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CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Thu May  1 11:55:12 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update GraphicsMagick to 1.2.

GraphicsMagick 1.2 is the result of four years of additional
development and testing over and above the 1.1 release branch. In
these four years there have been a huge number of security fixes,
considerable performance enhancements, and new features have been
added. GraphicsMagick 1.2 continues to be mostly API and command
compatible with previous GraphicsMagick releases, and with ImageMagick
5.5.2 from whence it originated.

The following is the summarized (yet extensive!) list of changes in
this release. See the ChangeLog file for the full list of changes.

Security fixes:

  * Fixes for CERT security alert TA04-217A described at
  * AVI, BMP, & DIB security fixes.
  * PSD security fixes.
  * P7 format security fix.
  * Fix EXIF IFD stack overflow vulnerability.
  * SGI security fix for RLE encoding (CVE-2006-4144)
  * XCF security fix (CVE-2006-3743)
  * PALM heap overflow fix (CVE-2006-5456)
  * DCM security fix (CVE-2006-5456)
  * Fix for shell command injection in delegate code via file names)
    (CVE-2005-4601).  Delegate execution is much more secure now.
  * Don't use filenames as printf specifications (CVE-2006-0082).
  * Fix integer overflow in DCM coder (CVE-2007-1797).
  * XWD integer overflow fix (CVE-2007-1797).
  * Implementation has replaced usage of strcpy, strcat, and strncat
    with the more security conscious strlcat and strlcpy.
  * DCM, DIB, XCF, XBM, and XWD security fix for integer overflow
    vulnerability (IDefense 09.19.07).
  * Do not access X11 or invoke convenience or stealth delegate programs
    based on the file extension. In particular, these file extensions are
    rejected for consideration as a format specifier: 'autotrace',
    'browse', 'dcraw', 'edit', 'gs-color', 'gs-color+alpha', 'gs-gray',
    'gs-mono', 'launch', 'mpeg-encode', 'print', 'scan', 'show', 'win',
    'xc', and 'x'.

Bug fixes:

  * The configure script now searches for a web browser in the order
    mozilla, firefox, and finally netscape.
  * When the user specifies the -units option, the current image
    resolution values are now re-scaled to match the new units.
  * Properly determine Ghostscript font location for Ghostscript 8.0 and later.
  * GraphicsMagick now successfully builds and passes all tests under
    Digital Unix 5.1, using the vendor compiler.
  * Ghostscript sometimes displays an error message and fails, yet it
    returns a success error code to GraphicsMagick. Verify that
    Ghostscript has updated the output file before attempting to use it.
  * Fixed a configure script syntax error when testing for trio.
  * When requesting a list of formats, all of the modules in the module
    search path are considered. Previously only the modules in the same
    directory as the LOGO module were listed.
  * Ensure that an image clip mask is respected by the negate algorithm.
  * The BMP writer was sometimes writing incorrect BMP v4 files.
  * Support reading and writing large PCX files.
  * The Red Hat source RPM was failing to install the -config scripts
    with execute permissions.
  * Fixed a bug which could cause possible truncation while cloning the
    image cache.
  * Ensure that MIFF files indicate the compression which was actually used.
  * Properly handle errors from libtiff so that corrupted images are not
  * Fix for stripped-TIFF reader. Discard extra samples beyond alpha in
    scanline TIFFs.
  * Endian option now controls TIFF byte-order rather than bit-order.
  * TIFF writer can now write to pipes and other non-seekable output
  * JBIG writer was writing empty files for some libjbig releases.
  * Improved handling of corrupt GIF files.
  * Handle large SUN format images.
  * Properly compute image depth for 16-bit SGI image files.
  * For the gmdisplay program, ensure that only RGB data is sent to Windows.
  * Many memory leak fixes.
  * PDF writer is fixed so that Ghoscript 8.5 doesn't warn about the output.
  * PDF writer now writes proper output with CCITT compression.
  * Properly use fseeko() and ftello() if they are available.
  * Fixed a infinite loop bug in the XWD reader.
  * Fix minor memory leak in ProfileImage().
  * Fixed -level command parsing when a percent symbol is supplied within the
    argument rather than at the end.
  * Fix pixel scaling problem caused by floating point
    rounding error (noticed under AIX).
  * Fixed a memory leak in the GIF coder in the error return path.
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1353744 "MagickGetQuantumDepth doesn't work".
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1315109 "segfault in InitializeMagick(NULL)".
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1391421 "problem doing resize on 273x1 JPEG".
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1510075 "Failed to write PDF with JPEG 
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1572357 "GetOnePixel definition appears 
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1576616 Fix includedir variable in pkg-config 
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1173713 "segfault in ModifyCache".
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1431805 "clip art wpg files cause access 
    in graphics magick".
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1743141 "Affine matrix option parsing".
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1625477 "Memory leak reading layered PSD Image".
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1878992 "literal square brackets in file
    name cause large delay and bug id 1783209 "converting runs slowly
    when subimage is specified".
  * Fix for SourceForge bug id 1883527 "compression of tiff-file has no effect".
  * Successfully read files in the form "file[123]".
  * Fix reading 12-bit grayscale JPEG.
  * Set image depth appropriately when importing image from X11 display.
  * Fix map resource tracking.
  * Fix reading recent variants of ImageMagick's MIFF format.
  * Output bilevel TIFF meeting the TIFF Class F specification.

New Utilities:

  * A 'benchmark' subcommand is now available to benchmark the
    performance of any other arbitrary subcommand (e.g. 'convert').

Feature improvements:

  * LZW compression is now enabled by default.
  * Support industry-standard subsampling notation like "4:2:2".
  * If gm is executed under a traditional alternate name (e.g.
    convert), it will invoke the appropriate sub-command. This allows
    use of hard links, symbolic links, or just copying 'gm' to the
    desired sub-command name in order to achieve 100% ImageMagick 5.5.2
    utility compatibility.
  * Provide the --enable-magick-compat option when configuring to install
    ImageMagick utilities compatibility links.
  * Identify -verbose output includes normalized (0.0-1.0) statistics.
  * Identify and convert now print "pixels per second" rates to help
    evaluate performance.
  * Added the identify +ping option to force reading the complete file.
  * The display program now supports the +progress option to disable any
    visual progress indication (and hourglass cursor) while loading images.
  * Support writing grayscale TGA files.
  * Provide explicit support for Rec 601 and Rec 709 grayscale spaces.
  * Include some support for a log RGB space based on the 2.048 density
    range as defined for the Cineon Digital Film System.
  * Added utilities command-line support for industry standard subsampling
    notation like 4:4:4 and 4:2:2.
  * Use MAGICK_IOBUF_SIZE to tune the size of the I/O buffer.
  * Use -type Bilevel, Grayscale, TrueColor, or TrueColorMatte to
    influence the type of image that Ghostscript returns.
  * Use '-define tiff:fill-order={msb2lsb|lsb2msb}' to control TIFF bit
    fill order.
  * The -version option now dumps a feature list as well as the build
  * The -endian option now supports the option 'native'.
  * A -monitor is added to enable progress monitoring for the command line
  * Use the -output-directory option to 'mogrify' to send output files to
    the specified directory.
  * Use the -create-directories option in conjunction with
    -output-directory and 'mogrify' to create any necessary subdirectories.
  * A Pixels resource limit is added.  Use '-limit Pixels value' to limit
    the maximum number of pixels in an image to 'value'.
  * The already supported option '-type Optimize' is now honored by
    formats that need to choose a subformat based on the properties of
    the image. Grueling tests of many/all pixels are not performed
    unless '-type Optimize' is supplied.
  * Added a a -set option to the composite, convert, display, mogrify,
    import commands in order to allow setting an image attribute.
  * Display utility no longer defaults to reading from standard input if
    stdin is not a tty.
  * May now be configured to use the umem memory allocation library
    available in Solaris 9, Update 3 and later, or from the portable umem

Coder additions/improvements:

  * Replaced existing DPX "support" with all-new DPX support conforming
    to the SMPTE 268M-2003 standard.
  * Cineon reader completely rewritten.
  * TIFF coder is completely re-written. Now supports reading and
    writing RGB, CMYK, and grayscale, scanline-oriented TIFF images
    with arbitrary (1 to 32 bits) depth. Includes support for tiled
    TIFF, floating point TIFF, LogLuv TIFF, BigTIFF, arbitrary depths,
    and associated alpha.
  * TIFF coder now supports retrieving and saving XMP profiles.
  * MATLAB support is much improved and supports writing as well.
  * WPG reader now supports CTM translations.
  * ART format now supports writing.
  * Support 32-bit raw RGB images.
  * Support 32-bit raw CMYK images.
  * Support 32-bit raw gray images.
  * JP2 coder reads images in YCbCr colorspace and retrieves an embedded
    ICC ICM color profile if present.

API enhancements:

  * Added ExportImageChannel() and ImportImageChannel() APIs to support
    exporting and importing pixel regions with an arbitary range of (1
    to 32) bits per quantum.
  * Added image leveling methods for Magick++.
  * Generalized GetImageAttribute() support for retrieving wildcarded
    attributes so that an identify -format specification like
    ``"%[dpx:*]"`` works as expected.
  * Incorporated changes changes necessary so that GraphicsMagick can
    work with the Ch C/C++ interpreter from SoftIntegration at
  * Added MagickAllocFunctions() to allow the API user to replace the
    underlying memory allocator functions.
  * Added MagickMalloc() and deprecated AcquireMemory().
  * Added MagickCloneMemory() and deprecated CloneMemory().
  * Added MagickMallocArray() to safely allocate N items of size S.
  * Added MagickRealloc() and deprecated ReacquireMemory().
  * Added MagickFree() and deprecated LiberateMemory().

Performance improvments:

  * The DispatchImage() and ConstituteImage() functions incorporate
    special case code for BGR, BGRO, BGRP, RGB, RGBO, and I formats (8
    bit only) in order to improve performance dramatically.
  * When writing very large JPEG images, don't enable Huffman compression
    since doing so requires libjpeg to buffer the entire image in memory.
  * When using the 'identify' -verbose option, -verbose must be specified
    twice in order to obtain the color count.  This makes normal use of
    -verbose much faster.
  * Significantly improved read/write speed for bilevel and gray images.
  * TIFF I/O is considerably faster.
  * Postscript writer is 10-15X faster.
  * PNM formats writer is 10-100X faster.
  * Rotate by 90 or 270 degrees is 2-9X faster.

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -r1.8 -r1.9 pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick/Makefile
cvs rdiff -r1.3 -r1.4 pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick/PLIST
cvs rdiff -r1.6 -r1.7 pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick/
cvs rdiff -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick/distinfo

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