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CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xterm

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   bjs
Date:           Mon Apr 21 17:10:40 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/x11/xterm: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/x11/xterm/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to xterm-235.

Changes within pkgsrc:

    - Remove most options, as I see no reason not just to build them in
      by default (they shouldn't be intrusive).  I also enabled a few
      features that weren't there before (mouse support for readline
      applications, support for the mini/built-in luit, paste64, etc.).

    - Build-in the toolbar by default.  I patched xterm to disable the
      toolBar resource by default.

    - Include instead of libXaw/ and
      add some code to configure xterm properly according to the
      user's preference.

    - Use @unexec ${RMDIR} ... when attempting to remove

    - Install xterm.desktop and uxterm.desktop to share/applications
      (I don't think this needs

    - Added a 'debug' option which builds in support for event tracing.
      Also, if PKG_DEVELOPER=yes, tell configure to --enable-warnings.

                            Patch #235 - 2008/04/20

     * add control sequences for some of the recent resource/menu settings:

          * altSendsEscape (private mode 1039)
          * keepSelection (private mode 1040)
          * selectToClipboard (private mode 1041)
          * bellIsUrgent (private mode 1042)
          * popOnBell (private mode 1043)

     * add resource formatOtherKeys to provide an alternate escape sequence
       format for the modifyOtherKeys resource (request by Paul LeoNerd
     * adjust saved-cursor position if the window is resized while
       displaying the alternate screen (Novell #196880, Debian #383384).
     * improve pointer-checks to fix a bug exposed by resizing during
       initialization under StumpWM window manager (Fedora Bugzilla #437928).
     * modify unselectwindow() to ensure that the mouse pointer is not
       hidden after xterm loses focus (report by Jeremy Huddleston).
     * add special check for fd_mask on Mac OS X (report by Jeremy
     * add dylib to autoconf's suffix list used for checking the result
       from xmkmf, to work with Mac OS X (report by Jeremy Huddleston).
     * correct initialization of bold- and wide-, wide-bold fonts which may
       be set via the utf8Fonts subresource (Debian #347790).

                            Patch #234 - 2008/03/02

     * modify to use POSIX locale to bypass GNU ls changes to
     * improved/refined changes for closing bitmap font (patch by Andrea
     * improve resize computation for situations where the negotiation
       fails, by invoking the xterm widget's core-class resize method
       (Debian #365602, patch by Jim Paris).
     * restore initialization of terminal's VMIN and VTIME settings, from
       patch #232 changes (patch by Matthieu Herrb).

                            Patch #233 - 2008/02/24

     * add configure check for ttydefaults.h, include if needed, e.g., for
       systems where defining _POSIX_C_SOURCE, etc., prevents it from being
       included via termios.h (prompted by comments by Robert Delius Royar
       and Jeremy Huddleston).
     * patches from Alan Coopersmith. These correspond to bug-ids on

                    fix a typo in manpage

                    xterm doesn't properly set ut_syslen

                    left-left-right misinterpreted as triple click

     * minor optimization to tab-initialization (patch by Nemeth Marton).
     * fix a case where an incorrect font was freed during initialization
       from patch #232 changes (patch by Andrea Odetti).
     * improve comparison used in SameFont function for GC-caching (Julien
     * correct macro name used for default CKILL definition to work with
       Mac OS X (report by Jeremy Huddleston).

                            Patch #232 - 2008/01/30

     * corrected logic in a font-cache used for reverse-video (Debian
     * add control sequence to alter pointerMode at runtime.
     * add limit-checks for rectangle operation parameters (report by
       Martin Pirker).
     * modify to suppress $MANPAGER and $PAGER environment
       variables, which may interfere with redirecting output of man to a
       shell variable (report/patch by Zdenek Sekera).
     * do not try to hide mouse pointer in the tek4014 window, fixes broken
       "-t" option at startup from patch #230 changes (report by Robert K.
     * correct datatype used when drawing tek4014 data using xterm compiled
       for wide-characters, on big-endian machines (reports by Jeremy
       Huddleston, Harald Hanche-Olsen, Martin Costabel, Merle Reinhart).
     * modify to cache the font-names along with the bitmap font data, to
       improve comparison of fonts.
     * modify to allow building with configure options --disable-ansi-color
       and --disable-leaks (Debian #459817, report/patch by Nemeth Marton).
     * modify to allow building with configure options --enable-wide-chars
       and --disable-c1-print (Debian #459816, report/patch by Nemeth
     * add pointerMode resource to control whether and when the pointer
       cursor is hidden as the user types.
     * simplify initialization of ttyMode- and related characters using a
     * modify initialization-logic for stty values that correspond to
       ltchars structure and the BSD TIOCSLTC ioctl (susp, dsusp, rprnt
       flush, werase, lnext). These were reset to constants for both
       termios and legacy interfaces immediately after asking the system
       for the existing values since X11R6.1, rather than using them to
       provide inherited values. While the legacy interface has some
       constraints, e.g., on HPUX, the POSIX or termios interface should
       not. Your shell may reset these anyway (prompted by patch by Ed
     * improve logic for hiding/displaying pointer-cursor (report by Mark
     * add limit-checks to tabs.c, increase maximum column for setting
       tab-stops from 320 to 1024 (report by Nemeth Marton).
     * correct length, i.e., number of types of selection targets, computed
       by ConvertSelection() when not handling wide characters for the
       XA_TARGETS() case. This leaves an extra Atom on the end of the list
       which is not handled by Java applications. The problem was introduced
       in patch #151 (report by David Wood).

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