Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/gnome2-games
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From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 09/15/2006 15:22:39
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jmmv
Date:		Fri Sep 15 15:22:39 UTC 2006

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	pkgsrc/games/gnome2-games: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.15.92:

gnome-games 2.15.92

This is the final release candidate of gnome-games before 2.16.

New in this release:

- Updated GTali, Gnomines, Gnibbles, Gataxx and Iagno menu icons
  and added SVG versions of those from Daniel Derozier.

Known issues:

- Rasterizing the Mahjongg and Aisleriot playing field takes too long with the
  current SVG code paths. We hope to optimize this code for the final release.

Updated translations:

- Added and updated Oriya translation
- Updated Bulgarian translation
- Updated Indonesian translation
- Updated Swedish translation
- Hungarian translation updated
- Updated Russian translation
- Updated Vietnamese translation
- Fixed wrong translation in iagno in Finnish
- Updated Japanese translation
- Updated German translation
- Estonian translation updated
- Updated Dzongkha translation

gnome-games 2.15.6

This is the second beta release of gnome-games on our super-bonus
way up to the awesome level known as "2.16". We're pretty stoked
about it; please check it out and bug test so we can make this the
awesomist gnome-games release, yet!

 - 8 translations updated:
  * Basque: Inaki Larranaga
  * Macedonian: Jovan Naumovski
  * Norwegian bokmål: Kjartan Maraas
  * French: Christophe Merlet
  * Dutch: Tino Meinen
  * Spanish: Francisco Javier F. Serrador
  * German: Hendrik Richter
  * Finnish: Ilkka Tuohela

 - fix crasher bug #342038: Callum McKenzie

 - fix rendering of prelight #349696: Andreas Røsdal

gnome-games 2.15.5

This is the first beta release of gnome-games in anticipation
of the 2.16 release. The changes in this release consist of
bug-fixes, usaility improvements and translations.

 - The pause game option now behaves consistently in mahjongg,
   gnomine, gnibbles and gnometris.
 - Improved the desktop file summaries of all games. This change
   is based on feedback from the usability team.

 - Redo the garbage-collection protection code, which should
   prevent crashes. Aisleriot needs to be thoroughly tested now.
 - Fixed bug-buddy invocation from Aisleriot.

 - Fixed rendering when animations are disabled.

 - Increased contrast between walls and background.

gnome-games 2.15.4

This is the final development release of gnome-games before the beta
cycle. This is also the first release under the new maintainter, and,
as such, it is a bit short on the changes list.

What's new:

 - Several games got full screen mode: Blackjack, Gnect, Gnibbles,
   Gnobots, Gnotravex, Gnotski
 - Fixed window icons in: Aisleriot, Gnotski, Iagno, Mahjongg

 - Added tootips to toolbar buttons.

 - Fix logo in dialog.

 - Implement a warning when placing too many markers around a

 - Scoreboard changes: use user's first real_name rather than "Human".

Known issues:

- Aisleriot has a crasher bug which has not yet been resolved.

gnome-games 2.15.3

This development release of gnome-games is a little short on new
content since we are in the process of changing maintainers and not
everything is organised yet.

Things that have changed:

 - High scores: the file is truncated properly if you use a short name.
   This stops you getting a top-ten score with 11th-place.
 - Require the latest intltool.

 - Radio-buttons for Klondike options work now. There are new choices for
   how you want your cards dealt in Klondike.
 - Explicitly protect the cards from garbage collection. This is should
   fix bug #342038, but doesn't actually seem to work.

 - Really, really, fix the desktop icon name this time (I hope).

gnome-games 2.15.2

This is the second development release of gnome-games for the 2.15
development cycle. Not too much new this time, the most visible change
being the auto-move animation in Aisleriot.

 - Find the Avahi libs properly, not just if they're in /usr/lib
 - Improve the linking process for other zeroconf libraries. Once
   again this should help people compiling with libraries anywhere
   but the deafult locations.
 - Disabled GTK double-buffering in programs which do their own
   double-buffering. Aisleriot in particular should benefit from this.

 - Add a "trickle" effect for auto-moved cards to make it more obvious
   and to make the end-of-game situation in Freecell a little less
 - Better behaviour for the mouse. Notably, if you click on a card
   that isn't draggable and move away from the card, it cancels the
 - Radio buttons for the per-game menu have been implemented, although
   nothing uses it properly yet (Klondike uses it, but only in a stupid
   way for testing purposes).
 - More cleanups from Amnon Aaronsohn. Including memory leaks fixes.
 - The games list is now sorted regardless of locale.

 - Fix relative motion so the worm doesn't automatically die if you
   turn the same way too often.

 - Use the correct icon name for the desktop file.

gnome-games 2.15.1

It's that time of release-cycle again. Time for completely new code
and completely new bugs. A lot of the work so far has been clean-up
work, especially those focused on by the GNOME Goals. Thomas Andersen,
Thomas Thurman, Paolo Borelli and Przemysaw Grzegorczyk deserve
special thanks for their efforts towards these. The other highlights
are Avahi support and resizeable graphics in Robots.

My primary goals for this release cycle are to finish the resizing
work and to fully migrate all the games to the new high-score
system. I would also like to revamp the networking user-interface to
make playing games with your friends trivial.

 - Avahi support courtesy of Daniel Haischt.
 - The bonded card set now uses vector graphics for the ranks.
 - Use icon themes everywhere.
 - Updated about dialogs.
 - Incorrect documentation links fixed.
 - Migrate command-line options from popt to GOption.
 - With some themes, look for a similar name if the exact name isn't there
   (e.g. find bonded.svg if bonded.png isn't around anymore).

 - Many. many, minor fixes.
 - Code clean-up by Amnon Aaronsohn.
 - Double-clicking the foundations in seahaven triggers auto-play.

 - Added a secondary hilight to the selected piece.

 - Change the command line options to work with the new level system.

 - Reorganise the menu sensitivity.
 - Make sure we start the clock whenever the player does something that
   looks like starting a game (e.g. asks for a hint).

 - Use the new high score system.

 - Make the graphics resizeable.
 - Use new SVG graphics from Nicu Buculei.
 - The bubble graphics appear in the theme menu: this is a known bug.

 - Make sure the command-line options work.

 - Use the new high score system.

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