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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-Apache-Session

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Wed Apr 23 20:43:06 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/p5-Apache-Session: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.86:

1.86   2008-02-01 by Alexandr Ciornii
  - Default number of semaphores for *BSD is 8 in 

1.85_01   2008-01-24 by Alexandr Ciornii
  - typos corrected (catched by Gerald Fox)
  - more tests and diag in 99semaphore.t
  - no warning "disconnect invalidates 2 active statement" in
    Apache::Session::Lock::MySQL by Tony Cook (RT#32148)

1.85   2007-12-20 by Alexandr Ciornii, Perl 20th birthday version
  - mention Catalyst::Plugin::Session, Session

1.84_01   2007-11-26 by Alexandr Ciornii (alexchorny AT
  - Added Apache::Session::Lock::Semaphore::remove to remove semaphore
  - 99flex.t will remove semaphore (RT#30440)
  - 99flex.t should work on 5.6.1 again (no chdir now)
  - 99flex.t will clean all temporary files (RT#30209)
  - pod.t included in MANIFEST
  - cleaner tests

1.84   2007-10-02 by Alexandr Ciornii (alexchorny AT
  - Added to the list of prerequisites
  - Jeffrey W. Baker, Casey West, Alexandr Ciornii, Oliver Maul agreed to
    change license of all files to Perl license
    Alexandr Ciornii agrees to relicense to Artistic 2.0 in future if needed.
  - 99flex.t will be skipped on *bsd and Solaris

1.83_01   2007-08-03 by Alexandr Ciornii
  - better handling of Storable errors by Rick Delaney (RT#27476)

1.83=1.82_05  2007-05-25
1.82_05   2007-05-14 by Alexandr Ciornii
  - skipping part of 99flex.t on NetBSD

1.82_04   2007-04-27 by Alexandr Ciornii
  - More diagnostics in Apache::Session::Lock::Semaphore::acquire_write_lock,
  - Did not increment modules versions in previous versions of distribution
  - Apache::Session::Lock::Semaphore can work with private semaphore
  - 99flex.t will use private semaphore
  - 99dbfile.t, 99dbfilestore.t - added undef (for RT#6216)

1.82_03   2007-03-12 by Alexandr Ciornii
  - Apache::Session::Lock::File checks flock success (RT#6936)
  - Apache::Session::Lock::File will not change to shared lock if write
    lock is in effect and read lock is requested (RT#7072)
  - 99dbfile.t, 99dbfilestore.t - added untie (for RT#6216)
  - Apache::Session::Lock::Semaphore will check for $Config{d_semget} and

1.82_02   2007-03-11 by Alexandr Ciornii
  - 99semaphore.t, 99flex.t will be skipped if $Config{d_semget}==undef,
    patch by Slaven Rezic
  - Removed redundant code in 99filelock.t
  - Removed unnecessary skip in 99nulllock.t
  - Added file 'Contributing.txt'
  - Apache::Session - mention CGI::Session
  - Request in Makefile.PL

1.82_01   2007-03-10 by Alexandr Ciornii
  - Applied part of patch of SREZIC (Slaven Rezic), RT#3670,
    more diagnostics on failing file operations (Apache::Session::Lock::File,
    Apache::Session::Store::DB_File, Apache::Session::Store::File)
  - RT#1251,, - small error in Carp usage,
    by Slaven Rezic
  - 99flex.t will be skipped on perls earlier than 5.8 (RT#16539)
  - Requires Storable (core from 5.7.3), as it is almost useless without it

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cvs rdiff -r1.10 -r1.11 pkgsrc/www/p5-Apache-Session/distinfo

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