Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/eggdrop
To: None <>
From: OBATA Akio <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 10/18/2007 09:15:34
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	obache
Date:		Thu Oct 18 09:15:34 UTC 2007

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/chat/eggdrop: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/chat/eggdrop/patches: patch-aa patch-ad patch-ag patch-ai
	    patch-al patch-am

Log Message:
Update eggdrop to 1.6.18.
While here, fixes PR 30307, ipv6 option isn't supported since version 1.6.16.

  1.6.18 (09 July 2006)
    * Look for Tcl in /lib64 and /usr/lib64.
    * Patch by: Kuja

    + RC1 released on April 3rd, 2006.

    * Fixed a type conversion problem in snprintf.c causing Eggdrop to not
      compile on OSF1.
    * Found by: Joker - Patch by: Wcc

    - Detect NetBSD Tcl in /usr/pkg/lib and /usr/pkg/include.
    * Found by: mish - Patch by: Wcc

    - Fixed possibility of referencing a NULL pointer in rembot().
    - Added a missing param cast for dcc_table.timeout.
    - Fixed a memleak / other nasty stuff when MODES_PER_LINE_MAX != 6.
    - Fixed putlog() of an uninitialized (and incorrect) variable in
    * Patch by: lordares

    - Valgrind doesn't bitch about init_uptime() now.
    * Patch by: Wcc

    - Dns.mod should compile on Mac OS X now. Thanks to Netscrape @ EFNet for
    * Found by: various - Patch by: Wcc

    - Corrected nat-ip setting documentation.
    * Found by: BarkerJr - Patch by: Wcc

    - Don't allow realname to be blank or whitespace.
    * Found by: Jesse M - Patch by: BarkerJr / Wcc

    - Fixed an error in channel get. You can now, correctly, do a channel
      get #channel stopnethack-mode.
    * Found by: Chris Northwood - Patch by: Wcc

    - The pushmode command should work properly for bans now.
    * Patch by: thommey

    - Apparently we broke lastbind.
    * Found by: bUrN - Patch by: thommey

    - Request topic on channel reset.
    * Found by: De Kus - Patch by: Darko

    - Fixed a situation where noshare could be set to 1 and never
    * Patch by: lordares

    - Fixed a socklist leak in net.c.
    * Patch by: lordares

    - Hopefully fixed dns lockups.
    * Found by: various - Patch by: Sven Trenkel

    - Fixed remote note bug in add_note() that was introduced in 1.6.17.
      Fixes Bugzilla Bug # 433 "Remote Notes Always Say User is Offline"
    * Found by: alex323 - Patch by: Tothwolf

    - Completely rewrote check_tcl_bind().
    - Added inline check_bind_flags() for flag checking for check_tcl_bind().
    - Added inline check_bind_match() for match checking for check_tcl_bind().
    - Rewrote trigger_bind() and made it inline for check_tcl_bind().
    - Fixed pointless calling of nmalloc() and nfree() for ContextNote
      in trigger_bind() when DEBUG_CONTEXT isn't defined.
    - Moved findidx() from tcl.c to dccutil.c.
    - Moved findanyidx() from tclhash.c to dccutil.c.
    - Moved CHECKVALIDITY from tclhash.h to tclegg.h.
    - Added CHECKVALIDITY checks to builtin_dcc() and builtin_fil().
    - Moved CMD_LEAVE from cmdt.h to tclegg.h.
    - Changed NULL to CMD_LEAVE for partyline quit in cmds.c.
    - Renamed BIND_EXEC_BRK to BIND_QUIT.
    - Fixed misc typos.
    * Patch by: Tothwolf

    - Added support to MSGM, PUBM, NOTC, and WALL binds to support bound
      procs returning 1 to prevent logging of the trigger message text.
      Fixes Bugzilla Bug # 334 "msgm bind return values"
    - Added BIND_STACKRET bit mask and support for stacked bind return values
      to check_tcl_bind(). This allows check_tcl_bind() to check if any
      stacked bound procs return 1 while allowing all matching stacked binds
      to be processed. Previously if BIND_WANTRET was used to check the
      return value of stacked binds, only the first match would be triggered.
    - Modified irc.mod gotmsg() function to trigger PUBM binds before
      triggering PUB binds. MSGM and MSG binds already worked this way.
    - Modified irc.mod gotmsg() function to allow a message to trigger both
      PUBM and PUB binds. Previously if a message triggered a PUB bind, any
      PUBM binds that might match the message text would not be triggered.
      Fixes Bugzilla Bug # 351 "bind pub hogs pubm"
    - Added exclusive-binds setting and code to gotmsg() functions to
      allow MSGM and PUBM binds to be exclusive of MSG and PUB binds.
    - Fixed logging for WALL bind. It had been broken since it was
      originally implemented in eggdrop-hayes. Wallops messages were always
      logged regardless of the return value of a bound proc. Returning '1'
      from a bound proc now causes Eggdrop to not log the Wallops message.
    * Patch by: Tothwolf

    - Check for Tcl 8.5 before older versions.
    * Patch by: Tothwolf

    - Use flagrec_eq() instead of flagrec_ok() in help_subst()
      since lower flags are automatically added now.
    * Patch by: Tothwolf

    - Check for bot's nick and user@host earlier in detect_flood()
      and detect_chan_flood().
    * Patch by: Tothwolf

    - Allow wildcard matching and stacking for note binds.
    * Patch by: Tothwolf

    - Use CHANMETA to define valid channel prefixes in gotmsg().
    * Found by: zathras3 at - Patch by: Wcc

    - Fix for problems created when loading long user-defined channel setting
      names from the channel file.
    * Patch by: Stream

    - Help file update related to sharing.
    * Patch by: Shawn888, slennox

    - Fix for randint() on Solaris / SunOS.
    * Patch by: Mikael Hedberg

    - Updated Copyright Dates.
    * Patch by: Paladin

    - Fixed 3 invalid reads in notes.c.
    * Patch by: rush at

    - Corrected a few of the error messages in neterror().
    * Found by: Steven Nikkel - Patch by: Wcc

    - Corrected the order of our search paths for Tcl. This should help stop
      version mismatches between the headers and libraries.
    * Patch by: CoderX2

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