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CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/guile-pg

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   gdt
Date:           Sat Jan  5 17:22:17 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/databases/guile-pg: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.34.

Highlights from NEWS:

- 0.34 | 2007-12-13

  - License now GPLv3+ (see COPYING)

  - New (database postgres) procs
    - pg-finish
    - pg-flush

  - Tested against PostgreSQL 7.4.18

- 0.33 | 2007-05-20

  - New type converters in module (database postgres-types)

        int  decimal  numeric  varchar  character  bytea

  - New support for special constructs in (database postgres-qcons)

        (in/set A B...) => A IN ( B, ... )
        (between A B C) => ( A BETWEEN B AND C )
        (any--OP A B)   => ( A OP ANY B )
        (all--OP A B)   => ( A OP ALL B )

        For the latter two, OP is a comparison operator, e.g `='.
        Parentheses and commas are added automatically.

- 0.32 | 2007-04-11

  - New command for `pgtable-manager': #:tuples-result->rows

        This uses `(database postgres-resx) result->object-rows'.
        For example:

        (define T (pgtable-worker ...))
        (define R (T #:select ...))
        (equal? (T #:tuples-result->rows R)
                (map (lambda (x)
                       (map cdr x))
                     (T #:tuples-result->alists R)))
        => #t

- 0.31 | 2007-04-03

  - Opaque string support removed

        Opaque string support in modules (database postgres-table) and
        (database postgres-qcons) has been removed.  This was announced
        in NEWS below for Guile-PG 0.30 (2006-04-04).

  - Support for `pgtable-manager' "data commands" removed

        Announced in NEWS below for Guile-PG 0.30 (2006-04-04).

- 0.30 | 2006-04-04

  - New stuff for `pgtable-manager' (and by extension `pgtable-worker')

    - Support for NULL

        You can now use the keyword #:NULL to specify NULL as the value
        to insert into a table, or to update a column.

    - New command: #:update-col-alist

        This is like #:update-col, except that the COLS and DATA are
        specified as a single alist arg, not separately.

  - New (database postgres) procs

        The following procs are associated with the `PQPROTOCOLVERSION'
        feature in the `pg-guile-pg-loaded' return value.  Note that
        this is in contrast to the one-to-one correspondance between
        feature and libpq function for previous Guile-PG releases.

    - pg-protocol-version
    - pg-transaction-status
    - pg-parameter-status
    - pg-set-error-verbosity
    - pg-result-error-field
    - pg-ftable
    - pg-ftablecol
    - pg-fformat

        These adhere closely to the C functions in the libpq interface.
        Here is a table listing the functions and their behavior for
        installations prior to PostgreSQL 7.4.

        libpq func            behavior: do nothing and return
         PQprotocolVersion     2
         PQtransactionStatus   #:unknown
         PQparameterStatus     #f
         PQsetErrorVerbosity   #:default
         PQresultErrorField    #f
         PQftable              #f
         PQftablecol           #f
         PQfformat             #f

    - pg-put-copy-data
    - pg-put-copy-end
    - pg-get-copy-data

        These have a simplified, "more Schemey", interface.  They cannot
        be used when connected to a "Protocol 2.0" (PostgreSQL 7.3.x and
        prior) server.

    - pg-exec-params
    - pg-exec-prepared
    - pg-send-query-params
    - pg-send-query-prepared

        These have a simplified, "more Schemey", interface, and some
        serious (though provisionary) restrictions.  They cannot be used
        when connected to a "Protocol 2.0" (PostgreSQL 7.3.x and prior)
        server.  See new section "Parameters" in the manual for details.

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