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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ht

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ahoka
Date:           Tue Aug 26 23:00:01 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/ht: Makefile distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/ht/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update package and add lzo dependency.

version 2.0.14:
        - [x86] movbe, invept, invvpid
        - [eval] better help
        - [eval] last result (symbol _)
        - [eval] u8, u16 etc. for current byte, word..
        - fixed embarrassing endianess bug

version 2.0.13:
        - [win32] optimize redrawing (reduce flicker)
        - [x86] intel avx, aes and pclmulqdq extension

version 2.0.12:
        - fixed crash with too long lines
        - fixed some cosmetic resizing things in dialogs
          (File-Open, Show-Xrefs)
        - c++-demangler from gcc 4.3

version 2.0.11:
        - [Win32] Save config in home directory
        - fixed crash while changing text highlighting
        - small bug fixes

version 2.0.10:
        - [x86] SSE5 :)

version 2.0.9:
        - [Mach-O] ARM and X86_64 support
        - [Mach-O] support for 64 bit images
        - small bugs fixes

version 2.0.8:
        - Loading Analyser for java class files was broken
        - Fixed some cosmetic resizing bugs
        - Fixed infinite loop in fgetstrz

version 2.0.7:
        - Added a missing #include found by gcc 4.3
        - Fixed minor problems found by gcc 4.3

version 2.0.6:
        - [POSIX] Ignore mouse events
        - Dump analyser output function was broken
        - Fixed a lot of (possible) buffer overflows

version 2.0.5:
        - Editing bytes in image mode was broken under
          subtile circumstances

version 2.0.4:
        - Fixed some 64 bit issues

version 2.0.3:
        - [POSIX] Resize application on SIGWINCH
        - [x86] SSE4.1/SSE4.2
        - [x86] small bug fixes
        - [x86] reduced opcode table bloat
        - Allow different displacements in hex view

version 2.0.2:
        - [IA64] disassembler works again (is anybody using this?)
        - [Java] fixed stupid undefined behaviour bug
        - [Java] use Signature information when available
                 (annotates generic functions etc.)

version 2.0.1:
        - [Java] annotate exception handlers in byte code
        - [Java] some byte code improvements (lookupswitch, tableswitch)
        - Analyser can export HTML files again
        - [PowerPC] added Cell and POWER6 instructions

version 2.0:
        - renamed process.h to htprocess.h because of some stupid
          cygwin build problems
        - fixed some problem with file sizes > 4 GiB

version 2.0beta6:
        - fixed crash when opening read only files in obscure situations
        - [ELF & java] fixed binary search in image view
        - [ELF64] some cosmetic fixes
        - [java] off by one

version 2.0beta5:
        - [Win32] messed up file-saving code

version 2.0beta4:
        - fixed crash in cp-demangle
        - [Win32] Relax CPU

version 2.0beta3:
        - fixed crash in drop-down widget
        - fixed loading of class files
        - fixed generating text output files of analyser
        - implemented automatic window tiling
        - fixed saving of text files

version 2.0beta2:
        - should now really support file sizes > 4 GiB
        - some ncurses wuerg-arounds
        - better handling of ELFs without program headers
        - bug fixes

version 2.0beta:
        - new disassembler: (PE and ELF)
          * x86_64
          * ARM
          * 64 bit PowerPC
          * VMX128 extension for PowerPC
        - x86_64 assembler
        - Allow file sizes > 4 GiB
        - Rewrote a lot

version 0.9.5:
        - [x86] wrong mnemnonics for iret/d/q

version 0.9.4:
        - [x86] Fixed stupid bug in assembler (group insns weren't
        - [x86] Some labels generated by the analyzer were had wrong prefix

version 0.9.3:
        - [x86] added SSSE3 and missing vanderpool/pacifica instructions
        - [x86] andpd had wrong mnemonic
        - [x86] allow alternative mnemonics (like jz vs. je)

version 0.9.2:
        - updated ELF program header types
        - better Mach-O executable sections detection
        - allow ':' key for changing comments in analyser
        - [Win] use unicode output
        - compile with gcc 4.1
        - updated minilzo
        - small bug fixes

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cvs rdiff -r1.3 -r0 pkgsrc/devel/ht/patches/patch-aa

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