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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Module-Install

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   abs
Date:           Wed May 28 21:52:04 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-Module-Install: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Updated devel/p5-Module-Install to 0.74

0.74 Mon 26 May 2008
        - Fix incorrect comparison of module and distribution names (RJBS)
        - Allow "require" instead of "use" when finding required perl version 
        - Remove the -f Build.PL check, as it was breaking people trying to
          convert from M:B to M:I or vice versa (MSTROUT)

0.73 Wed 14 May 2008 - Adam Kennedy
        - Aggressively increase dependencies for authors to make sure
          all the latest release-time tricks will work properly. (ADAMK)
        - When generating META.yml where there is an overall Perl version
          dependency, add a test for unversioned core dependencies that
          MUST already be satified by the Perl dependency. (ADAMK)
        - Merged Module::Install MANIFEST.SKIP into the repository
          default MANIFEST.SKIP file, and deleted the M:I one (ADAMK)

0.72 Tue 15 Apr 2008 - Adam Kennedy
        - exit(0) on requires_external_bin to make it a real NA (ADAMK)
        - Change docs to recommend the use of test_requires instead
          of build_requires. They do the same thing now, but this may
          change in the future and in that case better people use
          test_requires now as it is a more accurate description of
          intent. Also, it reads clearer. (ADAMK)
        - Removed the command prompt_script, it did some unusual magic
          and it easy enough to replace with 2 lines of code in the
          Makefile.PL of anyone using it anyway (ADAMK)
        - Merged the remaining install_script into (ADAMK)
        - Adding documentation about the configure_requires command (ADAMK)
        - Automatically add any install_share directory to no_index (ADAMK)
        - Check scripts passed to install_script actually exist (ADAMK)
        - Allow install_script('foo') to be shorthand for
          install_script('script/foo') if no root 'foo' file exists.
          This should allow for yet more typing reduction (ADAMK)
        - For even more typing reduction, "use inc::Module::Install"
          now acts as an implicit "use strict", so you don't need to
          use strict in Makefile.PL (ADAMK)
        - Fixed a regex bug in name_from (and thus all_from) (ADAMK)

0.71 Mon 24 Mar 2008 - Adam Kennedy
        - YAML::Tiny is now good enough to use exclusively (ADAMK)
        - Converted Changes file to my normal format, so that my release
          automation can deal with it properly (ADAMK)
        - Added name_from to auto-detect name, and include name_from in
          all_from, so now no name line is needed at all in the
          Makefile.PL (ADAMK)
        - Removed the redundant Module::Install::Makefile::Name and
          Module::Install::Makefile::Version, they were almost never
          used and were a bit too magic. (ADAMK)
        - Adding a "wrote" flag to the M:I object in preparation for
          making WriteAll implicit by default (ADAMK)
        - Correcting 01_compile.t to check for 5.004 instead of 5.005
        - Added Module::Install::_version to numify CPAN-like versions
          properly (ADAMK)
        - Split TestHelper out as it's own t/lib/Test module (ADAMK)
        - Upgrade from File::Path::rmtree to File::Remove::remove in the
          test scripts. (ADAMK)
        - Various documentation clean ups (ADAMK)
        - If building in author mode, make sure that auto-generated META.yml
          files are deleted properly during 'make clean' (ADAMK)

0.70 Tue 18 Mar 2008 - Adam Kennedy
        - Temporarily restoring auto_install until Matt Trout can craft a
          replacement for their installdeps needs, and for feature support

0.69 Sat 15 Mar 2008 - Adam Kennedy
        - Removing auto_install support (ADAMK)
        - Removing Build.PL support (ADAMK)
        - Enabling configure_requires support (ADAMK)
        - Automatically set a configure_requires for the version of
          ExtUtils::MakeMaker that the author is running (ADAMK)
        - Refactoring a number of modules for reduced size (ADAMK)
        - Add 'share' to the list of directories automatically no_index'ed 
        - license_from correctly marks "GNU lesser public license" as lgpl,
          not gpl [ 24635] (AVAR)
        - set author mode ($Module::Install::AUTHOR) when first creating
          ./inc (RJBS)
        - Don't write perl into PREREQ_PM when using perl_version (ADAMK)

0.68 - Ricardo Signes
        - The author entry in META.yml is now a sequence, as required

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