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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/delegate

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   rillig
Date:           Sun Feb 17 10:20:56 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/delegate: Makefile distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/net/delegate/patches: patch-aa patch-ab

Log Message:
Updated delegate to 9.7.7.

Changes since 8.9.6:

DeleGate/9.7 (STABLE)
9.7.0 new stable version
9.7.1 fixes for frozen or broken SSL+gzip thread on FreeBSD and Windows
9.7.2 fixes for SIGPIPE with thread on Linux and Solaris
9.7.3 fixes for automatic adjusting of MAXIMA=delegated:N on memory shortage
9.7.4 coped with the chained certificate for SSL
9.7.5 fixes for freezing by sync. error with gunzip/gzip threads
9.7.6 fixes for SIGSEGV on Solairs, SOCKS on Windows, UDPrelay error
9.7.7 coped with VC++ in VisualStudio 2005/2008, revival of IPv6 on Windows

DeleGate/9.6 (DEVELOPMENT)
9.6.0 thread based smooth gzip/HTTP streaming, lighter SSL by thread
9.6.1 fixes for Solaris, Arm-linux, log-mutex, sftp/FTPS, CFI, MAX_DELEGATE
9.6.2 fixes for SEGV in FreeBSD thread, frozen FTPS, sftp/SSL, POP/NNTP/HTTP gw
9.6.3 fixes for frozen gzip and SSL threads by signals or with CFI filters

DeleGate/9.5 (STABLE)
9.5.0 new stable version
9.5.1 minor fixes for Japanese character code conversion
9.5.2 a minor fix for Japanese character code conversion
9.5.3 minor fixes for JP char. conv., tuning for recv. via slow line
9.5.4 fix for uploading via chained-FTP, MITM with slow-client
9.5.5 fix for SEGV in FTP, IPv6/IPv4 in /etc/hosts, etc.
9.5.6 fix for MITM with keep-alive, JP char. conv.

DeleGate/9.4 (DEVELOPMENT)
9.4.0 editing built-in parameters, SERVER=sudo, invocation via SSH/CGI/SSI
9.4.1 transparent application-level proxy over SOCKS
9.4.2 external auth. command, conditional CACHE, Japanese code conversion
9.4.3 fixed UDP and FTP over SOCKS, generalized routing with proxy auth.
9.4.4 MOUNT for SOAP/XML, fixed SEGV on charcode conv.

DeleGate/9.3 (STABLE)
9.3.0 new stable version
9.3.1 fixed SSL session cache with client's certificate
9.3.2 fixed CGI/SHTML revealment, SEGV on Win. service STOP, SEGV in Credhy

DeleGate/9.2 (DEVELOPMENT)
9.2.5 minor fixes for HTTP, sftp, FTP, UDPrelay, SockMux, MASTER auth., Win
9.2.4 faster MITM, SOCKS over SSL, multiplexed SOCKS/SockMux, cache on Win
9.2.3 supported SSL MITM mode, syslog, fixed abortion and delay in CFI on Win
9.2.2 supported huge file over 4GB in FTP, and HTTP, fixed CFI on Windows
9.2.1 fixes for Keep-Alive and logging as a service on Win, CGI/SSI+FTOCL
9.2.0 added access counters, Cookie encryption, fixed CGI/CFI/SSI for Win

DeleGate/9.1 (STABLE)
9.1.0 new stable version
9.1.1 minor fixes for HTTP, FTP/EPRT, DNS, STLS=fsv, and AUTHORIZER
9.1.2 minor fixes for SSL

DeleGate/9.0 (DEVELOPMENT)
9.0.0 IPv6 support
9.0.1 supported dynamic linker and improved SSL/TLS performance and usability
9.0.2 fixed IPv6 name resolution, fixed make problems on 64bits machine, etc.
9.0.3 added Skype brocker, encrypted config., extended CHARSET conv., etc.
9.0.4 added gateway for sftp/SSH server to FTP/HTTP
9.0.5 total renewal of remote config. and admin. via HTTPS
9.0.6 anonymizing NNTP article, tracking SPAMmers, routing DNS

DeleGate/8.11 (STABLE)
8.11.0 new stable version
8.11.1 fixed I/O timeout, virtual host & transparent proxy, coped with non-C99
8.11.2 fix for Windows, HTTP, MOUNT, etc.
8.11.3 fixed permission for SSLtunnel and STLS, Cookie to/from HTTPS/HTTP
8.11.4 fixed compilation problems, UDP/SocksV5, obsoleted X-Locking header
8.11.5 coped with HRS, fixes for Win32 (freezing, filters and log directory)

DeleGate/8.10 (DEVELOPMENT)
8.10.0 rewritten in ANSI/ISO C++ / C (tested only with Gcc variants and VC++)
8.10.1 qualified with "const", porting to OS/2 and FreeBSD
8.10.2 become suitable to be compiled and run with Bounds-Checking Gcc
8.10.3 fixed a lot of overflows on arrays of char, pointers, and structures
8.10.4 moved STARTTLS into each app. protocol and introduced STLS parameter
8.10.5 fixed STARTTLS for SMTP and binary I/O with VC++
8.10.6 fixed relaying POST and gzip on HTTP, symlink on Win32 (8.10.3)

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cvs rdiff -r1.34 -r1.35 pkgsrc/net/delegate/Makefile
cvs rdiff -r1.10 -r1.11 pkgsrc/net/delegate/distinfo
cvs rdiff -r1.4 -r0 pkgsrc/net/delegate/patches/patch-aa \

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