Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/doc
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/27/2006 07:57:00
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wulf
Date:		Wed Dec 27 07:57:00 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/doc: CHANGES-2006

Log Message:
Updated xdx to version 2.2:
Changelog for version xdx (2.2)
  * This fixes compilation issues due to a missing time.h include statement.

Changelog for version xdx (2.1)
  * French, Spanish and Polish translation updates.
  * Allow zero length strings in the commands autologin entry. This will send
    a plain return.
  * Make sure we can fill in the callsign in the settings dialog.
  * Use glib functions for calling external programs.
  * CLX compatibility for auto-reconnect has been added.

Changelog for version xdx (2.0)
  * Polish translations by Boguslaw Ciastek SQ5TB, thanks!
  * A Dutch manual has been added.
  * Updated gettext and automake version used.
  * Install a .desktop file.
  * Language files and manuals have been converted to UTF-8.
  * The send widget is now a multiline text widget which allows entry of more
  * Fonts used for DX messages (top window) and other messages (bottom window)
    can now be changed through the preferences dialog.
  * Linespacing added to the chat window, which makes it better readable.
  * You can turn local echo off in the preferences dialog.
  * The position of the divider between the chat and DX window is now saved.
  * You can now use highlights in the chat window. Highlights will produce
    colored text. Words to be highlighted can be set in the 'chat sidebar'.
    When the checkbox next to the highlighted word is checked, xdx will search
    for a highlight in all of the incoming text. When the checkbox is unchecked,
    only the text after the prompt is searched.
  * Checkboxes can be activated with ctrl-1 to ctrl-8. Entries can be focused
    with alt-1 to alt-8.
  * Alt-0 will switch focus to the send widget.
  * Colors used for highlighting can be set in page 3 of the preferences dialog.
  * The chat sidebar can be shown/hidden with F4.
  * You can disable automatic scrolling of the chat window by clicking in the
    window. Same for the DX window.
  * Parse of the DX cluster output has been improved. Xdx would sporadically
    miss DX messages.
  * A new about dialog has been added.
  * The manual now uses monospace font. It is activated with F1.
  * Auto reconnect has been added. When activated through the settings menu,
    xdx will try to reconnect when the connection is broken. This code is
    somewhat experimental....
  * To keep track of your connections a connection log is kept. It can be
    viewed from the menu (Ctrl+l).
  * Xdx can send a keepalive packet every 5 minutes, which is useful for
    bad network connections. You must activate it in the settings dialog.
  * Sound support has been added. When a highlight is active in the chat
    window, a sound can be heard. You must use another program to play sound
    and set it in the first page of the preferences dialog.
  * Both ON4KST and DX-cluster prompts in the chat window are now colorized.
    The callsign is bold.
  * All of the colors in the chat window are now configurable.
  * When wwv data is saved, files with "tab seperated values" will be saved
    for every WWV host. See the MANUAL for the data format.

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