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CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/vile

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   agc
Date:           Sat Jan  5 14:58:42 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/editors/vile: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update vile from 9.5r to 9.6.

Changes from the previous version:

Changes for vile 9.6 (released Thu Dec 27 2007)

        > Tom Dickey:
        + update makefile.blc, adding charsets.c, eightbit.c and wcwidth.c
        + build-fix for OS/2 IBM CSet (define a delay function for catnap).
        + minor build-fixes for VMS:
          + modify to simplify workaround for broken MMS 3.8
          + provide dummy variables for xvile to reflect modularization changes
            with respect to vmsvt.c
        + documentation updates.
        + minor fix to manfilt.c to pass-through UTF-8 codes by testing with
          both iswprint() and isprint().

 20071224 (u)
        > Tom Dickey:
        + separate vile's ttputc from termcap prototype to pass integer param
          rather than just a char on Solaris.
        + fix computation of columns needed to show UTF-8 codes in POSIX
        + modify manfilt.c to provide UTF-8 output in a UTF-8 locale.
        + minor fix to CF_FUNC_ICONV to link iconv on cygwin (noting that
          cygwin has no useful locale support, it may someday).

 20071202 (t)
        > Tom Dickey:
        + modify filters makefile "clean" rule to accommodate OSF/1 4.0D
          whose make program leaves intermediate ".c" files for each lexer.
        + change order of restore-flags and switch-buffer in
          restore_buffer_state, avoiding an unnecessary prompt to discard
          changes when attempting to read a buffer that cannot be read.
        + increase a few table sizes to work with AIX 5.1 lex.
        + modify check for lex version to avoid hanging on older platforms
          where it would try to read from standard input even if it does not
          recognize the option.

 20071125 (s)
        > Tom Dickey:
        + several changes to provide usable Unicode support:
          + add mode percent-utf8 to set a threshold for file-encoding mode
            "auto" detection of UTF-16/UTF-32 files.
          + file-encoding mode can be set to "auto", to detect UTF-16 files,
            which are loaded as UTF-8.
          + UTF-8 files are detected based on the file-encoding mode as well.
          + Unicode values are displayed (where no locale controls) as "\uXXXX"
            in 4 hexadecimal digits.
          + add unicode-as-hex mode to override locale, forcing Unicode values
            to display as "\uXXXX".
          + for buffers with UTF-8 encoding, show illegal bytes as "\?XX".
          + Unicode values can be inserted into buffers using ^VuXXXX form.
          + terminal drivers support Unicode display in varying degrees:
            + winvile - multicolumn characters, depends on font selection
            + termcap/terminfo - relies on terminal emulator, knows about
              multicolumn characters
            + xvile - displays only single-column characters
            + curses - depends on the curses library, e.g., ncursesw
            + win32 console - not yet implemented
          + combining characters are not combined.
          + registers hold byte data, will show the UTF-8 encoding for data
            rather than a \uXXXX (unless the file-encoding for [Registers]
            is changed).
          + some "characters" such as the report for yanked text is still
            really a byte-count.
          + inserting a \uXXXX into the minibuffer will display the UTF-8
          + regular expressions are not wide-character aware.
          + UTF-16 and UTF-32 files are detected based on BOM and/or the
            contents of the first line of the file.
          + external syntax filters do not handle BOM or UTF-16, UTF-32.
        + improve name-completion by saving/restoring the original window and
          buffer when [Completions] closes, rather than the closest window.
        + add output from rcshist to diffmode.
        + add ".vbp" files to inimode.
        + modify configure script to omit lex-filt.l from build if lex is not
          really flex, since the tables are too large for the older program.
        + modify to use a temporary file to work with newer Perl's
          that do not handle tied variables exactly as filehandles.
        + update Kevin Buettner's email address.
        + add -class option to xvile.
        + remove a redundant XtDestroyWidget() from x_close() to quiet a
          warning from XtRemoveGrab() when doing a ":q" from Xm-vile
          (report by Chris Green).
        + use va_copy() in dofmt() to work with Linux on powerpc
          (report by Paul van Tilburg).
        + add docbookmode
        + improve 9.5m/9.5q check for file ownership, adding a warning message
          for files which are ignored (report by Chris Green).
        + change default for --with-locale configure option to mesh with
        + improve paste-performance in winvile by passing whole-line chunks
          to the insert-function.
        + improved cppmode's identifier-expr (report by Gerry Fredette).
        + correct order of evaluation from 9.4w when setting record-separator,
          which was setting "crlf" ending temporarily when computing the buffer
          size, even when "lf" was intended.  That would cause an immediate
          write from winvile (without change) for a buffer to write too many
        + add syntax filter conffilt.l, for "ordinary" config-files.
        + add "rectangle-insert-mode".
        + fill in several omitted items in init_mode_value().
        + add "describe-&functions" and "describe-$variables" commands.
          (The latter is a stub for later).
        + improve repainting in winvile while processing external command.
          also modify keyboard handling to provide type-ahead while processing
          external command.
        + remove obsolete $tpause variable.
        + modify majormode inferencing to check preamble for [Standard Input]
          and [Output] buffers.
        + add "&gtmotion" function for scripts.
        + improve handling of enumerated values by forcing all to lowercase,
          e.g., to eliminate the need for the special case in 9.1x to handle
          "TRUE" and "true".
        + revise lstrinsert() and associated logic which implements changes
          to rectangles, e.g., with c^Aq, to ensure that it pads the change
          with blanks rather than nulls (report by Paul van Tilburg).
        + improve modeline support by ignoring strict "vi" modeline options
          that are not recognized by vile, rather than reporting an error.
        + use new module blist (binary search of lists) to reduce linear
          searches in the places where btree is not already used.
        + change rename-other-buffer command to other-buffer-rename, to avoid
          name-completion conflict with rename-command (feedback from Steve
        + remove obsolete check for ANSI qsort.
        + improve vilefilt.l, highlighting mode names and displaying error
          for unknown mode, function and state variables.
        + fix typo in manpage.rc which broke use of pod2man in 9.5m
        + add &pquote in manpage.rc, to allow it to format html output when
          vile-manfilt, etc., reside in directories containing spaces in their
        + add ".reg" filetypes to inimode.
        + add several package-related suffixes to sqlmode.
        + add xpmmode

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