syntax for TAP version 12 and earlier.

2.99_08 2007-11-04
        - Tiny changes. New version pushed to get some smoke coverage.

2.99_07 2007-11-01
        - Fix for #21938: Unable to handle circular links
        - Fix for #24926: prove -b and -l should use absolute paths
        - Fixed prove switches. Big oops. How the hell did we miss that?
        - Consolidated quiet, really_quiet, verbose into verbosity.
        - Various VMS related fixes to tests

2.99_06 2007-10-30
        - Added skip_all method to TAP::Parser.
        - Display reason for skipped tests.
        - make test now self tests.

2.99_05 2007-10-30
        - Fix for occasional rogue -1 exit code on Windows.
        - Fix for @INC handling under CPANPLUS.
        - Added real time to prove --timer output
        - Improved prove error message in case where 't' not found and
          no tests named.

2.99_04 2007-10-11
        - Fixed bug where 'All tests successful' would not be printed if bonus
          tests are seen.
        - Fixed bug where 'Result: FAIL' would be printed at the end of a test
          run if there were unexpectedly succeeding tests.
        - Added -M, -P switches to allow arbitrary modules to be loaded
          by prove. We haven't yet defined what they'll do once they
          load but it's a start...
        - Added testing under simulated non-forking platforms.

2.99_03 2007-10-06
        - Refactored all display specific code out of TAP::Harness.
        - Relaxed strict parsing of skip plan for pre v13 TAP.
        - Elapsed hi-res time is now displayed in integer milliseconds
          instead of fractional seconds.
        - prove stops running if any command-line switches are invalid.
        - prove -v would try to print an undef.
        - Added support for multiplexed and forked parallel tests. Use
          prove -j 9 to run tests in parallel and prove -j 9 --fork to
          fork. These features are experimental and currently
          unavailable on Windows.
        - Rationalized the management of the environment that we give to
          test scripts (PERL5LIB, PERL5OPT, switches).
        - Fixed handling of STDIN (we no longer close it) for test
        - Performance enhancements. Parser is now 30% - 40% faster.

2.99_02 2007-09-07
        - Ensure prove (and App::Prove) sort any recursively
          discovered tests
        - It is now possible to register multiple callback handlers for
          a particular event.
        - Added before_runtests, after_runtests callbacks to
        - Moved logic of prove program into App::Prove.
        - Added simple machine readable summary.
        - Performance improvement: The processing pipeline within
          TAP::Parser is now a closure which speeds up access to the
          various attribtes it needs.
        - Performance improvement: Test count spinner now updates
          exponentially less frequently as the count increases which
          saves a lot of I/O on big tests.
        - More improvements in test coverage from Leif.
        - Fixes to TAP spooling - now captures YAML blocks correctly.
        - Fix YAMLish handling of empty arrays, hashes.
        - Renamed TAP::Harness::Compatible to Test::Harness,
          runtests to prove.
        - Fixes to @INC handling. We didn't always pass the correct path
          to subprocesses.
        - We now observe any switches in HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES.
        - Changes to output formatting for greater compatibility with
          Test::Harness 2.64.
        - Added unicode test coverage and fixed a couple of
          unicode issues.
        - Additions to documentation.
        - Added support for non-forking Perls. If forking isn't
          available we fall back to open and disable stream merging.
        - Added support for simulating non-forking Perls to improve our
          test coverage.

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