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CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/singularity

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Wed May 21 11:02:55 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/games/singularity: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.28:

v0.28 (release 2008.05.11):

- Minor text cleanups. (Phil, FM; Cory Hickey and gglouser for some fixes)
- Minor dialog behavior fixes. (FM)
* New non-research task: CPU Pool.  Performs maintenance, construction, jobs.
  Bases with no other task assigned will contribute to the CPU Pool. (FM)
* New non-research task: Sleep.  Bases assigned to Sleep will remain idle and
  be harder to detect.  Note that even a computer can't sleep through
  construction. (FM)
- The CHANGE buttons inside the base dialog now show their hotkeys. (FM)
- The location buttons have had their on-screen positions tweaked. (FM)
- Start location is randomized to any of the 5 available continents. (FM)
* CPU is now used to design constructions, Cash to buy the required items, and
  Labor (time) to assemble the final construction. (FM)
- Location and city names can now be localized. (FM)
- Numbers automatically localize to the correct comma-vs-period usage. (FM)
* Added a new difficulty level: Ultra Hard. (FM, emh for suggestion)
* Build times are now difficulty-dependent. (FM)
* The grace period applied to a new base is now difficulty-dependent. (FM)
* The suspicion gain per discovery is now difficulty-dependent. (FM)
- Bases in a location are now sorted by size, then name. (FM, emh for
* The global grace period now expires on Normal and above if you build more
  than a certain number of bases, and on Ultra Hard if you build certain types
  of bases. (FM)
- Locations with recently-discovered bases are now more likely to have other
  bases discovered. (FM)
* Base detection chances and overall suspicion are now unknown until certain
  new technologies have been researched. (Phil)
  ...except on low difficulty. (FM)
* Incomplete bases no longer support the AI. (FM)
- It's possible to get lucky when hacking some random computer.  (FM)
* Seconds, minutes, and hours now matter much more than they used to. (FM)
- Major events cause the game to pause, instead of going to real-time. (FM)
- You can use the Enter on the numeric keypad like the regular Enter key.
  (Phil, gare for suggestion)
* Continents are no longer identical. (FM, Phil for suggestion)
* New continent: Australia.  Ocean moved to make room. (FM)
* E:S now has an intro when you start a new game! (FM)
- New item: Warning Signs.  Useful for keeping out curious people. (FM)
- CPU display on Finance screen centered (Jorge Vargas)
- Time capsules can now be built anywhere sufficiently remote, with varying
  degrees of stealth. (FM, emh for suggestion)
- Internet Traffic Manipulation and Hypnosis Field techs have been rebalanced to
  better reflect their effects. (FM)
* de_DE translation (FM, Thomas for native proofing [still in progress])
* sv_SE translation (Anders Andersson)

- Massive (~50%) code changes, to improve clarity and reduce duplication. (FM)
- "safety" module should trap most crash bugs and show the pause menu, allowing
  the user to save or attempt to resume play; the errors are written to a log
  for easy submission to the developers. (FM)
- New utility:  Workaround for traduko's current order-scrambling
  behavior.  Use with caution. (FM)
- Various code formatting fixes, refactor of part of the technology(/event)
  result system. (Jorge Vargas)
- updated to support mac .app building and cut filesize of the windows
  .exe by about half. (FM)

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