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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/ikiwiki

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   schmonz
Date:           Thu Sep  4 15:34:30 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/ikiwiki: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/www/ikiwiki/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to 2.62.1. From the changelog:

* filecheck: Fixed two bits broken in move from attachment.

The teximg plugin now has a configurable LaTeX preamble.

As part of this change the mchem LaTeX package has been removed
from the default LaTeX preamble as it wasn't included in many TeX
installations. The previous behaviour can be restored by adding the
following to your ikiwiki setup:

teximg_prefix => '\documentclass{scrartcl}

In addition, the rendering mechanism has been changed to use dvipng
by default, if available.

* Avoid using cp -a (again). (HenrikBrixAndersen)
* Avoid using hostname -f for portability to eg, OS X, use Net::Domain
    instead, and prompt if it fails.
* Fix bug in wikiname sanitisation in the setup automator.
* ikiwiki-makerepo: Added support for monotone. (Thomas Keller)
* map: The fix for #449285 was buggy and broke display of parents in certian
* teximg: The prefix is configurable, and has changed to not include the
    nonstandard mhchem by default. (willu)
* teximg: dvipng is used if available to render images. Its output is
    antialiased and better than dvips. If not available, the old
    dvips+convert chain will be used. (willu)
* Drop suggests on texlive-science, add suggests on dvipng.
* listdirectives: New plugin. (willu)
* filecheck: New plugin factoring out the PageSpec additions that were
    originally part of the attachment plugin.
* edittemplate: Don't wipe out edits on preview.
* color: New plugin from ptecza.
* autoindex: Avoid re-adding previously deleted (or renamed) pages.

* poll: Fix typo that broke plugin.
* graphviz: Fix breakage of the name of the preprocessor directive.

Admin preferences are moving from the web interface to the setup
file. There are three new options in the setup file: locked_pages,
banned_users, and allowed_attachments. The admin prefs page can
still be used, but that's deprecated, and the prefs will be hidden
if a value is not already set. If a value is set in the web interface,
you're encouraged to move that setting to your setup file now,
since version 3.0 will remove the deprecated admin prefs web

Also, the layout of the setup file has changed in a significant
way in this release. Old setup files will continue to work, but
new features, like the new websetup interface, require a new format
setup file. You can convert old setup files into the new format by
running ikiwiki-transition setupformat ikiwiki.setup

[ Joey Hess ]
* Starting with this version, "ikiwiki -setup /etc/ikiwiki/auto.setup"
    can be used create a new wiki in seconds.
* websetup: New plugin providing a setup form on the web.
* ikiwiki --dumpsetup can generate a nice setup file snapshotting
    ikiwiki's current configuration.
* The way wrappers are defined in the setup file has changed. Old
    setup files will continue to work, for now.
* ikiwiki-transition setupformat can be used to convert a setup
    file to the new format.
* Version control backends promoted to first-class plugins.
* ikiwiki-update-wikilist: Add -r switch to remove. Default behavior
    is now always to add.
* Start moving admin preferences from the web interface to the setup file.
* Add getsetup hook, all plugins should use it to record information
    about themselves and any fields they add to %config
* Large amounts of internal config data reorg.
* ikiwiki-makerepo: Bail if both srcdir and repository are not
    specified. Closes: #493628
* Clarify some wording in the setup documentation that could maybe
    lead users to putting paths with "~/" in the setup file, which
    doesn't work. Closes: #493835
* autoindex: Ignore internal pages, and take underlay directories
    into account. Also, avoid making index pages for directories
    that contain no files.
* external: Fix support for hooks called in an array context.
* Options set in the setup file are now immediatly loaded by ikiwiki
    -setup. This allows later switches to override them. Previously,
    setup file options overrode most command line options.
* Added a small icon to the search input box.

[ Josh Triplett ]
* Add Suggests on texlive and texlive-science for the teximg plugin

[ Joey Hess ]
* inline: Ignore parent dirs when sorting pages by title.
* rename: Support changing page extensions. (willu)
* Danish update. Closes: #494632

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