Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ald
To: None <>
From: OBATA Akio <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 09/09/2006 12:52:11
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	obache
Date:		Sat Sep  9 12:52:11 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/ald: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/ald/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad patch-ae
	    patch-af patch-ag patch-ah

Log Message:
Update ald to 0.1.7. Close PR 26552.

0.1.7        2004/10/10

  - added commands: display, ldisplay, undisplay to dump
    specified memory locations after each single step
    (thanks to ziberpunk <ziberpunk =at= ziberghetto dhis org>
     for the suggestion and code)

  - all Makefiles are now based on automake in the hopes
    that this will fix some of the problems integrating
    ald into the *BSD ports systems

  - bug fix where a pointer wasn't set to NULL after
    clearing program arguments with the "set args" command

  - this is related to the previous feature: if the effective
    address lies inside a symbol/function, the corresponding
    symbol is now displayed

  - for CALL and JMP instructions, exact target/effective
    addresses are now computed
    (code for this was contributed by Samuel Falvo II
     <kc5tja =at= arrl net>)

  - upgraded all configure scripts to autoconf v2.59

0.1.6        2004/07/23

  - 2 bug fixes in "examine" command relating to dumping large
    numbers of bytes
    (found by mbe21 <mbe21 =at= o2 pl>)

  - bug fix where ~/.aldrc was not saved on ^D

  - minor memory leak fix which would occur in the loading
    of ~/.aldrc on startup
    (found by Alfredo Beaumont <ziberpunk =at= ziberghetto dhis org>)

  - more graceful handling of when the debugged program
    receives an unknown signal

  - "examine" command can now take section and symbol
    names in addition to numerical addresses

  - fix for libreadline detection in autoconf

  - ripped out all ncurses related code

  - minor memory leak fix: During print bursts, users may
    hit 'q' or ^C to stop the burst. This is implemented
    via a longjmp() call, but if memory was allocated
    beforehand, it would not have been freed since longjmp()
    alters the path of execution. A simple list structure
    was implemented to fix this.

  - fixed some issues related to upgrade to autoconf 2.58

  - bumped LICENSE up to GPL v2

  - "register" command now defaults to compact output format

  - fixed some minor disassembly bugs

  - got ald to compile on NetBSD 1.6.2
    (many thanks to Brad Spencer for providing me with
     a NetBSD shell account)

0.1.5p1      2003/10/14

  - bandaid to top level to make ald compile
    in OpenBSD's ports system

0.1.5        2003/10/11

  - "file secinfo" command can now output information on
    a.out sections

  - added TODO and BUGS files

  - fixed problems relating to changing values of fpu
    special purpose registers

  - added some missing SSE instructions to libDASM

  - OpenBSD support is back: fixed compile problems relating to
    fpu code, tested on 3.3 release

  - bug fixes in disassembling various MMX instructions
    (thanks to Peter Boettcher for patch)

  - changed library libDisasm to libDASM (Debugger's Assembler
    Library) in anticipation of its new capability to assemble

  - added OSABI information to elf header parsing in libOFF
    (someone sent me a patch for this ages ago - sorry for
    taking so long!)

  - added -DNDEBUG to turn off assert() in out-of-the-box

  - bug fix in a.out parser: now checks for QMAGIC binaries

  - "file symbols" command has changed to "file syminfo" and you
    can now use "file syminfo [symbol name]" to get information for
    a specific symbol

  - added libOFF to handle all the object file format stuff

0.1.4        2003/07/09

  - libOp has been replaced with the rewritten library libDisasm
    which has a better overall design

  - incorporated hp's patch:
      . "disassemble" command now shows symbol information.
        Also added "set disasm-show-syms" to toggle this feature on/off.

      . added ascii output for all size memory dumps

      . bug fix in elf header parsing

  - added ~/.aldrc configuration file to save settings

  - fixed MSB problem when setting register values

0.1.3        2002/06/29

  - added "set step-display-mmxregs" option to display mmx registers after single

  - "lbreak" command now shows the name of the symbol containing each breakpoint, if

0.1.2        2002/06/14

  - added "set step-display-fpregs" option to display fpu registers after single

  - added "-all" flag to "register" command to output fpu registers

  - fix for disassembling fld opcodes

  - fix in elf parser for executables with no section name string table present

0.1.1        2002/04/24

  - bug fix in disassembling opcodes with /digit fields

  - bug fix in setting breakpoints which are close together

  - bug fix in handling of runtime arguments

  - new man page

0.1.0        2002/04/13

  - added attach/detach commands

  - added human readable flags register output

  - minor bugfixes

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