Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/squid
To: None <>
From: Takahiro Kambe <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/12/2006 14:46:56
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	taca
Date:		Tue Dec 12 14:46:56 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/www/squid: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update squid package to 2.6.6 (squid-2.6.STABLE6).

pkgsrc change: remove PATCHFILES which hasn't used recent days.

Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE6 (Dec 12 2006)

- Bug #1817: Assertion failure assert(buflen >= copy_sz) in htcp.c htcpBuildAuth()
- Add client source port logformat tag >p
- Cleanup of transparent & accelerator mode request parsing to untangle the firewall dependencies a bit
- Bug #1799: Harmless 1 byte buffer overflow on long host names in /etc/hosts
- automake no longer recommends mkinstalldirs. Removed.
- Only use crypt() if it's available, allowing ncsa_auth to be built
  on platofms without crypt() support.
- Windows port documentation updates
- Bug #1818: Assertion failure assert(e->swap_dirn >= 0) in fs/coss/store_dir_coss.c storeCoss_DeleteStoreEntry
- Bug #1117: assertion failed: aufs/store_dir_aufs.c:642: "rb->flags.need_to_validate"
- Remove extra newline in redirect message sent by deny_info http://... aclname
- Bug #1805: assertion failed: StatHist.c:195: "D[i] >= 0"
- Clarify the external_acl_type helper format specification and some defaults
- Add support for the weight= parameter to round-robin peers
- Bug #1832: Error building squid-2.6.STABLE5 using --enable-truncate
- Convert snmpDebugOid to use a temporary String object instead of strcat
- Document that proxy_auth also accepts -i for case-insensitive operation
- Remove malloc/free of temporary buffer in time parsing routines.
- Reduce memory allocator pressure by not continually allocating client-side read buffers
- Accept large dates >2^31 on 64-bit platformst. Seen for example in the Google logo.
- Convert the connStateData->chr single link list to a normal dlink_list for clarity.
- Bug #1584: Unable to register with multiple WCCP2 routers
- Fix the WCCPv2 mask assignment code to not crash as the value assignments are built.
- Bug #439: Multicast ICP peering is unstable and considers most peers dead
- Bug #1801: NTLM authentication ends up in a loop if the server responds with a retriable error
- Bug #1839: Cosmetic debug message cleanup in peerHandleHtcpReply.
- Bug #1840: Disable digest and netdb queries to multicast peers
- Bug #1641: assertion failed: stmem.c:149: "size > 0" while processing certain Vary objects
- Fix build errors when using latest MinGW Windows environment

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