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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-SVN-Notify

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   seb
Date:           Mon Apr 21 11:08:11 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-SVN-Notify: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update devel/p5-SVN-Notify to version 2.70.

Changes since last packaged version (2.64):

2.70  2008-02-29T17:03:26
 - See
   for an announcement of this release.
 - Fixed issues with character encoding handling, starting from a patch
   submitted by Toshikazu Kinkoh, and with a lot of experimentation and
   testing by Toshikazu, Martin Lindhe, and myself. Hopefully these
   changes will help solve the various encoding problems that continue to
   crop up:
   + Removed --io-layer, which, it seems, never actually worked.
   + Changed --charset to --encoding, although the former is still
     supported for backwards compatibility.
   + Added --svn-encoding, which identifies the encoding in which data
     is stored in SVN. It defaults to the value of --encoding.
   + Added --diff-encoding, which identifies the encoding in which files
     are stored in SVN. This is useful for the case when log messages
     are written in one encoding and files stored in another. Defaults
     to the value of --svn-encoding.
   + The --language option is now used to set the C<$LANG> environment
     variable for the execution of `svnlook` as well as `sendmail`,
     although not `svnlook diff`, which always runs under the "C" locale.
   + Now only setting the $LANG environment variable for the execution of
     `svnlook` and `sendmail` if it is not already set. This allows the
     existing usages such as `LANG=ja_JP svnnotify ...` to keep working.
   + Fixed character encoding when sending messages via SMTP.
 - Added extensive documentation on how to deal with character encodings
   under "Character Encoding Support" in the SVN::Notify docs.
 - Added support for output filtering. This allows users to easily
   modify content before it's output.
 - Added SVN::Notify::Filter, which fully documents the interface for
   filtering (it's really easy!).
 - Added SVN::Notify::Filter:Trac, which parses log messages from the
   Trac wiki syntax to HTML. Useful for use with SVN::Notify::HTML
   and SVN::Notify::HTML::ColorDiff, and as a nice example of filtering.
 - Split up the output of the HTML <head> section and the <body> section
   into two methods in SVN::Notify::HTML in order to simplify filtering.
 - The CSS output by SVN::Notify::HTML is now output inside the <body>
   tags, rather than inside the <head> tags. This isn't valid, but will
   hopefully it will allow messages to display better in Web mail clients
   such as Gmail.
 - Eliminated locale warnings during tests.
 - Tweaked the CSS emitted by SVN::Notify::HTML to support a lot of HTML
   in the log message, since such formatting can come from the use of
   SVN::Notify::Filter::Trac and, potentially, other output filters.
 - Fixed issue running tests with a Perl other than /usr/bin/perl without
   running `./Build`. If you just did `./Build test`, it could fail with
   a lot of errors, but no more.
 - Fixed use of the SMTP feature under Perl 5.6. Reported by CPAN testers
   David Cantrell and Slaven Rezic.
 - Fixed the formatting and display of the log message when using the
   --wrap-log option with SVN::Notify::HTML.
 - Eliminated a bogus empty paragraph when using the --wrap-log option
   with SVN::Notify::HTML.
 - Fixed the encoding of the subject line so that Unicode characters
   show up properly. Reported by Ian Anderson (Ticket # 24138).
 - Switched from using `crypt` to using a simple random string algorithm
   for generating email part boundaries, since `crypt` was choking on
   multibyte characters from message subjects. Reported by Toshikazu
 - Added a link to SVN::Notify's Subversion repository.

2.67 2008-02-06T20:15:13
 - Fixed bug where a directory with a valid regular expression character
   could be incorrectly truncated. Patch from Wayne Davison.
 - Fixed a bug where a directory name could be truncated too much if
   there are directory names with common roots. Patch from Wayne Davison.
 - Added the "configure_requires" parameter to Build.PL.
 - Fixed SVN::Notify::HTML::ColorDiff so that it respects
 - The SVN::Notify::HTML --wrap-log option now wraps individual
   paragraphs as identified by blank lines (with optional spaces), rather
   than wrapping the entire message in a single set of paragraph tags.

2.66  2007-06-17T05:08:29
 - Added some examples complements of Matt Doar.
 - Fixed the specification of recipients passed to the SMTP server so
   that comma-separated email addresses are properly split apart.
   Reported by Michael Plump.
 - Fixed a bug with --to-regex-map where certain entries in it could
   be skipped altogether. Reported by John Peacock.

2.65  2007-03-27T07:01:09
 - Another patch from Martijn van Beers, this one generalizing the
   execution of --ticket-map parageters (Ticket # 21633).
 - Added note and link for HookStart for Windows users who run into
   asynchronous execution issues. Reported by Eric Lemes.
 - Added the --wrap-log option to SVN::Notify::HTML. When passed a true
   value, the log message will be put into a `p` tag instead of a `pre`
   tag, thus allowing it to wrap to the width of the mailer window.
   Needless to say, this means that any whitespace formatting in the log
   message itself will be lost. Suggested by Ian Anderson (Ticket
 - Restored checking for "%s" in the JIRA, RT, Butzilla, and GNATS
   URLs. Reported by Matt Doar.
 - Fixed some spelling errors, thanks to Matt Doar.
 - Added note that verbose output goes to STDOUT.
 - Added support for specifying the location of the revision number via
   an "%d" temlate in the --subject-prefix option. Patch from Jerry
   Veldhuis (Ticket #24309).
 - The --max-diff-length option now works properly in HTML output, as
   well. Reported by Rob Moore (Ticket #25070)
 - Added the --to-email-map option as the inverse of --to-regex-map. That
   is, it maps regular expressions to email addresses, rather than the
   other way around.

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