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CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/png

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sat Aug 16 18:53:07 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/graphics/png: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.2.30:

version 1.2.30beta01 [May 29, 2008]
  Updated and per debian bug reports.

version 1.2.30beta02 [June 25, 2008]
  Restored png_flush(png_ptr) at the end of png_write_end(), that was
    removed from libpng-1.0.9beta03.

version 1.2.30beta03 [July 6, 2008]
  Merged some cosmetic whitespace changes from libpng-1.4.0beta19.
  Inline call of png_get_uint_32() in png_get_uint_31(), as in 1.4.0beta19.
  Added demo of decoding vpAg and sTER chunks to pngtest.c, from 1.4.0beta19.
  Changed PNGMAJ from 0 to 12 in makefile.darwin, which does not like 0.
  Added new private function png_read_chunk_header() from 1.4.0beta19.
  Merge reading of chunk length and chunk type into a single 8-byte read.
  Merge writing of chunk length and chunk type into a single 8-byte write.

version 1.2.30beta04 [July 10, 2008]
  Merged more cosmetic whitespace changes from libpng-1.4.0beta19.

version 1.0.38rc01, 1.2.30rc01 [August 15, 2008]
  No changes.

version 1.0.38rc02, 1.2.30rc02 [July 21, 2008]
  Moved local array "chunkdata" from pngrutil.c to the png_struct, so
    it will be freed by png_read_destroy() in case of a read error (Kurt

version 1.0.38rc03, 1.2.30rc03 [July 21, 2008]
  Changed "purpose" and "buffer" to png_ptr->chunkdata to avoid memory leaking.

version 1.0.38rc04, 1.2.30rc04 [July 22, 2008]
  Changed "chunkdata = NULL" to "png_ptr->chunkdata = NULL" several places in

version 1.0.38rc05, 1.2.30rc05 [July 25, 2008]
  Changed all remaining "chunkdata" to "png_ptr->chunkdata" in
    png_decompress_chunk() and remove chunkdata from parameter list.
  Put a call to png_check_chunk_name() in png_read_chunk_header().
  Revised png_check_chunk_name() to reject a name with a lowercase 3rd byte.
  Removed two calls to png_check_chunk_name() occuring later in the process.

version 1.0.38rc06, 1.2.30rc06 [July 29, 2008]
  Added a call to png_check_chunk_name() in pngpread.c
  Reverted png_check_chunk_name() to accept a name with a lowercase 3rd byte.

version 1.0.38r07, 1.2.30r07 [August 2, 2008]
  Changed "-Wall" to "-W -Wall" in the CFLAGS in all makefiles (Cosmin Truta)
  Declared png_ptr "volatile" in pngread.c and pngwrite.c to avoid warnings.
  Added code in pngset.c to quiet compiler warnings.
  Updated contrib/visupng/cexcept.h to version 2.0.1
  Relocated a misplaced "#endif /* PNG_NO_WRITE_FILTER */" in pngwutil.c

version 1.0.38r08, 1.2.30r08 [August 2, 2008]
  Enclose "volatile" declarations in #ifdef PNG_SETJMP_SUPPORTED (Cosmin).

version 1.0.38, 1.2.30 [August 15, 2008]
  No changes.

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cvs rdiff -r1.48 -r1.49 pkgsrc/graphics/png/distinfo

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