Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/mldonkey
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/05/2006 11:05:13
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Tue Dec  5 11:05:13 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/mldonkey: Makefile.common distinfo

Log Message:
Updated mldonkey{-gui,} to 2.8.2:

2006/11/29 version 2.8.2 = tag release-2-8-2
5597: GD: New option html_mods_vd_gfx_h_intervall
      (compute values for hourly graph every x minutes) (skeeve)

5591: EDK: Fix small file search result parsing

5590: EDK: .gz & .bz2 support for command "servers"
5581: EDK: Improve server logins, send fewer data, minor improvements
- Copied eMule behaviour:
  - send fewer data to server during login, support server capability "newtags",
    same opcodes as in eMule are used
  - UDP ping servers once per 4,5h - (random of 1s-1h)
  - UDP server statistic request during every second UDP ping
    (~9h, not once per hour like before)
  - request serverlist from server only when ED2K_update_server_list_server true
  - ping one server per 5s
  - remove servers after 10 unsuccessful UDP pings
  - save challenge values sent with UDP server statistic and description request
    and dismiss answers containing wrong challenge
- New functions, restructurings:
  - new server status "Server full"
  - support new tag emule_miscoptions2 (empty atm.)
  - remove server descriptions from servers.ini
  - clean donkeyTypes.server definitions
5588: Cleanup commonNetwork (pango)
5582: EDK: Improve CryptoPP logging (Schlumpf)
5584: EDK: Remove removed servers from walker server lists
5585: EDK: New parameter "all" for command "x" to disconnect all conn. servers
5586: BT: Recognize Bitrocket clients

5579: Remove BasicSocket.[mini|maxi], replace them with Pervasives functions
- small fix for DonkeyOptions.max_allowed_connected_servers
5578: Remove unused files
- src/utils/net/
- src/utils/net/tcpClientSocket.mli
- src/utils/net/tcpSocket.mli
5577: EDK: Send correct SUI tags
- sometimes MLDonkey sent SUI=true tag when CryptoPP was not linked

5568: EDK: Support CIDR and IP ranges in server_black_list (pango)
5574: allowed_ips: Fix list usage when is part of the list (pango)
5570: Some log messages in gettext module (Schlumpf)
5569: HTML: Fix display bug in server list after js popups
      introduced by patch #5549 (Schlumpf)
5564: HTML: Remove non-working option use_html_frames (Schlumpf)
5563: EDK: Fix broken log message when master server changes (Schlumpf)

5556: web_infos: new option rss_preprocessor used for fixing broken RSS feeds,
      safer process spawning for command "!" (pango)
- broken feeds like can now be parsed
  directly using (for example) xmllint, if a feed can not be read be MLDonkey
  its piped through rss_preprocessor and read again
5560: EDK: Parse some more server.met fields, log unknown server tags

5424: web_infos/rss: shell:// type url
5549: EDK: Parse all data from server.met, new HTML javascript popup
5553: EDK/OV/KAD: small updates (bogeyman)
- EDK: log unknown client tags with verbosity mct
- OV/KAD: ignore OvernetPeerNotFound and log number of peers every
  60 secs when logging
5551: web_infos: Fix mtime detection, old files were not updated
5550: debug_fileinfo: Print [a|c|m]time values
5530: GD: Improve graph output (skeeve, Schlumpf)
- html_mods_vd_gfx_h_grid_variable
  "Stretch hourly until at program start", default true
- html_mods_vd_gfx_h_grid_time
  "Max hours on time scale per grid (0 = no limit)", default 0
- html_mods_vd_gfx_subgrid
  "Number of shown subgrids on graph (0 = no subgrids)", default 0

5548: New search parameters: "-and", "-or", "-not", removed "-without"
5546: Some sharing updates
- solved bug 10957, updating the prio of an already shared dir is now possible
- fix bug where missing shared dirs with strategy incoming_* where not recreated
- remove "network = []" from downloads.ini, currently not supported
- created workaround to fix bug on MinGW: no files were shared. Introduced by
  patch 5475, but source of problem is Ocaml bug 4159
5547: HTML: Fix unicode display in vd & upstats javascript popups

5545: EDK: Do not show empty server message lines in GUI
5509: Common: Merge file_print functions,
      BT: print BT-specific source infos in Telnet (thx to jave)
5544: Clean up code to avoid otags warnings (pango)
5543: Improve exception handling, fix some indentions (pango)
5542: CommonSources: Work-around division-by-zero bug in Ocaml
      on Alpha platform (pango)

5526: Multiuser: Internal restructuring, new commands
- from (pango)
  - create commonUserDb.mli to protect userdb data from other modules
  - cleanups
- replace strings in commonFile with multiuser commonTypes.userdb/groupdb
- implement security checks when core starts
  - user "admin" must exist
  - group "mldonkey" must exist and must have admin status
- update HTML interface, command "users"
  - create link to remove a group from a user
  - create link to change group admin status
  - new column group members
- Telnet: Show all data in command "users"
- do not allow removal of users or groups with downloads,
  groups with members, user "admin" and group "mldonkey"
- filter files shown with command "downloaders"
- fixed bug where wrong group list was displayed in HTML, vd #file_num
- Display user and groups columns
  new options html_mods_vd_user & html_mods_vd_group to en-/disable display in HTML, vd
  - Javascript popups show User:Group infos
  - Telnet support
- implement new commands
  - usergroupadd <user> <group> : add a group to a mldonkey user
  - usergroupdel user> <group> : remove a group from a mldonkey user
  - userdgroup <user> <group|None> : change user default group
  - groupdel <group> : remove an unused mldonkey group
  - groupadmin <group> <true|false> : change group admin status
- Restrict commands to admin users:
  - bw_toggle
  - enable
  - disable

5527: mlguistarter: print correct syntax (fixes Debian bug #396754)

5481: Overnet: Small updates
- do not print opcode 18 (OvernetNoResult) as unknown message
- parse bcp type bcp://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:ip:tcpport:udpport
- print debug log message when a new source was added
5513: HTML: Let webinterface work in a HTML frame (ported from Knockers Mulus)
- third button row does not work yet, patches welcome
5521: BT: Fix non-working EDK upload when BT is enabled,
      introduced by patch 5461

5508: OV/KAD eMule style search and some small fixes (bogeyman)
5486: UDP bandwidth monitor fix (bogeyman)
5505: EDK: Support aMule/Hydranode style OS_INFO tag

5488: Multiuser: New commands
- groups -> displays groups of the logged-in user
- dgroup -> displays default group of the logged-in user
- restrict command "unshare" to admin users

5475: Multiuser: Implement user_commit_dir
- directories with strategy incoming_files are shared recursively now
- support several directories with incoming_* strategies, use the
  first one with enough space to commit the finished file

5499: Configure: find camlp4 in local, fix patch 5479 (dunk)

5477: BT: Add downloads to share list after core restart

5474: updated bw_toggle
- fix cosmetic bug, wrong values were displayed
  as a result if option_hook changed values
5489: HTML: Improve serverlist display (Schlumpf)
5487: Update URLs, change to
5485: HTML: Print sharing strategies in command "shares"
5461: Release slot, fix missing filenames in upstats
- Each downloading file can be set to status "Release", this can
  be done by clicking the "R" column in HTML, Transfers or by
  using the new "release <file_num>" command to toggle the state.
- A new option max_release_slots exists, default 20% of the default
  5 max_upload_slots. This means 1 upload slot is available per default
  and granted for files with status "Release" when requested.
- Show filenames in pending upload slots list
5484: Fix DNS test, test other domains besides

5474: New command bw_toggle (ported from Knockers Mulus client)
- two new options: max_hard_upload_rate_2 and max_hard_download_rate_2
- new command bw_toggle, quickly switch between two bandwidth options
5480: Update Mozilla protocol handler, cleanup docs in distrib/
5479: Configure: Force presence of camlp4
5478: Support gdlib-config --static-libs function (new on Debian Etch)
5476: Urladd: Change default period to 0 (load file only when core starts)

5473: Log: Redirect CryptoPP messages to MLDonkey logfile (Schlumpf)
5472: Urladd: New optional parameter period (in hours) (thx to Schlumpf)
5471: HTML: New colums for pending slots list: SUI, GeoIP, Filename
5470: Options: New type percent_option, values are bound to be >= 0 and <= 100
5469: HTML: Implement 404 error page for unknown URLs

5419: EDK: Re-implement links - service is up again (thx to sk38)

5458: OV/KAD: tweak and bugfix the search (bogeyman)

5454: OV/KAD: Block blocked ips + small Overnet updates (bogeyman)
5451: HTML: clickable new messages indicator (jave)

5428: HTML: Fix style sheet errors (rwruck)
5446: EDK: Small update for EDK publish patch 5430
- new option max_published_files
  maximum number of files published to servers per minute, eMule default 200
- bug fix for patch 5430, publish also to non-preferred servers

5430: EDK: Improve file publishing
- publish no more than 200 files/minute to avoid server-side blacklisting,
  eMule uses the same limit,
  least published files are published first (thx to pango)
- respect server hard_limit, never publish more files to servers
- HTML: in server list display number of files published by server, by clicking
  on this number the list of files is displayed (new command server_shares num)
- HTML: diplay master server status, only master server are used for publishing
- HTML: in upstats display number of server the file was published to,
  also display server name + IP in javascript popup
- bug fix: properly update DonkeyGlobals.master_server to be used in
  DonkeyClient.read_first_message, this is used when replying to non-Overnet
  clients so they know to which server MLdonkey is connected to,
- remove development option become_master_delay
5445: Self-test charset conversion, disable conversion if test fails
5444: BT: Correctly display client connected time,
      also allow correct upload speed calculation (tradie)
5443: BT: do not allow connections with ourselves (tradie)

5442: BT: Verbose error messages when torrent is sent from GUI,
      BT-multiuser: Protect command seeded_torrents
5441: BT: Re-enable all trackers when file is resumed
5440: HTML: Strip CR from multiline dllink input to fix FileTP filenames

5439: Increase required ocaml version to 3.09.3 (schlumpf),
      remove old TYPE_FORMAT stuff needed for Ocaml < 3.06 (pango)

5297: In addition to previous patch 5297 force conversion of allowed_ips to
      IP blocklist when $MLDONKEY_DIR points to an existing directory
      and ini files are created for the first time
5429: Fix compile bug in Ocaml 3.08.3 (thx to eike for reporting)

5404: New command porttest, support for eMule- and Azureus-style porttest
      (thx to pango for Azureus result parsing)
5421: HTML: Add "Users" to options frame (unease)
5429: New common lprintf_file_nl function
5432: Updates and fixes for the Win resource file (schlumpf)

5407: BT: Improve handling of tracker error messages
- print additional information in telnet, vd #num already present in HTML
- show tracker errors in Telnet and HTML popups over tracker info lines
- pause torrents with no valid trackers left
5336: EDK: Fix lowid support (krissn)
5427: EDK: Increase hash speed when threads are available (pango)

5426: CommonSources: Reduce CPU load when refilling queues
      of many non-BT downloads (pango)
5425: FileTP: Support options file_started_cmd and pause_new_downloads
5423: Print warning for empty admin password only if allowed_ips was altered
5422: Command "sources": Display only downloading files

5405: BT: Use field "encoding" from .torrent to convert strings to UTF-8
5419: EDK: Remove links
5418: Gnutella/G2/Fasttrack: Support client_bind_addr
5417: Edonkey comments: Telnet support, UTF-8 output in HTML
5416: New variable $DEVFLAGSOPT for .cmx files (jave)
5415: New command option: rem disc - remove all disconnected servers

5414: Edonkey comments, update gui prot, some bt peer ids (zet)
- Reimplement edonkey file comments with ratings (ro)
  (fixes exploitable DOS introduced in patch #5371)
- Add options "comments_filter", "max_comments_per_file", "max_comment_length"
- GUI protocol updated for comments, stats, libmagic, users/groups
- BT: Identify some more peer ids, as well as the reserved bits
- Fix some html code and other bugs
- Minor code cleanup

5411: Portinfo: Rename gift_port to gift_port GUI

5406: Multiuser: Small bug fixed in recover_temp (mu2.patch)
5406: Main multiuser patch, see docs/multiuser.txt for details
      thx to jave, pango, zet and many other people who have helped
      to make this work possible
- this patch is experimental, if it breaks, you can keep the pieces;-)
- multigroup_usercommit.patch and multigroup_su.patch are not included
- this patch is still not finished, the To-Do list in docs/multiuser.txt
  is still long, also GUI protocol updates have to be implemented.
  To manage users, groups and files, its best to use the HTML interface,
  multiuser commands can also be used in Telnet interface.

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