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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/slib

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Tue Mar  4 09:41:51 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/slib: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 3b1 (3.2.1):

slib-3b1 news:

  * Larceny (Scheme) is supported.

 From Ivan Shmakov:

  * scheme48.init (slib:os-strings): Fixed init for 1.7 (and 1.3).
  (defmacro:eval, defmacro:load): Fixed.

 From Rob Browning:

  * guile.init (implementation-vicinity): Just (%site-dir).
  (file-position, gentemp): module-replace!
  (library-vicinity): Try (%search-load-path "slib/guile.init").

 From Aubrey Jaffer:

  * Logo and icon.

  * Added program-arguments to System-Interface section in Manual.

  * *.init: implementation-vicinity can be overridden by
  implementation-specific environment variable:

  * FAQ, slib.spec, Makefile: Always put - between slib and version.

  * byte.scm: Rewritten based on uniform arrays.

  * random.scm (random): Err when passed negative number.

  * srfi-1.scm (lset<=): Fixed to use first argument.

  * transact.scm (word:lock!): Don't try to read file until after
  call-with-open-ports returns.
  (describe-file-lock): Handle case when file isn't locked.
  (windows:user-email-address): Much simplified; updated to
  Windows-XP from Windows-95.
  (describe-file-lock): Added diagnostic to current-error-port.

  * rdms.scm (open-table): Return #f for failure per documentation.

  * solid.scm (light:point, light:spot): Fixed.

  * prec.scm (prec:parse-delimited): First (recursive) clause was
  missing argument.

  * determ.scm (matrix:inverse, matrix->lists): Corrected

  * clrnamdb.scm, resenecolours.txt: Updated to Resene-2007.

  * slib.texi (Spectra): Clarified action of features cie1964,
  cie1931, and ciexyz.

  * glob.scm, slib.texi: Removed glob as alias for filename.

  * dirs.scm: Require 'filename instead of 'glob.

  * require.scm: Condition SRFI scan on srfi-0.

  * mklibcat.scm: Feature-name is srfi-0 (was srfi).

  * mbe.scm (macro:eval): defmacro:eval.
  (macro:load): defmacro:load.

  * defmacex.scm (defmacro:expand*): Use macroexpand instead of
  macroexpand-1 in preparation for macroexpand-1 deprecation.

  * slib.nsi: Added *.init files.

  * README (Implementation-specific Instructions): Updated.

  * scheme48.init (char-code-limit): 128; does ascii conversions.
  (1+, -1+): Removed; choked Scheme48-1.7.
  Added SRFIs as found in Scheme-48 release-notes.
  (scheme-implementation-version): Lose text after number.
  (program-arguments): Removed dummy definition.

  * scsh.init (program-arguments): Defined to command-line per
  (library-vicinity, implementation-vicinity): Find path once.

  * scheme2c.init, kawa.init, umbscheme.init
  (implementation-vicinity): find path once.

  * vscm.init (slib:features): Added macro.

  * RScheme.init (slib:features): Added defmacro.

  * mzscheme.init (slib:features): Added syntax-case.

  * guile.init, sisc.init (macro:load): slib:load-source.

  * umbscheme.init, pscheme.init (defmacro:eval, defmacro:load):

  * kawa.init, mitscheme.init, bigloo.init, gambit.init,
  jscheme.init: (re)moved some comments.

  * Template.scm, t3.init, STk.init, macscheme.init, scheme2c.init,
  scsh.init, chez.init, elk.init (slib:features): Added defmacro.

  * guile.init ((ice-9 slib)): "ice-9/slib.scm" doesn't become valid
  (and shorter) until version guile-1.8.3.

  * mzscheme.init: Renamed from DrScheme.init.
  (slib:features): Added format.
  (slib:load-compiled): Handle SRFI requires.

  * Makefile (catalogs): Copy "mkpltcat.scm" to "mkimpcat.scm" in
  mzscheme's implementation-vicinity.
  (mkfiles): Added "mkpltcat.scm".

  * mkpltcat.scm: "mkimpcat.scm" for mzscheme which adds all
  supported SRFIs to the catalog.

  * Makefile (ciefiles): Separated from Scheme sourcefiles.
  (test): Unmaintained target removed.

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