Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/png
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 04/16/2006 19:39:46
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Sun Apr 16 19:39:46 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/graphics/png: Makefile distinfo
	pkgsrc/graphics/png/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ad patch-ae

Log Message:
Update to 1.2.9:

Changes since the last public release (1.2.8):

version 1.2.9 [April 14, 2006]
  Initialized some structure members in pngwutil.c to avoid gcc-4.0.0 complaints
  Fixed an incorrect typecast in pngrutil.c
  Added PNG_NO_READ_SUPPORTED conditionals for making a write-only library.
  Optimized alpha-inversion loops in pngwtran.c
  Moved test for nonzero gamma outside of png_build_gamma_table() in pngrtran.c
  Make sure num_trans is <= 256 before copying data in png_set_tRNS().
  Make sure num_palette is <= 256 before copying data in png_set_PLTE().
  Interchanged order of write_swap_alpha and write_invert_alpha transforms.
  Added parentheses in the definition of PNG_LIBPNG_BUILD_TYPE (Cosmin).
  Exported png_get_uint_32, png_save_uint_32, png_get_uint_16, png_save_uint_16,
    png_get_int_32, png_save_int_32, png_get_uint_31 (Cosmin).
  Added parentheses in the definition of PNG_LIBPNG_BUILD_TYPE (Cosmin).
  Added type cast (png_byte) in png_write_sCAL() (Cosmin).
  Fixed scripts/makefile.cygwin (Cosmin).
  Updated scripts/makefile.bc32 for Borland C++ 5.6 (Cosmin).
  Updated scripts/pngos2.def, scripts/pngw32.def (Cosmin).
  Updated references to png-mng-implement mailing list.
  Revised man page and libpng.txt to make it clear that one should not call
    png_read_end or png_write_end after png_read_png or png_write_png.
  Optimized zlib window flag (CINFO) in contrib/pngsuite/*.png (Cosmin).
  Check for png_rgb_to_gray and png_gray_to_rgb read transformations before
    checking for png_read_dither in pngrtran.c
  Revise checking of chromaticity limits to accommodate extended RGB
    colorspace (John Denker).
  Changed line endings in some of the project files to CRLF, even in the
    "Unix" tar distributions (Cosmin).
  Make png_get_int_32 and png_save_int_32 always available (Cosmin).
  Updated scripts/pngos2.def, scripts/pngw32.def and projects/wince/png32ce.def
    with the newly exported functions.
  Eliminated distributions without the "configure" script.
  Updated INSTALL instructions.
  Make libpng.pc respect EXEC_PREFIX (D.P.Kreil)
  Remove reference to pngasmrd.h from
  Change definition of PKGCONFIG from $prefix/lib to $libdir in
  Removed newline from the end of some error and warning messages.
  Removed test for sqrt() from and configure.
  Made swap tables in pngtrans.c PNG_CONST (Carlo Bramix).
  Added "OS2" to list of systems that don't need underscores, in pnggccrd.c
  Removed libpng version and date from *.c files.
  Removed trailing blanks from source files.
  Put version and date of latest change in each source file, and changed
    copyright year accordingly.
  Restored scripts/makefile.elf which was inadvertently deleted.
  Removed libpng.vers and libpng.sym from libpng12_la_SOURCES in
  Fixed inconsistent #ifdef's around png_sig_bytes() and png_set_sCAL_s()
    in png.h.
  Updated makefile.elf as suggested by debian.
  Added LN_SF, MKDIR_P, and other macros to some of the makefiles.
  Made some makefiles accept "exec_prefix".
  Simplified some makefiles by using LIBSO, LIBSOMAJ, and LIBSOVER macros.
  Fixed some "#ifdef defined (..." which should be "#ifdef defined(..."
    Bug introduced in libpng-1.2.8.
  Fixed inconsistency in definition of png_default_read_data()
  Revised calculation of "current" and "major" for irix in
  Added png_set_expand_gray_1_2_4_to_8() and deprecated
    png_set_gray_1_2_4_to_8() which also expands tRNS to alpha.
  Include "config.h" in pngconf.h when available.
  Added some checks for NULL png_ptr or NULL info_ptr (Coverity)
  Made pnggccrd.c PIC-compliant (Christian Aichinger).
  Added makefile.mingw (Wolfgang Glas)
  Revised pngconf.h MMX checking.
  Defined PNG_USER_PRIVATEBUILD when including "pngusr.h" (Cosmin).
  Removed nonsensical assertion check from pngtest.c (Cosmin).
  Revised makefile.beos and added "none" selector in

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