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CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/jdbc-postgresql82

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   abs
Date:           Mon Jan  7 23:04:57 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/databases/jdbc-postgresql82: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update databases/jdbc-postgresql82 to 507 from 504

Version 8.2-507 (2007-12-02)

  * fix When doing batch execution we can have multiple Parse
    and DescribeStatement messages on the wire at the same time.
    When we finally get around to collecting the DescribeStatement
    results we must check whether they still apply to the currently
    parsed query. Otherwise we'll overwrite our type information
    with stale data that will cause failures down the line. (jurka)
    Thanks to Eric Faulhaber.
  * fix CallableStatements with OUT parameters that get executed
    more than prepareThreshold times failed if clearParameters()
    was called in between executions. When we've hit the
    prepareThreshold, we no longer send Parse messages which invoke
    SimpleParameterList.getTypeOID which has side effects required
    to setup the parameters correctly. Add an explicit
    convertFunctionOutParameters method to do this work instead
    that we call in all execution paths. (jurka) Thanks to Ludovico
  * fix The driver was incorrectly parsing identifiers that had
    parts that look like dollar quotes. Things like a$b$c are valid
    identifiers, not dollar quotes. When determining if a $ we've
    found is a dollar quote start, look at the preceding character
    and see if it is a valid identifier part to determine if we're
    in the midst of an identifier or are starting a new token.
    (jurka) Thanks to Michael Paesold.
  * fix Multiple calls to XAConnection.getConnection within the
    same user transaction ended up restarting the transaction on
    the server side as a result of manipulating the autocommit
    state. When retrieving a Connection, we must pay attention to
    whether a user transaction is in progress when setting the
    autocommit state. (jurka) Thanks to Heikki Linnakangas.
  * fix Support NULL array elements. (jurka) Thanks to Christian
  * fix Make code that parses queries for updateable resultsets
    aware of the ONLY clause. (jurka) Thanks to Oleg Vasylenko.
  * fix While custom type maps are not implemented, the code to
    detect the caller trying to use them threw a ClassCastException.
    Correctly detect the attempted use of custom types and bail
    out with a SQLException. (jurka)

Version 8.2-506 (2007-07-31)

  * add Make setObject recognize a parameter of type java.lang.Byte.
    (jurka) Thanks to Boom Roos.
  * update Brazilian Portuguese translation update. (jurka) Thanks
    to Euler Taveira de Oliveira.
  * update Serbian translation updates. (jurka) Thanks to Bojan
  * fix Updatable ResultSets did not work when updating bytea
    data and then retrieving it because we send the data to the
    server in binary format, but the ResultSet was expecting to
    read it in text format. So we need to convert the data from
    binary to text format before stuffing it into the ResultSet.
    (jurka) Thanks to Mikko Tiihonen.
  * fix ResultSet.updateNClob(String, Reader) goes into an infinite
    loop. It really meant to call updateNClob(int, Reader), but
    was calling itself instead. (jurka) Thanks to Mikko Tiihonen.
  * fix Do escape processing on batch Statements prior to execution.
    This already worked for PreparedStatements, but not plain
    Statements. (jurka) Thanks to Hui Ye.
  * fix Don't return quotes around identifiers in the results of
    DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo even if they would require quoting
    in SQL. (jurka) Thanks to Andrei Badea.
  * fix When retrieving the columns of a function that returns
    a complex type, don't retrieve system columns (like xmin/xmax/...)
    that you'll find if the type is from a table. (jurka)
  * fix The previous fix to try and set a XA based Connection's
    autocommit property correctly didn't quite work. Calling
    XAConnection.getConnection set autocommit to true even if we
    already had a transaction in progress. (jurka) Thanks to Luca
    Ferrari, Heikki Linnakangas.
  * fix Error message was reporting the wrong parameter type
    value in the V3 protocol's SimpleParameterList implementation.
    (jurka) Thanks to Nathan Keynes.
  * fix Explicitly state which source level we are compiling.
    Newer versions of gij/gcj run a 1.5 VM, but default to a 1.4
    source level compile which tricks up our build system. This
    still doens't fix the case of running with a newer VM than
    compiler, but I don't see what we can do about that. (jurka)
    Thanks to Tom Lane, Oliver Jowett.

Version 8.2-505 (2007-04-18)

  * add Initial Serbian translation. (jurka) Thanks to Bojan
  * add Implement ResultSet.updateArray by simply mapping it to
    updateObject which now works for arrays. (jurka)
  * fix Statement.getTime, .getDate, and .getTimestamp methods
    which are passed a Calendar object were rotating the timezone
    in the wrong direction. Rewrite this code to use the existing
    TimestampUtils methods to match the working code in ResultSets.
    (jurka) Thanks to Ravi Periasmy.
  * fix Produce the timezone that we send to the server in the
    same format that we can parse. This is important for updatable
    ResultSets as we must be able to parse the format we produce.
    (jurka) Thanks to Leon Do.
  * fix Make Large Object handling work when the oid counter has
    exceeded Integer.MAX_VALUE by handling oids as longs. (jurka)
  * fix Fix persistence of XA datasources. PGObjectFactory wasn't
    aware of PGXADataSource and can't be because of the requirements
    for different build versions. Add a new PGXADataSourceFactory
    to provide this functionality. (jurka) Thanks to Heikki
  * fix Fix the error message generated by a CallableStatement
    not getting results that match the registered out parameters
    to report the correct parameter position. (jurka)
  * fix Interval formatting didn't work for negative seconds
    values greater than -1. It would format it as -.5, but interval
    input doesn't accept this, so write it as -0.5 instead. (jurka)
  * fix Change DatabaseMetaData.getSearchStringEscape to always
    return "\\" instead of "\\\\". Previously it was assuming that
    it would be fed directly into a query and it needed to escape
    itself for the backend's input parser. This doesn't work for
    things like PreparedStatement parameters or DatabaseMetaData
    methods that take patterns. (jurka) Thanks to Valery Meshkov.
  * fix Allow updatable ResultSets to update arrays. (jurka)
    Thanks to Vasylenko.
  * fix In an error message reporting an unparseable timestamp
    value the code was trying to put the unparseable portion into
    the error message, but used the wrong variable to get the
    correct length. (jurka)
  * fix Parse timezones that have offsets in seconds. 8.2 servers
    now return this information so we must be able to handle it.

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