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CVS commit: pkgsrc/finance/gnucash

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Mon Jan 14 00:37:39 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/finance/gnucash: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.2.3:

 2.2.3 - 06 January 2008
         Welcome to the GnuCash 2.2.3 Release.
         Fixed Bugs:
         o #114724: QIF importer drops split details for transfers with
                    identical amount
         o #463678: xfer dialog from CC auto-payment from reconcile doesn't
                    display accounts
         o #495219: QIF-Importer handles memo from transactions wrong
         o #497517: Transactions set to 'c' in the R(econciled) field of the
                    register are incorrectly set to 'n' when postponing a
         o #503889: Should install icons into expected locations
         o #504007: QIF Import Druid does not allow selecting currency
         o #504257: Need to replace old Afghanistan Afghani (AFA) with new
                    Afghanistan Afghani (AFN)
         o #504261: Start on W2K fails with Entry Point Not Found (KERNEL32.dll)
         o #505386: Gnucash looses transactions if the file contains special
         o #505972: SX-related segfaults in 2.2.2
         o #506074: Fractional timezone offsets not always handled correctly
         o #506429: "Last Day of Month" SXes saved on wrong day of week
         o #506671: Add cyprus, maltese and slovenian currencies to EURO support
         o #506714: progress bar during launching
         Other Changes:
         o New Vietnamese translation
         o Improve several minor strings
         o Update translations: Dutch, German
         o Some business report improvements regarding date parameters
         o Fix gcc 4.2.x compiler warnings
         o Use aqbanking pkg-config file and require < v2.9, allow goffice v0.6

 2.2.2 - 16 December 2007
         Welcome to the GnuCash 2.2.2 Release.
         Fixed Bugs:
         o #336240: advanced portfolio - the basis calculation is not
                    working properly in funds
         o #343245: Advanced Portfolio gets basis wrong with stock split
         o #343448: Hide unused horizontal scrollbar
         o #344566: Advance Portfolio has wrong Realized Gain
         o #347739: Advanced Portfolio calculates values incorrectly
                    when it involves a capital loss
         o #438360: Case-insensitive search for non-ascii characters broken
         o #460232: advanced portfolio report fails
         o #467521: Persistent splash screen blocks "could not obtain
                    lock" warning
         o #467532: Clipping check fields in gtkprint is not consistent
                    with clipping in gnomeprint
         o #468681: RFE: Customizable summary bar position
         o #470750: src/design/*.texinfo refers to non-existent GncBooks API
         o #470801: Tip Of The Day says 2.2.1 is development version
         o #473827: chinese translate for gnucash account
         o #475666: Missing national currency CUC
         o #476189: Configure script should fail when gettext is not installed
         o #481110: Win32: Crash when opening SX Editor
         o #482177: Customer report shows no invoices or detail with 2nd
         o #483796: Fancy Invoice - Report Error
         o #484576: Configuration error with goffice 0.5
         o #487317: QIF import druid crash when stepping back and forth
                    from the "loaded files page" without selection
         o #487326: Preferences dialog does not remove all its gconf callbacks
         o #487572: advanced portfolio breaks on "Most Recent to Report"
         o #488001: speed up several reports that rely on html-acct-table.scm
         o #488004: provide a two-column income-statement
         o #490679: GnuCash doesn't honor the GNOME toolbar settings
         o #491581: Import 'Cash' Action (in Investment Accounts)
         o #492137: Lot scrubber doesn't add splits to existing lots correctly
         o #496023: Pressing ESC Cancels modifications whether you
                    choose yes or no.
         o #496178: gnucash segfaults with troublesome automatic transactions
         o #499360: Crash when editing a commodity whose quote source
                    timezone is set to local time
         o #499788: gnucash-make-guids does not work, fails with
                    "Unbound variable: gnc:guid-new"
         o #500026: [PATCH] Report correct package for qt3-wizard
         o #500427: SX creation doesn't include template transaction "Notes"
         o #501059: GnuCash leaks since last run dialogs
         o #502755: GnuCash hangs after modifying SX
         o #503579: win32 packaging fails installing mingw
         Other Changes:
         o Many changes to the german SKR03 and SKR04 account templates
         o Include updated GNOME libraries and a patched ORBit2 in Win32 build
         o Improve resizing of search and invoice posting dialogs
         o Add MimeType directive for GnuCash data files
         o Fix some new compiler warnings
         o Add AZN [Azerbaijani Manat]
         o Add COU [Colombian Unidad de Valor Real]
         o Add MZN [Mozambique Metical]
         o Some occurrences of "Open Source" were changed to "Free"
         o Update translations: Brazilian Portugese, Czech, German,
                                Japanese, Traditional Chinese

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cvs rdiff -r1.37 -r1.38 pkgsrc/finance/gnucash/distinfo

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