Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/bzr
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/29/2007 20:03:14
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Thu Nov 29 20:03:14 UTC 2007

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/bzr: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.92:

bzr 0.92 2007-11-05


  * New uninstaller on Win32.  (Alexander Belchenko)

bzr 0.92rc1 2007-10-29



   * ``bzr`` now returns exit code 4 if an internal error occurred, and
     3 if a normal error occurred.  (Martin Pool)

   * ``pull``, ``merge`` and ``push`` will no longer silently correct some
     repository index errors that occured as a result of the Weave disk format.
     Instead the ``reconcile`` command needs to be run to correct those
     problems if they exist (and it has been able to fix most such problems
     since bzr 0.8). Some new problems have been identified during this release
     and you should run ``bzr check`` once on every repository to see if you
     need to reconcile. If you cannot ``pull`` or ``merge`` from a remote
     repository due to mismatched parent errors - a symptom of index errors -
     you should simply take a full copy of that remote repository to a clean
     directory outside any local repositories, then run reconcile on it, and
     finally pull from it locally. (And naturally email the repositories owner
     to ask them to upgrade and run reconcile).
     (Robert Collins)


   * New ``knitpack-experimental`` repository format. This is interoperable with
     the ``dirstate-tags`` format but uses a smarter storage design that greatly
     speeds up many operations, both local and remote. This new format can be
     used as an option to the ``init``, ``init-repository`` and ``upgrade``
     commands. See
     for further details. (Robert Collins)

   * For users of bzr-svn (and those testing the prototype subtree support) that
     wish to try packs, a new ``knitpack-subtree-experimental`` format has also
     been added. This is interoperable with the ``dirstate-subtrees`` format.
     (Robert Collins)

   * New ``reconfigure`` command. (Aaron Bentley)

   * New ``revert --forget-merges`` command, which removes the record of a pending
     merge without affecting the working tree contents.  (Martin Pool)

   * New ``bzr_remote_path`` configuration variable allows finer control of
     remote bzr locations than BZR_REMOTE_PATH environment variable.
     (Aaron Bentley)

   * New ``launchpad-login`` command to tell Bazaar your Launchpad
     user ID.  This can then be used by other functions of the
     Launchpad plugin. (James Henstridge)


   * Commit in quiet mode is now slightly faster as the information to
     output is no longer calculated. (Ian Clatworthy)

   * Commit no longer checks for new text keys during insertion when the
     revision id was deterministically unique. (Robert Collins)

   * Committing a change which is not a merge and does not change the number of
     files in the tree is faster by utilising the data about whether files are
     changed to determine if the tree is unchanged rather than recalculating
     it at the end of the commit process. (Robert Collins)

   * Inventory serialisation no longer double-sha's the content.
     (Robert Collins)

   * Knit text reconstruction now avoids making copies of the lines list for
     interim texts when building a single text. The new ``apply_delta`` method
     on ``KnitContent`` aids this by allowing modification of the revision id
     such objects represent. (Robert Collins)

   * Pack indices are now partially parsed for specific key lookup using a
     bisection approach. (Robert Collins)

   * Partial commits are now approximately 40% faster by walking over the
     unselected current tree more efficiently. (Robert Collins)

   * XML inventory serialisation takes 20% less time while being stricter about
     the contents. (Robert Collins)

   * Graph ``heads()`` queries have been fixed to no longer access all history
     unnecessarily. (Robert Collins)


   * ``bzr+https://`` smart server across https now supported.
     (John Ferlito, Martin Pool, #128456)

   * Mutt is now a supported mail client; set ``mail_client=mutt`` in your
     bazaar.conf and ``send`` will use mutt. (Keir Mierle)

   * New option ``-c``/``--change`` for ``merge`` command for cherrypicking
     changes from one revision. (Alexander Belchenko, #141368)

   * Show encodings, locale and list of plugins in the traceback message.
     (Martin Pool, #63894)

   * Experimental directory formats can now be marked with
     ``experimental = True`` during registration. (Ian Clatworthy)


   * New *Bazaar in Five Minutes* guide.  (Matthew Revell)

   * The hooks reference documentation is now converted to html as expected.
     (Ian Clatworthy)

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