Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/gtk2
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 09/15/2006 15:06:08
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jmmv
Date:		Fri Sep 15 15:06:08 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/x11/gtk2: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.10.3:

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.10.2 to 2.10.3

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Fix several Win32-specific problems
 - Add automated tests for GtkFileSystem
 - Make overwrite confirmation work again

* Printing support:
 - Fix confusion between names and values in combo boxes
 - Poll for printer list updates in the cups backend

* Add an automatic scrolling example to gtk-demo

* Bugs fixed:
 354004 Use of g_warning("%s", NULL) after failing to
        open a display
 346751 symbolic colors can't be use in properties
 352264 gtk_status_icon_set_from_pixbuf leaks the old
 352391 small link button leak
 353449 A break is missing in
 329604 do not scroll on copy to clipboard
 354035 Typo in the GtkWidget::drag-drop doc blurb

* Translation updates (ang,bn_IN,ca,de,dz,el,eu,fi,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.10.1 to 2.10.2

* Many fixes and improvements for the OS X backends

* Revert to using gtk modules with global binding,
  since the local binding that was introduced in
  2.10 breaks the accessibility support of current releases.

* GtkRecenManager
 - Poll for changes to the XBEL file
 - Fix initial bad placement of recent files menu
 - Show nonexisting resources by default, and do
   not mark them as insensitive
 - Allow adding a filter to GtkRecentChooserMenu

* GtkFileChooser
 - Improve the fallbacks for icons
 - Make  / and ~ activate the location entry again

* Bugs fixed:
 348828	Segmentation Fault in gtk_combo_box_menu_setup
        when removing combobox child
 349552	problem with parsing (enum) style properties
 351581	API Documentation issues with 2.15 release
 348652	reorder() from ComboBoxEntry produces Gtk+ assert
 349128	Fix docs about GtkTreeModel::row-deleted
 350605	Crash caused by the recent menu
 348096	GtkStyle leaks GtkRcContext
 348145	Background images not working with Quartz backend
 329752	Problem with has_selection notification when
        deleting the selection
 347856	gtk_recent_chooser_add_filter not implemented
        for GtkRecentChooserMenu
 348245	Disabling pdf printing doesn't hide option
 348278	textview doesn't update on hinting setting change
 348289	Filechooser is blocked by higher priority idle
 348478	entry completions needs to reset the IM context
        before emitting action-activate signal
 348538	Remove old email addreses from the tutorial
 348626	drag-to-child should not work
 348634	IconView does not update background
 348706	don't allow dnd onto arrows
 348740	configure script does not honour PKG_CONFIG variable
 348787	Segfault in gtk_font_button_update_font_info()
 348824	test attached calendar-sane-timer patch in head
 348971	gtk_status_icon_get_geometry returns bogus data
 349382	valgrind uninitialized memory warnings setting
        partly uninitialized X properties
 349570	notebook arrow PRELIGHT drawing doesn't work
 349834	Memleak from gtk_tree_view_set_enable_tree_lines
 349858	Leak of ShmPixmapInfo from get_shm_pixmap_for_image
 349859	gtk_paint_tab doesn't work when widget is now
        option menu
 349997	Indirect leak from XkbGetMap
 350039	GtkFileChooserEntry leaks sources
 350050	GdkGC leak from GtkRuler
 350139	Should use evince preview mode
 350258	Memory leak in gtk_entry_drag_data_received()
 350329	The CUPS printer backend in GTK+-2.10.1 fails
        with CUPS 1.1.
 350517	reset_style_idle() interferes with application
 350860	Balloon messages sent to tray do not have the
        correct window in XEvent
 350938	TreeViewColumn rendering off when "spacing"
        property set
 351112	gtk_notebook_set_current_page fails when the
        notebook has not yet been shown
 351519	Directfb backend fails to build
 165714	GtkEntryCompletion doesn't complete on paste
 168737	Different button sizes in About dialogs
 345666	The icons of file, directory and device at
 349429	spin button does not use correct value for
 349501	fix in the documentation of function
 350072	stdout output from colorselection
 351759	Wrong range value in documentation of
 349277	Wrong message for problems with serializing
 346800	Rework sort/filter models to use indices to
        parents instead of pointers
 349120	Small error in doc
 350911 gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_scale() should
        skip when there's enough image data
 348728	GtkTable Row and Column Spacing
 351241	swapped argument description
 350023	"Running GTK+ Applications" chapter does not
        document new GTK_DEBUG possibilities
 351812 file print backend filename encoding issue

* New and updated translations (bg,bn_IN,de,dz,el,es,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.10.0 to 2.10.1

* Drop Pango requirement 1.12.0

* Many fixes and improvements for the OS X
  and directfb backends

* The printing framework now supports a subset
  of the Cups 1.2 custom PPD option spec

* Bug fixes:
 348134 box gaps on left and right can be drawn wrong
 348014	crash on Epiphany Web Browser
 348063	_gtk_icon_cache_get_icon crashes when no
        cache available
 348096	GtkStyle leaks GtkRcContext
 157439	The "adding to panel" is buggy when switching
        to an rtl environment
 346751	symbolic colors can't be use in properties
 347976	Context menus appear in strange locations
 348001	xid / fid X11 font id's are used intermixed
 348049	Tabs "magically" re-order
 348094	Adjustment leak from gtkiconview
 348115 improve notebook visuals when dragging
 348120	gtkentrycompletion leaks action_view
 348227	gtkimcontextsimple doesn't terminate a string
        with null
 348424	mem leak in GtkPrintSettings
 348089	Missing chaining up in gtk_recent_chooser_menu_finalize
 348090	Reference leak in gtk_text_layout_set_contexts
 348095	gtk_menu_stop_scrolling does work even if we
        were not scrolling...
 142582	Add animation xsetting
 346427	xbm loader returns false, fails to set error
 346733	GList of visuals is always empty and causes
        crashes in gdk_rgb_choose_visual()
 347048	crash on using GtkAssistant
 164884	GtkTreeView row drag is sometimes started
 302127	GtkTreeView gets angry when items deleted
        from a test_expand_row handler
 346092 gtk_tooltip_set_delay documentation wrong
 346428	Be robust against broken loaders failing to
        set error on failure
 346467	gtkwindow state assignments bug
 346598	modeline takes too much memory
 346603	Context menus only work once
 346639	treeview memleak
 346668	symbolic colors are broken when specifying
 346713 quartz backend is missing functions that
        pygtk needs
 346721	XBM reading in quartz backend is broken
 346836	Tabs jump around when opening menus
 347018 missing GDK_QUARTZ_ALLOC/RELEASE_POOL calls
 347277	gtk_drag_get_ipc_widget() and window groups
 347315	SYNC extension check failing
 347902	GtkRange doesn't reliably update stepper
 335012 gtkcellrenderertext - gtkeditable: bad
        interaction when ypad is set to hi value
 337910	gdk_pango_layout_get_clip_region is inefficient
 346605	Modifier-key events are not sent
 346970	gtkfilechooserbutton leaks an empty list
 347032	documentation of gtk_print_context_get_height()
        has typo
 347037	GObject info missing for GtkRecentManager and
        GtkRecentChooser* in gtk-doc API reference
 347041 documentation of gtk_paper_size_is_equal()
        has a typo
 347043	Reference leaks in GtkFileChooserButton
 347066	gimp 2.3.9/2.2.12 GTK+ assertion fails on
        open file dialog
 347211 documentation of gtk_print_job_send() has a
 347710	new GtkCellRendererSpin misses a lot of API
 347711	slight glitches in GtkAssistant API documentation
 347065	Fix in-line doc typos
 311399	relative to the window string can be better

* Updated translations (bg,bn_IN,cs,de,dz,es,et,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.4 to 2.10.0

* Printing:
  - A PREVIEW capability has been added to allow hiding the
    preview button

* Bug fixes:
 321393	Incorrect size request after changing the font
 327164	(GtkRBNode *)node becomes NULL inside GtkTreeView
 344074	Feature request: get printer list, and get default print
 344876	refcount leak when using ComboBox.set_cell_data_func
 345644	gtk+-2.9.4 requires CUPS-1.2.x
 345663	gtkaction(group)?.c: using functions without prototype declaration
 346079	gtk receives all sorts of events from the X server
 343841	Misguided iter assertion in gtk_list_store_insert_with_values()
 346113 unix print dialogue always has preview button
 346237 Possible leak in gtkprintunixdialog.c
 346027 cancelling printer enumeration
 346312 gtk 2.9.4 tarball lacks the files gtkwin32embedwidget.h
        and gtkprint-win32.h
 346341 Memory leak in gtk_tree_model_sort_finalize: User data not freed

* Updated translations (cs,cy,dz,es,gu,hi,ko,mk,nb,nl,ru,th,ur)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.3 to 2.9.4

* GtkPrintOperation:
 - UI improvements in the print dialog
 - Make printing work without a display connection
 - Replace "Print to PDF" by "Print to file" that
   can generate PDF or PostScript
 - Add a function to the low-level API to
   enumerate all printers

* GtkNotebook tab DND has been improved

* GtkProgressbar supports text in activity mode

* GtkLabel allows to set the wrap mode

* GtkStatusIcon supports transparency

* Bugs fixed:
 344850 Dragging a GtkTreeViewColumn segfaults when
        using certain GtkTreeViewColumnDropFunc
 342458 Stock menu items without icons are broken in
        recent GTK+ releases.
 335873 notebook DND + popup windows
 337882 gtk_progress_bar_set_text() does nothing in
        activity mode
 339456 unix print dialogue help button bug
 339702 Make sure printing works without a display
 341571 tabs too easily reordered
 344074 New Feature: get printer list, and get default print
 344743 gtk_targets_include_text() should initialize atoms
 344838 Allow func to be NULL in
 344891 GtkPrintOperationPreview signal defs correction
 345008 Need updated cairo req
 345093 print preview temp file issues
 345107 Memory leak in gtk_entry_completion_finalize:
        User data not freed
 345194 gdk_window_set_functions() docs need to be updated
 345456 grid-lines property is wrongly registered and
 314278 strings in gtk-update-icon-cache are not marked
        for translation
 344707 size group with widgets in hidden container
 344897 Entry completion model NULL handling should be
 345038 gtk_print_job_set_status' status
 345106 dialog button box spacings
 345176 GtkIconView doc about drag and drop
 345275 doc imporovements for gtk_window_move
 345320 Two very similiar strings should be made equal
 345321 Add meaning of "shortcut" as translator comment
 320034 transparency gtkstatusicon
 339592 Add print-to-postscript
 344867 custom paper file could use keyfile

* Updated translations (cs,de,es,fr,gl,gu,hi,ko,ta,th)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.2 to 2.9.3

* GtkPrintOperation:
 - Introduce an allow-async property
 - Introduce a GtkPrintOperationAction enumeration
 - Rename pdf_target to export_filename
 - Allow to hide "Print to PDF" in the low-level API

* GtkNotebook:
 - Add a destroy notify to

* GtkTreeView:
 - Support grid lines

* GtkRange:
 - Add a number of new stle properties which allow more
   fexible stepper theming

* Bugs fixed:
 153212 Have the Paste kbd shortcut jump to the location in
        the buffer
 337491 _gdk_win32_drawable_release_dc: DeleteDC() called on
        a GetDC() handle
 339739 gtk/gtkprintoperation-win32.c: 3 compile error
 342339 GtkRange::stepper-spacing style property not
        implemented correctly
 343945 Buttons of a GtkAssistant are not accessible
 344148 Wrong reqs for ATK
 344209 gtk_notebook_set_window_creation_hook() has no destroy
 344232 GtkEntry's "Delete" context menu item is sensitive on a
        non-editable GtkEntry
 344244 Window resizing not working when keeping the aspect
 344288 gtk_print_operation_preview_is_selected must return
        a value
 344386 and gdkconfig.h
 344496 CRLF converting via Clipboard
 344504 GtkPrintCapabilities not in gtktypebuiltins.h
 344505 Wrong signal registration for create_custom_widget
 344512 cvs build issue
 344513 pdf print module's print_stream not calling destroy
 344518 NULL unref in page setup dialogue
 344543 gtk_progress_bar_pulse calls gtk_progress_bar_paint
 344560 gtk_print_settings_[sg]et_scale shouldn't be in percent
 344607 memory leaks in gtkrecentchooserdefault.c and
 344624 Memory leak in gtk_tree_model_filter_finalize: User
        data not freed
 337603 Possible off-by-one in
 344239 Wrong filename for gtk-find stock item.
 344528 comma at end of GtkPrintOperationAction enum causes
        mozilla compilation error
 344290 horizontal-padding not take into account when placing
 344558 document print dialogue response codes
 339592 Add print-to-postscript
 342249 Allow to draw upper and lower sides of GtkRange's
        trough differently
 344530 gtk_recent_chooser_widget_new_for_manager and
        gtk_recent_chooser_menu_new_for_manager should
        allow NULL manager arg

* Updated translations (es,fi,gu,ko,th,wa)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.1 to 2.9.2

* GtkPrintOperation
 - Support asynchronous pagination with the ::paginate signal
 - Add gtk_print_operation_cancel
 - Support application-specific widgets
 - Allow disabling features based on application capabilities
 - Optionally show progress
 - Change some function names in GtkPrintContext to be longer
   and better
 - Support preview, the default implementation spawns evince,
   but the api allows for an internal preview implementation

* GtkCellView
 - Add a model property

* GtkStatusIcon
 - Allow to obtain screen geometry

* GtkTreeView
 - Many bug fixes, in particular for RTL handling
 - Separate sensitive and selectable properties of rows
 - Optionally allow rubberband selection

* GtkButton
 - Add image-spacing style property
 - Add image-position property

* GtkToolButton
 - Add icon-spacing style property

* Make GTK+ work as an untrused X client

* Bugs fixed:
 343838 gtkprintoperationpreview.h guards
 305530 Crashes while creating source code w/GtkFontSelection
 341327 Memory corruption inside glib
 341734 cursor blocked to dnd mode after using shift and
        dnd on a GtkCalendar
 343453 G_DEFINE_TYPE messes up internal typenames of
        GdkWindow and GdkPixmap
 136571 Problems running as untrusted client
 168105 the right edge tab does not appear when switching tab
 172535 Add support for UI builders in gtk+
 302556 GtkTreeView widget signals are badly documented
 324480 Selecting first item with keyboard is difficult
 340428 small cleanup
 340444 don't run the custom page size dialogue
 340839 Critical warnings in GtkTreeModelFilter
 341898 gtk_tree_view_insert_column_with_attributes doesn't
        work with fixed_height_mode
 342003 DnD: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value
 342072 Wrong drop location in GtkEntry
 342096 GtkImage animation CRITICALS on switching themes
 342513 widget class style property with type module
 342529 gdk should set resolution on PangoCairoFontmap,
        not PangoCairoContext
 342535 Add documentation for new GtkWidget style properties
        (including Since tags)
 342543 can't compile gtk+ on opensolaris using sun cc
 342569 Typo in decl of gdk_color_parse
 342752 Need a way to specify custom tab label for custom page
        in Print dialog
 342754 print-editor: font button dialog doesn't get focus if
        main window has a window group
 342781 GtkPrintUnixDialog: Collate should be insensitive unless
        Copies is > 1
 342783 GtkPrintUnixDialog: Range textinput area should be
        insensitive unless range radiobutton is selected
 342894 Use after free inside gtk_text_view_set_buffer
 342930 GtkButton should offer a way to position the image
        relative to the text
 343088 Some typos in the PO file
 343425 "grab-notify"-signal is not correctly propagated for
        internal children
 343438 gtk_color_button_set_color() doesn't emit "color-set"
 343475 page setup unix dialog confusion
 343625 allow to get only some info from gtk_status_icon_get_geometry
 343677 GtkWindow chains key-release to key-press
 320431 Text too close when using East/West in a GtkToolButton
 321523 GtkTreeView's test_expand_row signal emitting impractical
        on row expand all
 342007 Warning in gtk_paned_compute_position
 343233 gdk_rectangle_intersect doc
 333284 expander animation not working in RTL mode
 343444 change color of gtk-demo source-buffer comment color
        from red to DodgerBlue
 343630 Small inconsistence in migration documentation
  80127 Rubberbanding for GtkTreeView
 341450 status icon + libnotify
 341679 Allow absolute filenames in the options entries

* Updated translations (bg,cy,de,el,es,et,eu,gl,gu,it,ja,

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.0 to 2.9.1

* GtkPrintOperation
 - Many user interface improvements in the unix dialogs
 - gtk-demo has a printing demo
 - Don't unload print backends for now, since that has
   deadlock issues
 - Asynchronous page rendering is done in an idle

* GtkImage has an image property

* GtkTextBuffer has a cursor-position property

* Arrow sizes in scrolled menus and notebooks are themable

* GDK keysyms have be synched with Xorg 7.1

* Bugs fixed:
 340676 print backend type modules not correctly reregistering
        their types
 340870 gdk_window_get_toplevels docstring error
 323956 Unwanted accelerate key in the action-based toolbar
 340527 Tooltips not shown for toolbar buttons created with
 340516 status icon property getter assertions
 341091 a couple of spelling errors in gtk+
 335707 notebook DND with event boxes in tab labels
 337306 Add a GtkMessageDialog::image property
 139628 GtkLayout In GtkScrolledWindow does not receive the
 334412 Add cursor-position property for getting notified
        about cursor movement
 341217 langinfo.h #include'd unconditionally stops build
 333632 use GtkMenu::scroll-arrow-height instead of
 325282 Add GtkNotebook::tab-overlap style property
 341247 possible crash with tab_label = NULL
 321896 Synch gdkkeysyms.h/gtkimcontextsimple.c with 6.9/7.0
 341416 Save FileChooserDialog doesn't response
 336774 gtk_recent_manager_add_full
 340401 critical warnings when using window groups
 341661 misplaced g_assert in gtk_text_view_allocate_children
 341692 Semicolons after G_DEFINE_TYPE
 341665 several misplaced g_assert
 341578 reverse page order issues
 341332 Unset background in more places
 341896 gtktreeview has RTL problems with toggle buttons if using
        gtktreestore as a model
 341028 crash in new async code
 341035 file chooser crash
 340722 GtkToolbar::max-child-expand style property
 339589 Tooltips on orientation icons in page setup dialog
 340951 faq: How do I internationalize a GTK+ program? doesn't
        mention glib-I18N
 341855 Little typo in the Tree and List Widget Overview
 153212 Have the Paste kbd shortcut jump to the location
        in the buffer
 335729 Invisible rows and
 106406 GtkTreeView Grid Lines?
 339592 Add print-to-postscript

* Updated translations (de,es,gl,gu,nl)

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.8.x to 2.9.0

* GtkStatusIcon, a cross-platform "tray icon" API

* GtkAssistant, a widget for creating multi-step wizards

* GtkLinkButton, a widget that displays a clickable hyperlink

* GtkRecentChooser, widgets to display and select recently used files

* GtkPrintOperation, cross-platform printing support

* A framework for rich text copy and paste and DND

* GtkCellRendererAccel, a cell renderer for key combinations

* GtkCellRendererSpin, a cell renderer which edits numeric values
  using a spin button

* GtkAction works with named icons in addition to stock icons

* GtkNotebook supports DND, allowing to reorder tabs, move tabs
  between notebooks and drop tabs on the desktop to open a new window

* GtkTreeView:
  - Enhanced customizability (e.g. grouping) with the
    show-expanders and level-indentation properties
  - Allow to embed the search popup
  - Better search popup positioning

* GtkFileChooser:
  - Communication with backends is now asynchronous to avoid
    blocking on filesystem operations. Due to the required interface
    changes, the GTK+ ABI version has been bumped to 2.10.0. Third-party
    filesystem backends have to be ported to the new interface, other
    modules, such as theme engines, input method modules or pixbuf loaders
    have to be rebuilt so that they are installed in the right place
    for GTK+ to find them.
  - The location entry (popped up by C-L) has been integrated in the
    main dialog.

* Reworked hex Unicode input now requires Ctrl-Shift-U

* Animations can now be globally controlled by settings

* The gtk-touchscreen-mode setting controls a number of changes
  that make GTK+ work better on touchscreens

* Password entries can optionally show the last entered character
  for a short while, controlled by the password-hint-timeout setting

* GTK+ can now consult an additional fallback icon theme before
  falling back to hicolor

* Improved themability:
  - GTK+ supports symbolic colors, which can be set system-wide
    using a setting, and can be modified and used in rc files
    and theme engines
  - GTK+ sets window type hints on override-redirect windows to
    help compositing managers apply proper bling
  - Paths in rc files can now refer to all subclasses of a class
  - GtkRange steppers will appear insensitive when the slider
    is at the end; applications which need to handle this case
    (e.g. to extend the range) can opt out of this.
  - GtkRange::activate-slider style property allows themes
    to draw sliders differently while they are being dragged
  - GtkNotebook::tab-overlap and GtkNotebook::curvature style
    properties allow more flexible notebook theming
  - The spacing of buttons around children can be themed with
    the GtkButton::inner-border style property. Apps can override
    this per-widget using the corresponding inner-border property
  - GtkMenu has aquired a horizontal-padding style property
  - There are style properties for the color of hyperlinks,
    GtkWidget::link-color and GtkWidget::visited-link-color
  - GtkTreeview row hinting now takes the selection into account
  - Scrolling menus can be forced to always display both arrows,
    using the GtkMenu::double-arrows style property
  - Separators can be themed using the wide-separators, separator-width
    and separator-height style properties
  - GtkTreeView allows more flexible theming with the row-ending-details
  - The pixbuf theme engines supports customized drawing of expanders
    and resize grips

* GDK changes:
  - OS X backend
  - DirectFB backend
  - Closing displays works
  - gdk_screen_is_composited to check for running compositing manager
  - Support for Super, Hyper and Meta modifiers

* gdk-pixbuf changes:
  - Supports saving tiff
  - Supports loading 16-bit pnm
  - Doesn't load entire gif animation to get first frame

* Bug fixes
  - Too many to list them here

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