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CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/heimdal

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   jlam
Date:           Thu Feb 28 08:14:41 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/security/heimdal: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches: patch-ac patch-ad patch-al patch-ar
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches: patch-as
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches: patch-am patch-an patch-ao patch-ap

Log Message:
Update security/heimdal to version 1.1.  Changes from version 0.7.2 include:

 * Read-only PKCS11 provider built-in to hx509.
 * Better compatibilty with Windows 2008 Server pre-releases and Vista.
 * Add RFC3526 modp group14 as default.
 * Handle [kdc] database = { } entries without realm = stanzas.
 * Add gss_pseudo_random() for mechglue and krb5.
 * Make session key for the krbtgt be selected by the best encryption
   type of the client.
 * Better interoperability with other PK-INIT implementations.
 * Alias support for inital ticket requests.
 * Make ASN.1 library less paranoid to with regard to NUL in string to
   make it inter-operate with MIT Kerberos again.
 * PK-INIT support.
 * HDB extensions support, used by PK-INIT.
 * New ASN.1 compiler.
 * GSS-API mechglue from FreeBSD.
 * Updated SPNEGO to support RFC4178.
 * Support for Cryptosystem Negotiation Extension (RFC 4537).
 * A new X.509 library (hx509) and related crypto functions.
 * A new ntlm library (heimntlm) and related crypto functions.
 * KDC will return the "response too big" error to force TCP retries
   for large (default 1400 bytes) UDP replies.  This is common for
   PK-INIT requests.
 * Libkafs defaults to use 2b tokens.
 * krb5_kuserok() also checks ~/.k5login.d directory for acl files.
 * Fix memory leaks.
 * Bugs fixes

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -r1.64 -r1.65 pkgsrc/security/heimdal/Makefile
cvs rdiff -r1.12 -r1.13 pkgsrc/security/heimdal/PLIST
cvs rdiff -r1.33 -r1.34 pkgsrc/security/heimdal/
cvs rdiff -r1.22 -r1.23 pkgsrc/security/heimdal/distinfo
cvs rdiff -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches/patch-ac
cvs rdiff -r1.8 -r1.9 pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches/patch-ad
cvs rdiff -r1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches/patch-al \
cvs rdiff -r1.1 -r0 pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches/patch-am \
    pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches/patch-an \
    pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches/patch-ao \
    pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches/patch-ap \
cvs rdiff -r0 -r1.1 pkgsrc/security/heimdal/patches/patch-as

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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