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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-PAR

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   he
Date:           Mon Aug 11 13:11:19 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-PAR: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update from version 0.89nb2 to 0.982.

Pkgsrc changes:
 o Simplify HOMEPAGE
 o Simplify MASTER_SITES
 o Adjust dependencies
 o Add dependency on newer p5-AutoLoader

Upstream changes:

[Changes for 0.982 - Aug 10, 2008]
* New features
  - Moved the routines that setup the PAR_TEMP environment variable
    to a separate module in the distribution so it's possible to
    use PAR::Repository::Client without loading all of PAR.
  - Same for the function that sets up PAR_PROGNAME.

* Bug fixes, etc.
  - Upgrade to Module::Install 0.77
  - Fix for running scripts from repositories.

[Changes for 0.980 - May 22, 2008]
* Bug fixes, etc.
  - The function PAR::get_filehandle() that was introduced in 0.979
    is really broken because Archive::Zip is broken. Turns out calling
    Archive::Zip::Member->fh() returns a file handle to the zip file,
    not a virtual/tied/whatever file handle to the member file.
    Therefore, the get_filehandle() function has been removed again until
    we work around this issue.
  - Upgrade to Module::Install 0.73

[Changes for 0.979 - May 13, 2008]
* New features
  - New function PAR::get_filehandle() returns a file handle for a file
    in any open .par files. Similar to read_file().

[Changes for 0.977 - Oct 19, 2007]
* Bug fixes, etc.
  - HPUX doesn't like shared libraries being unlinked while in use. So don't
    try to do this even in clean mode. (Workaround will be in
    (Scott Stanton)
  - Fix DLL extraction file name matching in PAR::Heavy.
  - Save two system calls per DLL during DLL extraction in PAR::Heavy.

[Changes for 0.976 - Jul 29, 2007]
* New features
  - Use Archive::Unzip::Burst for unpacking binary executables if
      available. (This yields a significant startup speed-up.)

* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Removed the auto_install feature from Makefile.PL. auto_install
      is conceptually broken.

[Changes for 0.973 - Feb  3, 2007]
* New features
    - A new option for the "use PAR { ... };" use case:
      "no_shlib_unpack" signals that for this particular .par file,
      shared libraries that were added with the --lib option should
      not be extracted. This allows users to do their own cache
      handling for these libraries.
    - PAR no longer unpacks *all* shared libraries by default but only
      those in the shlib/ directory (i.e. added with --lib).
      The shared libraries in auto/ should be picked up by the DynaLoader
    - If available, the module will be used to declare
      run-time dependencies for better memory use in forking
    - PAR now uses a caching mechanism to speed up the extraction process.
      This should particularly impact users of the "use PAR {file =>...}"

* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Applied an optimization of the unpacking process on case insensitive
      file systems.

[Changes for 0.972 - Jan 16, 2007]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Removed PAR::AutoLoaderFix again. It wasn't working as expected
      all the time.
    - To fix the problem AutoLoaderFix was supposed to fix, we now
      require AutoLoader 5.62 or newer which was just recently released
      to CPAN. (Previously only available from blead perl.)

[Changes for 0.971 - Jan 12, 2007]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Fixed typo in the POD. (Jerrad Pierce)
    - Included fix for a bug in as shipped with all
      perl versions up to and including 5.8.8 as PAR::AutoLoaderFix.
      This cures a problem of endless looping when the %INC entry of a
      module doesn't point to a file of the same name.
      This may happen during "use PAR 'foo.par'".

[Changes for 0.970 - Dec  3, 2006]
* This release introduces some rather radical changes, so read carefully:
* All PAR::Packer related logic has been moved to a separate distribution,
  PAR-Packer. This includes pp, parl and all packaging tools. This way,
  PAR becomes a pure-Perl distribution that can be most easily installed by
  users of software which requires PAR.
  Developers who want to use the PAR packager, pp, need to install the
  PAR-Packer distribution from CPAN.

[Changes for 0.961 - Nov 23, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - PAR::StrippedPARL::Base->write_parl() failed to work if the @INC
      directories contained spaces in 0.960. (Steven Mackenzie)
    - Much improved documentation of the environment variables
      (Glenn Linderman)
    - Fix for a spaces-in-pathname problem on Windows for
      t/30-current_exec.t. (Malcolm Nooning)

[Changes for 0.960 - Nov 21, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - myldr/Makefile.PL fix: Clean up myldr/usernamefrompwuid.h.
    - Silence warning in myldr/internals.c.
    - Silence warnings seen on Irix from myldr/env.c.
    - Skip most tests in 10-parl-generation.t if there is no parl.
    - Skip loading ActiveState Perl's "" in
    - Load modules via require and other files via do.
    - The parl-regeneration-for-every-pp-call addition of the 0.958 release
      should now also work for static perls.

* New features
    - Adressing RT ticket #6612: Now using getpwuid() to determine the
      user name if supported by the OS.

[Changes for 0.959 - Nov 12, 2006]
* This is just a hotfix release because 0.958 lacked META.yml. One day, I will
  switch from Module::Install to Module::Build...

[Changes for 0.958 - Oct 25, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - myldr/Makefile.PL fix: make static.o depend on mktmpdir.c, my_perl.c,
      my_par.c. (Roderich Schupp)
    - Modules included with the -M option to pp were previously scanned
      for dependencies but not mapped through the
      %Module::ScanDeps::Preload hash for custom dependencies. That's
      fixed now.
    - $ENV{PAR_RUN} isn't set by PAR::Packer any more because nothing in
      the PAR sources uses it. $ENV{PAR_RUN} is no longer used by PAR
      at all.
    - Unified the environment variables which are looked at for
      finding the system's temporary directory.

* New features
    - During the build process, PAR appends stripped down copies of parl
      (and parldyn if applicable) to the data classes
      PAR::StrippedPARL::Static and ::Dynamic. These
      parls-without-embedded-modules are used for packaging so the formerly
      embedded modules are now packaged from the packaging system. (Instead
      of stemming from the system where PAR/parl was built.)
    - The "use PAR { repository => $url };" syntax now also supports
      the use of user-constructed PAR::Repository::Client objects instead
      of an URL.
    - The -F (module code filter) option now supports selective filtering
      of modules. The syntax is "-F FILTER=REGEX" or - as before -
      "-F FILTER". The regular expression is applied to the *file name*,
      of the module inside the PAR (e.g. Foo/ This behaviour was
      chosen over matching against the module name (e.g. Foo::Bar) because
      the filters can be applied to module-like and script files as well
      (.pl, .al, etc.).
    - Updated PAR/FAQ.pod with the new FAQ's from the PAR wiki.
    - Added a POD file PAR/Environment.pod which is intended to become
      an index of all environment variables PAR uses of its own or
      recognizes from its users. Still mostly a stub.

[Changes for 0.957 - Oct 24, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Fix executable PARs top properly detect embedded scripts
      named the same as the executable. (Jesse Vincent)
    - Comment out the call to par_current_exec_proc (in the C loader)
      which breaks the use of symlinks to pp-ed executables when not
      called with a path. (I.e. using a search in $PATH).

[Changes for 0.956 - Oct  3, 2006]
* This is another hotfix release. Fixed a mindless bug introduced in 0.955.

[Changes for 0.955 - Oct  3, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - 0.952 introduced removal of system module search paths if -B is in
      effect. This resulted in some valid PAR-related paths being removed
      as well. Fixed. Upgrading from 0.952 and 0.954 is suggested.
    - Changed the use of hard-coded '/' as path-separator to using File::Spec.

[Changes for 0.954 - Sep 26, 2006]
* This release is equivalent to 0.953. The 0.953 CPAN upload is

[Changes for 0.953 - Sep 18, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Added optional POD tests.
    - Modified -B so that if -B is in effect, all entries are stripped
      out of @INC except for the PAR hooks. This happens right before
      the script contained in the pp-ed binary is executed.

[Changes for 0.952 - Aug 22, 2006]

* New features
    - Added the "install" option to the PAR loading syntax.
      If specified, the contents of the PAR distribution are
      permanently installed.
      This requires PAR::Repository::Client 0.04.

* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Fixed broken META.yml in 0.951.

[Changes for 0.951 - Aug 12, 2006]
(This includes any changes up to 0.950.)

* New features

    - Introduced new PAR loading syntax and semantics:
      use PAR { file => 'path/to/par/or/URL' };
      ==> equivalent to "use PAR 'path/to/par/or/URL';"
    - Introduced the 'fallback' option: (default = 0)
      use PAR { file => 'foo.par', fallback => 1 };
      ==> Loads modules from the PAR file only if loading
          them from @INC did not succeed.
    - Introduced the 'run' option which executes a script
      in a PAR archive just like
      perl -MPAR foo.par
    - If PAR::Repository::Client is installed, you can add a
      repository of .par distributions to your library search path
      as follows:
      use PAR { repository => 'http://foo' };
    - Of course, 'run' also works with repositories:
      use PAR { repository => 'http://foo', run => 'my_app' };
      (This searches the repository for any distributions that have a
      my_app script.)
    --> For details on repositories, have a look at the
        PAR::Repository::Client module.

- Bug fixes, etc.

    - Commented a couple of the routines in (Yay!)
    - New test script for the new fallback loading feature.
    - Fixed a bug in the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel handling in

[Changes for 0.942 - Jul 22, 2006]

* Bug fixes, etc.

    - Better support for (in conjunction with
      Module::ScanDeps 0.62.)
    - Now requiring Module::ScanDeps 0.62.

[Changes for 0.941 - Jun 20, 2006]
(No, PAR isn't stagnating. It's just that 1.00 would draw close if
we continued with 0.01 increases.)

* Bug fixes, etc.

    - Version 0.94 of PAR would use the same cache area for all pp-ed
      applications due to a faulty hotfix for Digest::SHA. This applies
      to PAR 0.94 only. Think of 0.941 being PAR 0.94 done right.

[Changes for 0.94 - Jun  1, 2006]

* New Features

    - Added support for reading options to pp from a file using a
      '@filename' argument to pp:  pp -o foo --gui @filename

* Bug fixes, etc.

    - Workaround for a bug in Digest::SHA 5.38 and 5.39 that would prevent
      PAR from being built.
    - Fixed details in the 2-pp.t test file.
    - Now recognizes text files that aren't picked up by the -T operator
      but by the "file" tool.
    - Applied Roderich Schupp's patch to 30-current_exec.t to fix a
      path issue.
    - Now requiring Module::ScanDeps 0.60 which fixes a couple of bugs
      which might be observed as PAR bugs.
    - Now working well with Spreadsheet::ParseExcel which uses an invalid
      POD section to comment out a code block. This wasn't recognized by
      PAR::Filter::PodStrip as POD and hence partly left in...
    - If the output directory doesn't exist, we create it now and output
      a meaningful error message if that failed.

[Changes for 0.93 - May 19, 2006]

* New Features

    - Added support for PAR_TMPDIR (PAR_GLOBAL_TMPDIR) so that the
      temp directory can be controlled for just the PAR file bits.
    - Added par_current_exec_proc() which finds the file of the current
      executable in /proc, if possible. (Leolo)
    - Added par_current_exec() which finds he file of the current
      executable, if possible on this OS. (Leolo)
    - par_findprog() now uses par_current_exec() if possible.

* Bug Fixes, etc.

    - Upgraded to Module::Install 0.62+ (Audrey Tang, Steffen Mueller)
    - Document a strange interaction with chdir() and relative
      paths. (Chris Dolan)
    - Documented the bits that make up PAR_TEMP. (Leolo)
    - Fixed the call to par_findprog. path (aka val) was set to
      tmpdir. (Leolo)
    - Documented the CACHE name at the end of a self-executing
      PAR. (Leolo)
    - myldr/Makefile.PL now generates some dependencies for
      main.c (Leolo)
    - Applied patch from RT ticket. (tsee)
    - Applied Ivan Kudryavtsev's patch that fixes a couple of calls
      to PAR subroutines in PatchContent filtered code. (tsee)

[Changes for 0.92 - February 22, 2006]

* Bug Fixes

    - Now requiring Module::ScanDeps 0.56 which handles autouse
    - Now shipping with a correct SIGNATURE. (Which was broken for

[Changes for 0.91 - February 13, 2006]

* Bug Fixes

    - Applied Alan Stewart's patch which fixes @ARGV pollution in
      daughter programs. See also
    - Now mentioning the ENV var "PAR_VERBATIM" in the documentation.
      See also
    - Applied Malcolm Nooning's fix for the test suite. We used to get
      failed tests on Windows because of spaces in path names.
    - Applied Roderich Schupp's and Malcolm Nooning's patches to
      the test suite fixing problems with Cygwin.
    - Applied Vincent Ladeuil's patch to PAR::Filter::Bleach to return a
      true value for modules that loaded okay.
    - Changed 'PAR_BASE' in the Makefile.PL to 'SMUELLER'.

[Changes for 0.90 - November 25, 2005]

* Bug Fixes

    - When compiling with static libperl, myldr/ may fail "make"
      due to sha1.c not generated properly.

    - Pod stripping could fail on __DATA__ sections for files
      with CRLF line endings.

    - The documentation erroneously referred to the PAR_TEMP
      environment variable, whereas it should be PAR_GLOBAL_TEMP.

    - Compilation fixes for MinGW/MSYS.

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