Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel
To: None <>
From: Eric Gillespie <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 09/11/2006 04:14:31
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	epg
Date:		Mon Sep 11 04:14:31 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/ruby-subversion: PLIST
	pkgsrc/devel/subversion: Makefile.version distinfo
	pkgsrc/devel/subversion-base: Makefile PLIST
	pkgsrc/devel/subversion/patches: patch-ad patch-ag patch-ah patch-ai

Log Message:
Version 1.4.0
(10 September 2006, from /branches/1.4.x)

  - Client:
    * new 'svnsync' commandline tool for repository replication
    * numerous working copy improvements (WARNING! upgrades to new format!):
      - improved performance when detecting modified files (r18628 -56)
      - new property storage is faster and uses less disk space (r17583)
      - internal wcprops take up less space (r19433 -37)
      - large file commit speedups (r17861 -73 18867 -918 -29 -44 -45 -48 -49)
      - reduce memory usage for large working copies (r19183 -538)
      - increased working copy stability with merge, copy and move:
            (fixes issues #845, #1516, #1553, #2135, #2144, #2148)
    * new switches added:
      - 'svn blame --force' (issue #2509)
      - 'svn diff/merge -c/--change' (r17054 -6 -68 18568 -741)
      - 'svn diff --summarize' (issue #2015)
      - 'svn merge/blame -x' (r18716 -20) (r18602 -857)
    * 'svn log' now supports peg revisions (issue #2287)
    * 'svn export' now creates intermediate directories if needed (r20030)
    * use switch/relocate when svn:externals updated (issue #2209)
    * internal diff can ignore whitespace and eol style changes (issue #2121)
    * conflict markers now match the file's eol style (issue #1325)
    * new svn2cl, svn-viewdiff and svn-resolve contrib scripts
    * numerous improvements to, vc-svn and psvn
    * translation updates for all languages
    * Mac OS X: store cached passwords encrypted in Keychain (r17619 -43)
    * fixed: 'svn ls' slow over ra_dav (issue #2151)
    * fixed: 'svn import' not handling eol-style correctly (issue #2433)
    * fixed: 'svn blame' should default operative rev range to peg rev (r18400)
    * fixed: 'svn blame' ignores eol-style (issue #2431)
    * fixed: 'svn checkout' should default operative rev to peg rev (r18422)
    * fixed: 'svn diff' supports all eol styles (r17624 -8 -61 18195 -392)
    * fixed: 'svn diff' multi-target memory leak (r17518)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' showing wrong status with external diff3 (issue #1914)
    * fixed: 'svn merge' not merging added dir into deleted dir (issue #2515)
    * fixed: 'svn rm' of non-existent item should fail (issue #2440)
    * fixed: 'svn status' should skip unversioned files (issue #2030)
    * fixed: 'svn status' shows added and conflicted files as added (r20382)
    * fixed: 'svn switch --relocate' may set wrong repos root (r17031)
    * fixed: 'svn switch --relocate' memory leak (r19535)
    * fixed: 'svn switch --relocate' not caching passwords (issue #2360)
    * fixed: 'svn info' not showing locks sometimes (r19777)
    * fixed: incorrect merge of add of binary file already in WC (issue #2403)
    * fixed: possible dataloss if editing immediately after merge (r20609 -12)
    * fixed: lots of diff wc<->repos bugs
    * fixed: unfriendly error message on propget on nonexistent path (r19399)
    * fixed: spurious revert report after manual conflict removal (issue #2517)
    * fixed: don't allow -rPREV on schedule add path (issue #2315)
    * fixed: keywords with dollar signs cause badness (issue #1780)
    * fixed: really revert file with locally modified keywords (issue #1663)
    * fixed: deleting schedule add file leaves working props file (issue #2419)
    * fixed: svn:needs-lock and read-only-ness not always in sync (issue #2306)
    * fixed: post-commit error output not sent to the client (issue #443)
    * fixed: not locked error on commit of switched path (issue #2353)
    * fixed: should trim whitespace from props (r20790)
    * fixed: show locking notifications in local path style (r20927)
    * fixed: encoding error on error messages from invalid options (r20883)

  - Server:
    * support for new 'svnsync' repository mirroring utility
    * support for BDB 4.4, including automatic recovery (issue #2449)
    * new contrib hook scripts:
      - enforcer
    * new tools script
    * new tools hook script
    * svnserve improvements:
      - can now run as a native Windows service (r18855)
      - new option --pid-file (r17836)
      - allow the password database to be read-only (r16840)
    * mod_dav_svn improvements:
      - fixed: error conversion crash (r19516)
      - fixed: unfriendly error when locking already locked path (issue #2275)
      - fixed: xml escaping bugs (r19760 -85 -86)
    * authorization improvements:
      - new mod_dontdothat apache module (r19531)
      - new mod_authz_svn directive AuthzSVNNoAuthWhenAnonymousAllowed (r18680)
      - error out when authz rules contain unexpected characters (r19471)
    * support .wsf hook scripts on Windows (r18972, 19076)
    * lots of improvements to and
    * FSFS back-end performance improvements (r17125 19119 -456 -58 -59)
    * fixed: 'svnadmin verify' output not in native encoding (issue #1997)
    * fixed: uuid file in FSFS could be destroyed on write error (issue #2193)
    * fixed: FSFS path encoding bug (r17774)
    * fixed: don't crash on corrupt repositories (r17625)
    * fixed: expect error output from hook scripts in native encoding (r17101)
    * fixed: catch errors starting hook scripts (r16891 17041 -81)
    * fixed: svnserve and authz can cause broken WCs (issue #2566)
    * fixed: the default hook script templates should be vanilla sh (r20796)

  - Both:
    * delta compression improvements:
       - new delta encoding reduces size (r18363 -94 -66 -78 -98 -99 -457 -950)
       - xdelta algorithm speed improvements (r18986, 19047)
    * don't bail on invalid locale (r19445)
    * improve speed of non-verbose svn ls (r17067 -71)
    * fixed: delta combiner reading past EOF (r17743)

* require APR >= 0.9.7 to improve error detection for FSFS repos (r19915)
* require zlib, for svndiff1 delta encoding (r18363)
* support SWIG 1.3.29 (r19968)
* support autoconf 2.60-dev (r19919 20632 -36)
* removed no-longer-supported Red Hat 7.x RPMs (r20462)
* add support for building RPMs for x86-64 architecture (r20548 -552)
* numerous improvements to build system, especially on win32
* removed Visual Studio.NET APR 0.9 project files (r20170)
* numerous improvements to the test suite
* new public APIs:
  - keyword and eol translation helpers and generic streams (see svn_subst.h)
  - new generic stream helpers (see svn_io.h)
  - authentication providers made available to other clients (see svn_auth.h)
  - svn_cmdline_setup_auth_baton
  - svn_dso_initialize, svn_dso_load
  - svn_client_diff_summarize and svn_client_diff_summarize_peg
  - svn_client_list
  - svn_config_has_section
  - svn_txdelta_compose_windows and svn_txdelta_apply_instructions
  - svn_txdelta_stream_create
  - svn_diff_file_options_create and svn_diff_file_options_parse
  - svn_err_best_message
  - svn_compat_wrap_commit_callback
  - svn_uuid_generate
  - svn_user_get_name and svn_user_get_homedir
  - svn_io_get_dir_filenames
  - svn_ra_reparent
  - svn_ra_replay
  - svn_wc_revision_status
  - several rev'd APIs, see doxygen docs
* flush stdout after each status/notification line (r19476 -656)
* new (experimental) ra_serf repository access module for pipelined DAV
* .svn/entries use a less verbose non-xml format (r19420)
* make recursive 'svn ls' streamy (issue #1809)
* remove svn-config script
* empty-file and README.txt removed from WC admin areas (r17181 -268 -364)
* replace cmdline client XML DTDs with RNG schemas (r16379 -80 -93 -571 17248)
* fixed: log --limit against old svnserve leaves unusable session (r19638)
* fixed: Solaris build problems (r19636)
* fixed: blame of WORKING revision shouldn't give BASE (r19558)
* fixed: svn_client_copy and _move should fail if target exists (issue #2188)
* fixed: svn_io_file_rename and readonlyness on Windows and UNIX (r17366 -69)
* fixed: ra_dav memory leak when reusing session (issue #2247)
* fixed: console character encoding problems when built with VS2005 (r20108)
* fixed: various problems with --enable-dso and global pools (r20996, r20999)
* fixed: syntax error in installer files on new versions of Inno Setup (r21022)
* SWIG bindings:
    - SWIG/python bindings:
      - new support for svn_client_info (r19413)
    - SWIG/ruby bindings:
      - full support for Subversion 1.4 APIs, including :
        svn_ra_replay and svn_diff_summarize
      - numerous bug fixes
      - add ruby documentation (make install-swig-rb-doc) (r20166)
      - add APIs for adding a provider (r21079)
    - SWIG/perl bindings:
      - new support for svn_client_info (r18758)
      - minor corrections to SVN::Fs (r19312)
* javahl bindings:
    - APIs to get version info for the native libraries  (r17604 -07)
    - API for path validation (r18989, r19079)
    - C++/Java code refactoring, cleanup, and consolidation
    - fixed: handle possible errors from date/time conversions (r17213)
    - fixed: SVNClient username/password JVM crash on null input (r19803 -13)
    - fixed: specify default UUID load action (r18030)
    - fixed: compile error on Visual Studio 2005 (r18054)

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