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CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/apcupsd

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   sborrill
Date:           Mon Apr 28 08:28:05 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/sysutils/apcupsd: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/sysutils/apcupsd/patches: patch-al patch-ao

Log Message:
Update to 2.14.3:

3.14.3 -- 20 January 2008            (Maintenance Release)


  * A HAL policy file is automatically installed on Linux systems to disable
    the hald-addon-hid-ups module which conflicts with apcupsd's control of
    USB UPSes. The file is automatically removed when apcupsd is


  * Add support for Nominal Power (aka Configured Active Power) reading.
    Credit to Lars Randers <> for most of the code.

  * Add units to NOMINV, NOMOUTV, and NOMBATTV stats.

  * Eliminate "warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to
    'char*'" warnings emitted from gcc-4.2.1 (earlier versions with
    -Wwrite-strings). Contributed by Steve Yarmie 

  * Fix killpower and eeprom settings bug on USB modules introduced when
    INPUT reports were prioritized over FEATURE reports.

  * Fix bugs that could cause NIS-net driver to get stuck waiting for
    comms to be restored instead of shutting down.

3.14.2 -- 15 September 2007          (Maintenance Release)


  * Tray icon support on Vista. Vista does not allow background services
    to interact with the user's desktop, so winapcupsd's built-in tray
    icon did not work.

  * Tray icon is now a standalone application "apctray" which is capable of
    monitoring multiple Apcupsd instances via Apcupsd's NIS. Any Apcupsd
    running NIS can be monitored. By default the icon monitors a single
    apcupsd at See command line options below for adding
    additional monitors.

  * Tray icon can be installed individually (disable other packages in the
    installer) for users who want to use the icon only.

  * Apctray command line options:

          - No parameters: Start any instances listed in registry. If no
          instances in reg, start a default instance monitoring the local
          machine (

       apctray.exe /host foo /port 3551 /add
          - Add a monitor for the given host and port.

       apctray.exe /host foo /port 3551 /del
          - Remove the given monitor.

       apctray.exe /del
          - Remove all monitors.

       apctray.exe /install
          - Configure apctray to start automatically.

       apctray.exe /remove
          - Do not start automatically.

       apctray.exe /kill
          - Shut down apctray


  * The win32 portions of winapcupsd have been almost entirely rewritten.
    The code is cleaner (mostly) and lots of unused baggage has been

  * USB fix for BackUPS LCD series. This fix carries a risk of breaking
    models, but test results are positive so far.

  * Fix linux-usb device detection bug when multiple hiddev nodes are
    present.  Fixes Fedora Bugzilla #245864:

  * Fix SNMP port selection when using SNMP driver

  * Add workaround for broken BackUPS Pro model that returns certain
    reports encoded in ASCII. Based on a patch from David Fries

  * apcsmart: Wait 20 seconds before declaring COMMLOST. This is necessary
    when using a smart serial cable on an UPS with an SNMP monitoring card
    installed. The SNMP card appears to disrupt serial comms for several
    seconds when interesting events are in progress.

  * Documentation updates: Fix up udev info for modern Linux distros.
    Update Windows section for apctray.

  * Don't leak unnecessary descriptors to child when execing apccontrol.

  * Fix bug with multi-threaded net_open() calls. net_open() was using
    a global buffer for the destination address. Yikes! Bug manifestied
    itself in apctray with multiple monitors occasionally (and
    timing-dependently) pointing to the wrong UPS.

  * Correct multimon.conf humidity monitoring.  Problem fixed by
    Patrick Frei.  Reference:

  * Fix race between attach_ups() and detach_ups() which could result
    in the UPSINFO structure being freed prematurely. Thanks to James
    Abbott <> for running many tests to help me
    find this bug.

  * Remove dependency on libc++ (again). Must use gcc as linker when
    using libsupc++ since g++ automatically links against full libc++.

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