Subject: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/libgphoto2
To: Bernd Ernesti <>
From: Stephen Borrill <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 03/31/2007 19:14:23
Bernd Ernesti wrote:
>>>I also tracked it down to
>>>which uses a different patch which was allready commited to the libgphoto2
>>>source code.
>>Yes, I'd looked at using UCS-2LE and BE.
> It would be better to use the commited patch and not something which isn't
> documented (in the patch file) and differes from there version.


>>>See attached patch (which fixed two files in one patch). I didn't had the 
>>>time to commit this patch.
>>pkgsrc is frozen now for 2007Q1 anyway; I'd need to get permission to 
>>commit this (plus I'd like to test it on a BE and LE machine first).
> It wasn't frozen when you wrote that mail.

Yes, there seems to have been some confusion over the exact start time (was 
it pushed back by 24 hours?). I was on ICB and messages were flying around 
saying freeze in 1 hour, yet next day it still wasn't frozen.

> Right now it is broken because doxygen isn't disabled, despite the
> DOXYGEN=no in the Makefile and therefor the PLIST isn't correct if
> doxygen is installed.
> See the attached patch which fixes this problem.

OK, that's a different, but more serious issue IMHO. My patch fixed the 
iconv problem, but wasn't the 'official' fix.  However, this is a build 
problem and so should be higher priority.

Can this be committed in the freeze period? N.B. libgphoto2 is not a leaf 
package (though does anything depend on it besides gphoto2?). This commit 
with fix the doxygen problem as well as pull in a rework of their iconv code: