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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Class-MOP

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   seb
Date:           Mon Sep  8 23:13:59 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-Class-MOP: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update from version 0.64 to version 0.65.

Package changes: add all required Perl modules for test target as
build dependencies.

0.65 Mon September 1, 2008
    For those not following the series of dev releases, the changes
    from 0.64 from 0.65 can mostly be summed up as a lot performance
    improvements by nothingmuch, including new optional XS versions of
    some methods. Also, Class::MOP now works _without_ any XS modules,
    for sad systems without a compiler.

    * Class::MOP::Method
      - Added name and package_name XS accessors, and make sure all
        the XS and Perl versions work the same way. (Dave Rolsky)

    * MOP.xs
      - The XS versions of various methods just returned undef when
        called class methods, rather than dying like the pure Perl
        versions. (Dave Rolsky)

0.64_07 Fri August 29, 2008
    * Class::MOP
      - Silenced warnings that managed to break Moose tests when XS
        was loaded. (Dave Rolsky)
      - Some XS versions of methods were ignored because of typos in
        MOP.xs. (Dave Rolsky)

0.64_06 Mon August 25, 2008
    * Class::MOP (MOP.xs)
      - Another MS VC++ fix, cannot declare a variable in the middle
        of a scope (Taro Nishino).

0.64_05 Sun August 24, 2008
    * Class::MOP
      - None of the dev releases actually loaded the XS properly, but
        we silently fell back to the pure Perl version of the
        code. (Dave Rolsky)

    * Class::MOP (MOP.xs)
      - Replaced some code that used functions not available on Visual
        C++ with some Perl XS API bits (Dave Rolsky).

0.64_04 Sat August 23, 2008
    * Class::MOP::Class
      - Workaround a bug in 5.8.1's goto sub (nothingmuch)

    * pod.t and pod_coveraget.t
      - These are no longer shipped with the tarball because of bogus
        failures from CPAN testers. (Dave Rolsky)

0.64_03 Thu August 21, 2008
    * Class::MOP::Package
      - Some (legit) code was misparsed by earlier 5.8.x
        releases. (nothingmuch)

    * Class::MOP
      - Fix a constant in void context warning (nothingmuch)

0.64_02 Thu August 21, 2008
    * Makefile.PL and Class::MOP
      - Explicitly require Perl 5.8.0+ (Dave Rolsky)

    * Makefile.PL
      - Add missing prereqs that got lost in the switch away from

    * Class::MOP::Instance
      - New method - get_all_attributes (nothingmuch)

0.64_01 Wed August 20, 2008
    * Makefile.PL
      - We now check to see if you have a compiler. If you don't, the
        module installs without some XS bits, but will work the same
        as with XS. This should make it easier to install on platforms
        without a compiler (like Windows). (Dave Rolsky)

    * many modules
      - Perl 6 style attribute naming replaced with sane style ('methods', not
        '%!methods'). These changes should not impact any existing API uses.

    * many modules
      - Quite a number of optimizations based on profiling, including
        allowing constructors to take hash references instead of
        hashes, duplicating some frequently used code in XS, and
        making constructors immutable. These changes should not impact
        any existing API uses. (nothingmuch)

    * Many modules
      - Constructors now respect the meta attributes of their subclasses,
        facilitating MOP extensibility. More related changes will happen in the
        next several releases. (nothingmuch)

    * Class::MOP::Class
      - New method - get_all_methods, replaces the deprecated
        compute_all_applicable_methods. get_all_attributes provided for
        consistency (nothingmuch)
      - New method - wrap_method was refactored out of get_method_map
      - New API for meta instance invalidation - invalidate_meta_instance,
        invalidate_meta_instances, add_dependent_meta_instance,
        remove_dependent_meta_instance, called automatically when attribute
        definitions change and allows notification of dependent subclasses.

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