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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/freeradius2

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   adrianp
Date:           Thu May 15 19:43:47 UTC 2008

Update of /cvsroot/pkgsrc/net/freeradius2
In directory

Log Message:
Freeradius version 2.0 of the server is intended to be backwards compatible
with previous versions, but also to have many new features, such as:

* simple policy language (see "man unlang")
* virtual servers (raddb/sites-available/README)
* IPv6 support
* better proxy support (raddb/proxy.conf)
* More EAP types
* Debugging output should be MUCH easier to understand
* VMPS support
* More modules are marked "stable" (python, etc.)
* SQL configuration has been cleaned up (see raddb/sql/*)
* limited support for HUP
* check configuration and exit (radiusd -C)
* Server core is now event based (simpler, more powerful)


Vendor Tag:     TNF
Release Tags:   pkgsrc-base
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/MESSAGE
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/MESSAGE.pam
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/Makefile
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/PLIST
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/PLIST.dbm
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/PLIST.gdbm
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/PLIST.kerberos
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/PLIST.ldap
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/PLIST.mysql
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/PLIST.pam
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/PLIST.pgsql
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/distinfo
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/DESCR
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/PLIST.sorted
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/files/
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/patches/patch-ab
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/patches/patch-ae
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/patches/patch-aj
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/patches/patch-ak
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/patches/patch-al
N pkgsrc/net/freeradius2/patches/patch-ai

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