Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/py-gtk2
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 09/15/2006 15:14:16
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jmmv
Date:		Fri Sep 15 15:14:16 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/x11/py-gtk2: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.10.1:

pygtk-2.10.0 4-september-2006
    - Issue a warning when a DISPLAY is not set (#316877, Johan, Jeremey Katz)
    - Copy style.css from pygobject docs when installing docs.
      (#351385 Gian Mario Tagliaretti)
    - Include the built docs in the tarball (Johan)

pygtk-2.9.6 8-august-2006
    - GtkTreePath can be converted from integers again (#350252, Gustavo,
      Sebastien Bacher)
    - Fix parallel build (#350225, Ed Catmur)
    - Reduce exception abuse in code generator (Gustavo)
    - Documentation improvements (Johan, John)

pygtk-2.9.5 6-august-2006
    - Make it possible to build with GTK+ 2.10 (#350008, Joseph Sacco)
    - Make sure dir(gtk.keysyms) work again (#349892, Johan, John)
    - reloading the gtk module works again (#349026, Johan, Alexander Larsson)

pygtk-2.9.4 4-august-2006
    - Include John Finlay's PyGTK reference manual (Johan, John)
    - Setters and getters for GtkWidget.activate_signal (#331445, Gustavo)
    - GtkToolItemType setter/getter (#331355, Gustavo)
    - Code generator fixes (Gustavo, Johan, John, Yevgen Muntyan, Gustavo)
    - Add more gtk+ 2.10 API (#337011, John, Sebastian Pölsterl)
    - Don't copy treeiters in callbacks (#347273, John, Stefano Maggiolo)
    - Provide full information for GtkTreeSelection.set_select_function
      (#340475 John, Wouter Bolsterlee)
    - Export less symbols and reduce the size of the libraries (#347825,
      Rafael Espíndola)
    - Allow negative values for GtkTreeModel.set/getitem (#311852, Baiju M)
    - Much improved interface/virtual method support (John)
    - Remove evil 100ms timeout timer (#348937, Gustavo)

pygtk-2.9.3 12-july-2006
    - Update to latest gtk+ 2.10 API changes (#345447, #345623, Newren, Peters)
    - Many more new gtk+ 2.10 APIs wrapped (Finlay)
    - Wrap gtk_widget_class_find_style_property (Finlay)
    - gtk.gdk.CairoContext.rectangle bug fix (Gustavo)
    - Update defs for atk 1.8 (Finlay)
    - Misc. module cleanups (Dahlin)
    - New pango APIs wrapped (Finlay)
    - Fix refcount error in gtk.Clipboard (#343960, Gustavo, Finlay)
    - Enable GDK X11-specific APIs available also with gtk+ 2.8 (Gustavo)
    - Lazy loading of the gtk.keysyms module (Johan Dahlin)

pygtk-2.9.2 15-june-2006
    - Fix a codegen bug that prevent build of other extensions (344845, Gustavo)
    - Builds with pycairo 1.1.6 (344957, Gustavo)
    - gtk.TextBuffer rich text copy and serialization (Finlay)
    - Correct Print Editor example (Gustavo)

pygtk-2.9.1 13-june-2006
    - Allow gtk.TreeSortable.set_default_sort_func callback to be None
      (Johan, Patrick O'Brien)
    - Add API to unset the g_log handlers (#323786, Johan)
    - Allow the gtk module to be imported without DISPLAY (#316877, Johan)
    - Code cleanup and fixes considering Coverity reports (Johan)
    - Add codegen support for const-Object return type (#169204, Gustavo)
    - Add codgen support for unblocking threads around method calls (Gustavo)
    - Wrap gdk_event_handler_set (Johan)
    - Codegen reverse wrapper bug fix (#340162, Yevgen Muntyan)
    - Wrap GdkRegion (John Ehresman)
    - Add codegen support for ignore-type statement in override (Johan)
    - Add conditional support for gtk+ 2.10 API, especially printing
      (Johan, Finlay, Gustavo)
    - Complete the support for gtk.Container virtual methods (#341641, Gustavo)
    - Fix misc. reference leaks (Finlay, Gustavo)
    - Allow None parameter in pangocairo.CairoContext.set_font_options (Finlay)
    - Complete the support for gtk.CellRenderer virtual methods (#339431, Gustavo)
    - IconView.set_cursor method params 'cell' and 'start_editing'
      made optional (#343039, Ross Burton, Finlay)
    - Wrap a few more gdk_cairo_* methods (Finlay)
    - Add a 'selection' field to gdk.OWNER_CHANGE events (Finlay)
    - Allow None in gtk.Entry.set_inner_border() (Finlay)
    - gtk.Clipboard rich text methods (Finlay)
    - Add gtk.MessageDialog.set_image() (Finlay)
    - Wrap gtk_link_button_set_uri_hook() (Finlay)
    - Allow None in gtk.Widget.input_shape_combine_mask() (Finlay)
    - Allow gtk.LinkButton() constructor to optionally receive a label (Finlay)
    - Allow None in gtk.Label.set_mnemonic_widget() (Johan)
    - Wrap a bunch of X11 specific gdk methods (Gustavo)
    - Add gtk.SizeGroup.get_widgets() (Finlay)
    - Wrap gtk_style_lookup_color() (Finlay)
    - Wrap a bunch of gtk treeview grid lines methods (Finlay)
    - Better Drag and drop API support (Finlay)
    - Add -I option to codegen (defs search path) (Gustavo)

pygtk-2.9.0 04-april-2006
    - Remove gobject, pygobject is now a hard dependency
    - Set encoding in pango instead of gtk (328031)
    - Wrap gdk.Screen.get_rgba_colormap/get_rgbma_visual (328996,
      Marco Cabizza)
    - Remove private gtk wrappers (321476)
    - Add a bunch of missing wrappers (316881, John Finlay)
    - Add inout support in reverse wrappers (335964, Gustavo)
    - Update h2defs to allow whitespace before parenthesis (317124)
    - Make it possible to reimplement interfaces (334986, Gustavo)
    - Allow log_handler to be called when python is not initialized
      (334188, Gustavo)
    - Support for const object args (, Gustavo)
    - Export pygtk tree model api (318021, Gustavo)
    - Allow overrides to be in base classes (327715, Gustavo)
    - Wrap a pango cairo font options acecssors (328108,
      Rauli Ruohonen)
    - Add GDK_PARENT_RELATIVE relative handling (320248, Johan,
      Nikos Kouremenos)
    - Improve pixbuf demo (327931, Ben Caradoc-Davies)
    - Set default markup accel marker to \x00
      (329658, Johan, Johan Svedberg)
    - Set 1 as default argument to SpinButton.spin() (325452,
      Sebastian Rittau)
    - Wrap gdk.Drawable.gdk_draw_indexed_image (333431,
      Johan, Hamish Moffatt)
    - Mark as deprecated (309811, Gustavo)
    - Rename name of first keyword argument to pango.LayoutLine.index_to_x
      (316581, Gustavo, John Finlay)
    - Run reindent on all python code (325320, Johan)
    - Improve generictreemodel example (311459, Steven Kennedy)
    - Wrap gdk.Pixbuf.rotate_simple (314164, Karel Vervaeke)
    - Use in argument in gtk.TreeView.cell_get_size (326357, John Ehresman)

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